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Here Boekie Woekie announces events it hosts or takes part in: 

The 2022 Small Publishers Fair will take place on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October.

- Over 69 publishers from across the UK and around the world take part, one of them is Boekie Woekie
- readings and talks (the one by Jan Voss of Boekie Woekie is at 3.30 in the Green Room)
- special exhibition on the stage at Conway Hall
- FREE entry to the Fair and all activities
- thousands of original works to buy
- stands run by the creators and publishers
- beautiful and historic venue in the heart of Bloomsbury

Come to CONWAY HALL, LONDON, 9 & 10 NOVEMBER 2018, 11AM TO 7PM DAILY, nearest tube HOLBORN

Come Wednesday, Sept.7th at 5 pm to Boekie Woekie

to share the moment when 10 artists from 5 countries present their box full of concertina - or leporello - books.
Most of those 10 artists met 25 years ago in Lithuania where they had joined a workshop. Getting along well they organized further workshops themselves and thus met through the years in Iceland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, France and Spain. The last meeting was in 2014 in Italy. This year there was an opportunity to come together again in Amsterdam, a reunion in a way. For this occasion, they appointed to make each a concertina book in an edition of 20 copies. These books will now be presented as a boxed set at Boekie Woekie.
The artists are: Åse Højer, Bertine Knudsen (Denmark), Hlíf Ásgrimsdóttir, Kristín Geirsdóttir, Ólöf Oddgeirsdóttir (Iceland), Cormac Healy (Ireland), Giovanna Martinelli (Italy), Wiebe Bloemena, Nico Lootsma, Ellen Timmerman (the Netherlands).

'New and Selected Poems (1966-2020)' by Donald Gardner

Book Launch April 16, 5pm

Dear friends of Donald Gardner and of Boekie Woekie

You are invited to the Amsterdam launch of Donald Gardner's 'New and Selected Poems (1966-2020) ' on Saturday, 16 April at 5 pm.
Published by Grey Suit editions, the book is a panorama of his poetry, from the mid-60s to the present day. A recent  reviewer speaks of Gardner's 'mix of wit, the absurd, the down-at-heel, and what approaches surreal craziness – behind which the protagonist hides...  [He] brings a poet’s eye to our everyday, making us see what we had not noticed.'

Donald will give a short reading; this will be followed by drinks, snacks and conversation. Copies of the 'New and Selected Poems' are on sale in the shop.

We are looking forward to seeing Donald and you,
Henriëtte van Egten, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir, Jan Voss and Vera Magnússon

March 3, 2021
The consequences of the virus saga's latest development:
you can visit Boekie Woekie again and browse - by appointment.
Phone 06-53350681 or 020-6390507 or e-mail ( to agree with us on a time for your visit.
We then keep 30 minutes reserved for you.
Come alone. You must be masked and disinfect your hands on entry.

Boekie Woekie is closed again!
It looks like this virus-due closure will last till January 19th, 2021.
During this time we'll continue accepting orders by e-mail ( or telephone (+31-20-6300507 or +31-6-53350681).
December 14th, 2020

Boekie Woekie shophours back to normal: daily from 12 to 6. Special rules apply! No browsing without disinfected hands, no more than 3 customers at a time!
April 24th, 2020

Since March 16th, 2020 Boekie Woekie thought it wiser to keep the shop closed - if there comes a return to normal or a new different mode, we'll announce it here.

Dear all,

Such are the times that the events announced here below, the exhibitions of Hansjörg Mayer's work at three galleries including BW scheduled to take place on March 20th, are all called off. Too bad, but that's how it is.

Stay healthy,

the boewoes


Dieter Roth and Hansjörg Mayer at Boekie Woekie:

Friday February 14, at 5pm

Boekie Woekie invites you to their part of the joint-venture exhibition 'The How and the What – edition hansjörg mayer' (at Kunstverein, Eenwerk and Boekie Woekie). For this occasion we will be exhibiting (almost) all of Roth’s books, published by Mayer.

This event is part of a larger project that will officially kick off on March 20, more information on that will follow in due time.
For now, come and admire the fruits of the creative collaboration between Roth and Mayer! This Friday at 17:00.

                                    dieter books.jpg

For the coming four weeks, Boekie Woekie will be housing a very special exhibition on Tacita Dean, curated by Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes of the UvA.
Come and have a look!

Full description below:

Memory, Word and Image: Tacita Dean at Boekie Woekie: Books by Artists     

This small exhibition complements the screening of Tacita Dean's Michael Hamburger, 2007, at the Stedelijk Museum, 14 December, 15.00, as part of the University of Amsterdam’s conference Memory, Word and Image: W.G. Sebald’s Artistic Legacies (Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory, Material Culture). Tacita Dean made a book entitled W.G. Sebald in 2003, in which she used the writer's methods to narrate instances of her own biography and (family/world) history: through a journey from the Dutch-German border to Düsseldorf to prepare an exhibition. 

The curator of this current display, Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, has in her writing (re-) inserted Joseph Beuys into Dean's narrative and investigated the interwoven ways in which Beuys, Sebald and Dean have engaged with recent German history and the memory of War and Fascism. To her, it seemed apposite to show her work here: Jan Voss, co-founder over 30 years ago of Boekie Woekie, is an artist who studied at Beuys' former workplace, Düsseldorf Academy (with Diter Rot). This exhibition seeks also to point to Boekie Woekie: Books by Artists itself: as an artwork, a lived history and a social practice. It carries the memory, through books, words and images, of a different Amsterdam.

Tacita Dean believes in serendipity and has through her work sharpened our attention to and appreciation of what is about to disappear – maybe to have a small part in making it remain, at the very least in our memories: an inspiration for a different future.
For the conference programme, please see:
Boekie Woekie: Books by Artists, Berenstraat 16, 1016 GH Amsterdam, open daily, 12-6pm

News Dean Sebald.jpg
Tacita Dean, W.G. Sebald, 2003


This saturday (7 Dec.) at 17:00, Boekie Woekie will be hosting a very special event: the presentation of Takako Hamano's latest book and a short animation film. Drop by if you can!

News Takako invite 1.jpg
Café Den Boterham

Book art presentation and an animation viewing

'Café Den Boterham' is the latest book from Takako Hamano.

This charming booklet consists of drawings, poems, celestial information and monthly inspirations.

This book artwork doubles as a calendar for 2020, it was inspired by an ’almanac’ printed by the publishing & printing house Plantin-Moretus back in 16th century. With this as inspiration, the title and name on the cover page are hand-printed by the artist herself using a 19th century letterpress printing machine in Plantin-Moretus Museum.
‘Café Den Boterham’ was a project hosted by 252cc Cultuurcentrum in Ekeren, Belgium in May 2019. The artist has collected and re-arranged local memories into an installation that includes animation, sound and book art.

The book and animation will be presented at Boekie Woekie, where you will be able to enjoy a warm welcoming environment surrounded by other artist’s books.

<< Bookwork >>
Café Den Boterham
© 2019 Takako Hamano

Publisher: 252cc cultuurcentrum Ekeren
Legal deposit: D/2019/0306/29
Print: robstolk®
Cover page print: Plantin-Moretus Museum UNESCO World Heritage
Graphic design: Wolk Ontwerp and Soonhwa Kang
Edition: 200
Monthly inspiration: Sui Sho
Text support: Miek Hoekzema

Size: A5
Price: 15euro

<<Animation work>>
Café Den Boterham
© 2019 Takako Hamano

with colour and sound, 14min.

On November 15 & 16, Boekie Woekie will once again participate in the London Small Publishers Fair.
As always, it will be a pleasure to meet old friends and new. We hope to see many of you there!

news SPF 2019 back75.jpg

Posted 30.8.2019
    The other two of Boekie Woekie (Hetti and Jan) have now visited Rúna's exhibition in Safnasafnið, which is up since May - see the next entry below.
While I write these lines a night view of Safnasafnið is actualy visible from the window next to me as one of those flickering dots of light not far from the milky way of Akureyri.
Here are three photographs of Rúna's installation, taken by Eygló Harðardóttir during the first days of the show:

Invite Runa Safnasafnid 1 5.18
                                  Photo Eyglo Hardardottir 1-3.jpg  Invite Runa Safnasafnid 2 5.18
                                  Photo Eyglo Hardardottir 2-3.jpg Invite Runa Safnasafnid 3 5.18
                                  Photo Eyglo Hardardottir 3-3.jpg

    I (Jan) was expected to post these pictures here already more than two months ago. But I forgot to do that, to Rúna's disappointment and my shame.

    But now that I have seen the exhibition I can more easily add some words to the photographs and what they refer to.
It's an exhibition that collects the tangible results of Rúna's "Paperflowers".
    Rúna printed early in the 90ties, I think, in a process of many months, on the Boekie Woekie offset press (a Rotaprint R40 AK, still in use today) with her hand-drawn direct image offset printing plates, the most colourful pages of what was to become the beautiful book she called Paperflowers - images of a wide variety of flowery forms.
    One of the copies of that book got into the hands of a Japanese fashion designer who had Rúna's images printed on the material for a series of new dresses which later were paraded on a Paris catwalk (scroll for photos of this parade on this page down to the fall of 2008), among them one which was subsequently worn by Michelle Obama at church in Hawaii. At the time the dresses were being launched a lot of glossy printed matter, fashion mags, appeared, advertising them.
    The first offset printed book, a later digital reprint, some of the printing plates Rúna drew and used, loose sheets from that book, samples of the fabric printed for the dresses, photo documentation of the dresses, and yes, a shot of Michelle in Hawaii, that's what you get to see of Rúnas work if you go to Safnasafnið these days.
    These days? The show is officially only up till Sept. 8th. You must be quick. (The director though assured that curious visitors can come even in October - nothing will be taken down till then.)
    Besides Rúnas exhibition plenty of other works are on show. I just mention the pencil drawings of Kíko Korriro, from the early 60ties. By him there are some vigorous lines on display and an imagination I have only seen in a certain type of drawings by Dieter Roth. Could it be that these men knew (of) each other?
    We were not in time to see Rúnas contribution to the summer exhibition in Nýlo, the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. But there is this photo of the new version of her sculptural work from 1979. (I don't know who took it.) What one sees is a band of fabric overgrown with cress which lies in a water basin at the bottom. She calls it "Growing Sculpture". 
Runa s work at Nylo summer

Posted 16.6.2019
Things are happening in Iceland.
Rúna Thorkelsdóttir of Boekie Woekie has her things on display in two venues at the moment.
One exhibition is in that singular space up North in Eyjafjördur, opposite Akureyri, above Svalbardeyri, on the road to Húsavík and Mývatn, the assembly of prominent white houses in which one finds "Safnasafnid", the Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum Rúna shows samples there of the material the Japanese fashion firm Comme Des Garcons had made in 2008 of her "Paperflowers" (the book which is now reprinted and available again!). Scroll some 11 years down on this page to find out more about this.
The other exhibition is a participation in a group show at The Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. She has revived there a sculpture from the late seventies. It's not quickly described, you will have to go and take a look.

Boekie Woekie's upcoming exhibition is by
Roland Van den Berghe

Invite Roland Van den Berghe
                                    1-4 25.5.19 Invite Roland Van den Berghe 3
                                    van 4 25.5.19 Invite Roland Van den Berghe 2
                                    van 4 25.5.19

Invite Roland Van den Berghe
                                    4 van 4 25.5.19

Invite RVB may 19 1
Invite RvB may 19 2


Jan Voss exhibits at Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, Zürich:
Invite Voss
                                  Jan_Mailing Ausstellung 18.5.-29.6.19
                                  1 of 5Invite Voss Jan_Mailing
                                  Ausstellung 18.5.-29.6.19 2 of 5
Invite Voss Jan_Mailing
                                  Ausstellung 18.5.-29.6.19 3 of 5Invite Voss Jan_Mailing
                                  Ausstellung 18.5.-29.6.19 4 of 5Invite Voss Jan_Mailing
                                  Ausstellung 18.5.-29.6.19 5 of 5

Þórunn Kolbeinsdóttir (Tóta) opens her exhibition ‘The Monad Illuminates’ next Saturday, February the 2nd at 5 o’clock.

poster tota the monad

Tóta’s first proper book, published by Boekie Woekie, will be presented along with drawings, sculptures and other works that are all connected to the same story. The words and works come from the Monad, the totality of all things, who is describing some chapters in the evolution, with an emphasis on the formation of the landscape.

For a hint of what she has been doing you can visit:

Further information on monads:

Please come and rejoice with us next Saturday!

Nico Lootsma: “Three collections” bij Boekie Woekie van 19 t/m 31 Januari.
Opening: zaterdag 19 januari om 16.00 uur.

Invite Lootsma Three

“It’s a thin line between collecting and hoarding”

A.M. Homburg, former director of the Trashtown Art Museum
Water bottles, cigarette lighters and ballpoints were gathered from the street over the years. Initially they were put up in Trashtown museum collections. Since about a year they are the subject for many drawings, water colours, collages and paintings, a new collection in itself.
Nico Lootsma toont recent werk bij Boekie Woekie, Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam. Tijdens de opening presenteert hij Trashtown Magazine # 65 en zal hij de Boekie Woekie Boogie uitvoeren, een variant op de Trashtown Boogie Woogie. U bent van harte uitgenodigd.
Zie ook

Screening of Dorothy Iannone
's Movie People in Boekie Woekie!

Last summer, at the Pavilion of the Serpentine Gallery, as a perpetual performance, ten enlargements of Dorothy Iannone's Movie People figurines were carried on stage while a recording of her voice told of her resume of the predicament of those heroes and heroines in the respective films in which they played their roles. Be prepared for an intense hour. 

Therefore: next Sunday, shortly before the Christkind comes, on the 23rd at 5 in Boekie Woekie!

For those who rather stay home
but still want to see Dorothy Iannone's Movie People,

go to
Henk Wijnen leest zijn eerste gedichten voor. Kom naar Boekie Woekie op zat 15 dec 5 uu

Invite Henk Wijnen 15.12.18

Henk Wijnen zal een aantal gedichten voordragen uit: TAS IN 'N BUNDELTJE
Een boekje waarin zijn gedichten over en een aantal foto's van Tasmanië zijn samengevat.

        "In 2008 werd ik uitgenodigd voor een verblijf van twee maanden op het eiland Tasmanië.

        De verveling en het op mij zelf zijn, waarbij ik niet veel meer te doen had dan te reizen en het wonderschone eiland te ontdekken, leidde tot gedichten
        op het ritme van mijn voetstappen door de dagelijkse wandelingen die ik maakte".

        Het pamflet "What the fuck am I doing here" van 2014, een boekje geproduceerd door Boekie Woekie, verhaalt eveneens over het verblijf in Tas.

Verder is een kleine expo ingericht van een aantal oudere boekjes en een aantal recente 'AFFICHES'.
Dus zaterdag, 15. december, om 5 in Boekie Woekie!
Meer over/van Henk Wijnen is hier te vinden:

(For you who depend on being invited in English: let it not withhold you from coming that Henk is going to read his Dutch poems. Be in BoeWoe on Sat., Dec. 15th at 5pm. There are convincing aspects to poetry which are not language bound you should not want to miss.)

Paperflowers Too - book launch on Sat 8.12.18 at 5 in Boekie Woekie
The one or other of you may remember the book Paperflowers that took Rúna Thorkelsdóttir of Boekie Woekie two years to print in the early 90ties. It was rightfully Rúna's great pride. We know of no-one who carried offset from hand-drawn plates (without photographic intermediate steps) that far.
This beautiful book which led to top models walking the catwalks of Paris in dresses made from the designs of Rúna´s pages and Michelle Obama wearing one of those dresses at church in Hawaii, this beautiful book sold out quickly back then and was now digitally reprinted.
Reason to raise a glass! See if you can join in on Saturday, Dec. 8th at 5 pm. There may be those among you who plan for Christmas to marr
y or have other merry-making ideas. As a gift for the bride or for what ever other reason, please consider to buy a copy of the book - or of the small wall calendar which shows a selection of 12 of the pages similar to those of the book.

Thorkelsdottir Paperflowers
                                  Too 2018     Thorkelsdottir Calendar 2019
The 2018 Small Publishers Fair will take place on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November.
Small Publishers Fair 2018
- Over 60 publishers from across the UK and around the world, one of them is BOEKIE WOEKIE
- readings and talks
- special exhibition on the stage at Conway Hall
- FREE entry to the Fair and all activities
- thousands of original works to buy
- stands run by the creators and publishers
- beautiful and historic venue in the heart of Bloomsbury


If you come by air, land here:

Conway hall from above

Further details under
We are opening on Saturday, Oct. 6th, at 5pm our 2nd exhibition of Ingrid Wald.

                                    Ingrid Wald

Displayed on the wall will be some samples of the series of 71 boxed prints
of Ingrid's "Übung ein Schmetterling zu sein".
The prints are accompanied by a text by Helmut Eisendle.
Ingrid Wald, Vienna 1943 - 2018, see also
The exhibition will be up until Nov.11th.
Boekie Woekie looks forward to your visit!
My Muse My Canvas: Performance and book presentation by Fredie Beckmans on Friday August 3, at 5pm 

news Fredie Kamala.jpg

- my muse my canvas -
For several years I have painted the naked body of my love with images that give her pleasure. I also take photos of them. But because bodypainting, as an artform, is perhaps on one of the lowest rungs on the artladder, I made paintings of these foto's.

From 20 of these drawings I made a book: - my muse my canvas -
Until mid-august, they will be shown at Boekie Woekie Amsterdam.
Join us Friday 3 August at 5pm for a Body as Canvas Performance and Book Presentation!
Daniele Marx presents her new book in Boekie Woekie
Saturday June 16, 2018
5.00 p.m - 7.00 p.m

Marx When A Crow


What happens in the moment, when you travel every day from one place to another? It was at this moment that a crow crossed for the first time, and from there, these black birds did not go unnoticed. Crows are a group of birds found in most parts of the world, with the exception of southern South America. The crow also presents a wide scientific and mythological bibliography that makes it accessible and paradoxical. This self publication ‘When a Crow Crossed’ presents short texts of reference to concrete poetry and a series of b/w photographs. Text in English, hard cover, 22 x 16 cm, 110 pages, (Amsterdam) 2017/18.

Daniele Marx (b. 1975, lives and works in Amsterdam) visual artist, researcher and nowadays work for game entertainment industry. Her work engages time based practices mainly in the following areas: conceptual art, socially engaged practices and collaborative projects. This practices is presented from various media (events, publications, videos, drawings, installations, others). She holds an Master of Fine Art – Autonome Kunst Beeldende at Avans University of Applied Sciences AKV St Joost, Den Bosch, The Netherlands 2008-2010.
Boekie Woekie presents work by Roland Van den Berghe, on May 19th, at 5 pm
news van den berghe.jpg
Donald Gardner reads new poems. Come to Boekie Woekie Sat., Feb 24th, at 5!

At 17.00 hours on Saturday 24 February, Donald Gardner will present his new book of poems, ‘Early Morning’ (Grey Suit editions, London 2017). Donald Gardner writes: “Many of these poems started life in the early morning. First thing, before the mind steps in to remind you of more irksome issues, that’s when I usually write. ‘Early Morning’ is not so much the theme of this book as the background music.” He will read some of the poems, after which there will be time for wine, beer, soft drinks and conversation.

news Donald Gardner
Boekie Woekie to take part in ONGEBONDEN, an exhibition on books by artists in het Grafisch Museum Groningen, 12.2.18 - 20.5.18
Boekie Woekie will be among the participants of the upcoming exhibition ONGEBONDEN in het GRID, het Grafisch Museum Groningen. From 12.2.2018 until May 20th books will be on show there by Sophie Calle / Henriëtte van Egten / Hans Eijkelboom / Ger van Elk / Joseph Ernst / Robert Filliou / Donald Gardner / Thomas Geiger / Michael Gibbs / Kristján Gudmundsson / José Heerkens / Harmen de Hoop / Elsworth Kelly / Diederick van Kleef / Cor Knops / Mikko Kuorinki / Sol LeWitt / John Liggins / El Lissitzky / Nico Lootsma / Pétur Magnússon / Stéphane Mallarmé / Vladimir Mayakovski / Pieter Laurens Mol / Bruce Nauman / Oey Tjeng Sit / Paul van Ostayen / Tom Phillips / g.j. de rook / Dieter Roth / Edward Joseph Ruscha / Kiki Smith / Fiona Tan / Rúna Thorkelsdόttir / Nick Thurston / Kees Visser / Jan Voss / Saskia de Vriendt / herman de vries and Emmett Williams.
Open Tue-Sun 10-5. Opening Feb 11th at 3.

We hope to see you there!

Future Meditation - a performance piece by Aiste Noreikaite

Boekie Woekie, Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam Monday 13 November, 17:00

Future Meditation is a meditation-based performance piece created and performed by Aiste Noreikaite. During the usual quiet time in meditation the brain doesn’t sleep, but produces wonderful brainwaves at different frequencies that reflect different states of mind. Beta (15-40Hz) is connected with higher mental activity and focus, alpha (8-12Hz) with relaxation, theta (4-8Hz) with daydreaming, sleep and creativity, delta (0-4Hz) - with sleep and whole body recovery. In this performance you will be able to hear Aiste’s brainwaves translated into sound while she is meditating onstage. The amplification of brain rhythms is done by routing different brainwaves into different parts of musical pieces by Toru Takemitsu and Francis Poulenc. Those who are present may be asked to answer some questionnaires before and after the performance as a part of a research study that she is carrying out together with David Mayor.

Boekie Woekie at the Small Publishers Fair in London, Friday 10 & Saturday 11 November

Boekie Woekie will once again be participating in the Small Publishers Fair at Conway Hall in London on November 10 and 11. If you happen to be around and haven't got any plans yet, pay us a visit and enjoy this year's programme of exhibitions, talks, and readings, and, of course, lots and lots of books!

For more information on the times, location, and programme visit

news small publishers fair
Come one, come all: a discussion of the work of VLADO MARTEK

Friday 6 October, 17.00-19.00, Boekie Woekie, Berenstraat 16, discussion of the work of Vlado Martek, in which Prof. Leonida Kovac , Niels Van Tomme, director de Appel, Prof. Christa-Maria Lerm and Anna Buyvid will take the lead.

Vlado Martek:
A poet, conceptual artist, painter, essayist ( Zagreb, 1951). He graduated in literature and philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1976. In the beginning, he was engaged in visual and concrete poetry (entitled: pre-poetry), and, from the middle of the seventies – in conceptualism, actionism (with Group of six authors), artistic books, and out print ( 22 samizdat publications, fliers, posters, postcards). From the beginning of the eighties, he was engaged in painting, sculpturing, graphic arts, and land art. He exhibited at a great exibition: Zeichnen im Fluss, in Museum des XX Jahrhunderts, in Vienna in 1990. During 1997, he was staying in Lyon, where he prepared an exhibition. He writes texts on poetry, texts and critiques on visual art practices. Recently, he has returned to projects in the spirit of conceptualism. He published fifteen books – from poetry collections, a collection of texts and staged photographs to books of essays on modern art, and two co-author publications of graphics maps. In 2002, the monograph : ( Martek – fatal Figures of an Artist), written by M. Šuvaković, was published. In 2008, a retrospective exhibition was held in the Modern Gallery in Zagreb ( Vlado Martek, 1972-2007). He had independent exhibitions in Berlin, Paris , and Prague. Three works of art from the conceptualistic practice phase are in the collection of Pompidou Museum in Paris.
He is a member of DHK (Croatian Writers Association) and HDLU (The Croatian Association of Visual Artists). He lives and works in Zagreb and Rovinj.

news Martek.jpg

We hope to see you this Friday!

Come visit us (and buys some books!) at these upcoming fairs in New York, Berlin, and London

Summer has drawn to its close which means that book fair season is upon us!
Boekie Woekie will be taking part in several upcoming book fairs: next weekend (22-24 sept.) you can find us both in New York at The NY Art Book Fair, and at Friends With Books in Berlin.
If you can't make it to either of these, then we hope to see you at the Small Publishers Fair in London (10-11 nov.). More information on these fairs can be found below.
Until then!

news Book Fairs.jpg
Friends with Books
Art Book Fair Berlin
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart
22–24 September 2017

New York
September 22-24, 2017

Small Publishers Fair
Conway Hall
November 10-11, 2017
Join us Sept. 2nd for Jom Semah's Magic Alterations, here at Boekie Woekie at 5 pm

Jom Semah’s alterations of Magic playing cards

 As a game art graduate Jom has been looking for the creative side of games. As a Magic: The Gathering”-player himself he has stumbled upon a magic card altering community and has joined their forces! But what are magic cards and why alter them?

“Magic: The Gathering” is a 20+ year old card game that has a passionate group of players and many of them love the art that comes with the cards. Some cards have become so important to players that they want to give them a make-over to emphasise their uniqueness.


news Jom Semah Magic

Some of Jom’s alterations that cover the original card art. Depicting various pop culture characters, movie stars and original art.


So come over to Boekie Woekie and learn some more about Magic as a game and this niche scene that alters cards and has become a big thing in the Magic community. Come to check out Jom’s alterations side by side with some original cards.


Jom will talk about his subject Saturday, September 2nd at 5 pm.

Come to 2FrauShow: projector poetry by Gabi Rets and Ernie Bossmann at Boekie Woekie August 19, at 5

This saturday at Boekie Woekie, a very special performance:

(english below)
news projectorpoezie
                                  BoekieWoekie 1.jpg

2FrauShow - projector poetry by Gabi Rets and Ernie Bossmann
Bossman will read her poems (in Dutch) while Rets will create moving images with the help of an overhead projector.
During their low-key performance, text and image complete each other; one next to the other, mixed up with the other, after the other. They practise an easy going tone, their style is both delicate and tough.

We hope to see you on the 19th!
"1000 one-page essays" at Boekie Woekie, saturday July 29th at 5 pm

Dear all,

I have been working for the past 5 years on a thing I call "1000 one-page essays". It is the programmatic title of a book I don't really expect to ever finish. I'll tell Saturday of (some of) my motivations and I will read a few sample pages. Many of the essays consist of or contain images - 30 more visual ones I've pinned up. The collection of essays (presently numbering about 350) is bound as a book and can be viewed as such. You can place orders for print outs of the book in its present stage or single essays.

Hope to see you Saturday at 5!
Jan Voss

Voss 1000 One-Page Essays.jpg
Come Wednesday the 21st of June at 5 to Boekie Woekie for the presentation of Pavel Büchler’s 2 new books!

Join Tommy Simoens (Antwerp) and Ridinghouse (London) at Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam) on Wednesday 21 June to celebrate the launch of two books that explore the artwork and writings of expatriate Czech artist Pavel Büchler, organised by the History of Art Department, University of Amsterdam and Boekie Woekie.

Alongside a display of some works by Büchler, curated by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes (Amsterdam), there will be a book signing and a public 'in-conversation' with the artist, Lerm Hayes and curator Charles Esche, director, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

The fun starts at 5pm.

Invite Pavel Buchler book
                                  launch small.jpg

Edited by Tommy Simoens
Published by Ludion (Antwerp), June 2016
320pp; colour illustrations throughout; hardback; 49.90 Euro; ISBN: 9789491819308

This monograph is the first to offer a full survey of Büchler's oeuvre, spanning from his early collages and action artworks made in 1970s Prague to a pair of public commissions made for the city of Antwerp last year. It is exquisitely produced, features colour reproductions throughout, and is contextualised by an interview with Lisa Le Feuvre, essays by Philippe Pirotte and Nikos Papastergiadis, and extensive notes on every artwork prepared by Nick Thurston and Kate Christina Mayne.

Edited by Nick Thurston
Published by Ridinghouse (London), March 2017
240pp; 4 b/w illustrations; softback; 20 Euro; ISBN: 9781909932319
Generously supported by the Henry Moore Foundation and Yale Center for British Art

This book presents the first comprehensive collection of writings by UK-based, expatriate Czech artist Pavel Büchler alongside substantial contextual material. As a teacher, critic and occasional curator Büchler has made significant contributions to debates about the history of photography, theories of media, the paradoxes of art education and artistic research, the peculiarities of art as a form of work and the politics and poetics of ‘making nothing happen’. The contents span three decades, are organised into three sections and are bracketed by an extensive introductory essay, an in-depth new interview with the artist and a complete bibliography of his writings.

Pavel Büchler was born in Prague and emigrated to Britain in 1981. He was Head of School of Fine Art in Glasgow (1992-96) and Professor in Art at Manchester Metropolitan University (1997-2016). He lives in Manchester.

The last day of the display of Pavel Büchler's works will be July 16th.
Come to Boekie Woekie Saturday, May 6th at 5 for the opening of the exhibition

Eiji Watanabe "Ink Drawing” / Yasuko Otsuka "Sculpture of the Sky" and other works

                                    Otsuka Sculpture Of The Sky

Yasuko´s work: "Sculpture of the Sky", for more information and cv see

News Watanabe The ink drawing
                                      1 6.5.17.jpeg
News Watanabe The ink
                                      drawing 2 6.5.17.jpeg

Eiji Watanabe "The ink drawing"
(These pictures are drawn by melting the ink using lacquer on each page of Japanese magazines.)

Boekie Woekie invites you to visit the opening of an exhibition of works by Andrew McLaren on March 18th at 5 pm

Visitors to Boekie Woekie have seen here for years books with maps by Andrew McLaren. Think of his Atlas of Nowhere, the book with the hole in the middle.

Now we are happy to show the 10 unique prints of Andrew's @@rctic mapping series:

White Sea, Arkhangelsk (Russian Federation)

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Funäsdalen, Sweden

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Southwest of Katla, Iceland

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður, Iceland

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Miðfjörður, 15km Southwest of Húnaþing vestra, Northwest Iceland

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Castle Island Slough, Alaska

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Gyda Peninsula, Russian Federation

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

Viscount Melville Sound, Northwest Territories, Canada

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

2 versions of Franz Josef Land (Russian Federation)

@@rctic mapping series unique print ©2014 Andrew McLaren

We are happy because these maps had to come all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and they got here. But we are unhappy that their maker didn't come along.

We hope that you find the time to join us on Saturday, March 18th, at 5 pm for a glass on the occasion of the opening of Andrew McLarens exhibition. If you can't make it then - the maps will be on display till the end of April.

The map below is a section of a gift he made for Boekie Woekie, showing Boekie Woekie in a central position of a mirrored world.
news Andrew McLaren 2016.jpg
Brák Jónsdóttir and Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir present 6 new books this Saturday, Feb. 18th, at 5 in Boekie Woekie

6 weeks in Amsterdam

6 booklets published

Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir and Brák Jónsdóttir came from Iceland to Amsterdam with the idea to take reflective walks around the city of Amsterdam and create books. During their strolls they found themselves paying attention to the street under their feet and the mostly dirty, yet delicate, forms and patterns it contains. They felt a little bit like ravens, who are known to be unable to resist shiny objects such as pebbles, pieces of metal, and bright, round objects. In their case it was a seductive blue plastic bag on a breezy day, slabs of chewing gum forming the funniest images, silver objects reflecting the sun and other charming materials which spontaneously caught their attention.

Though their work may be influenced by their mother and daughter bond, this series of six booklets is the first result  of them working artistically together as equals.


On Saturday, February 18th, at 5 pm the 6 books shall be ready to be presented – please come!
You are invited to the opening of an exhibition by Roland van den Berghe at Boekie Woekie, Saturday, February 11th, 2017, at 5 pm. Those who have not yet received an invitation through the mail may see it below, we hope to see you on Saturday the 11th

                                    roland van den berghe 1.jpg

                                      roland van den berghe 2.jpg
Boekie Woekie hopes you can visit this winter’s art book event in Berlin!
Come to see us and some 150 other exhibitors at
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart.
Invalidenstraße 50–51
10557 Berlin
9 – 11 Dec. 2016

Friday, 9 December, 18:00 – 20:00

Saturday, 10 December, 11:00 – 19:00
Sunday, 11 December, 11:00
– 19:00

Admission is free.

You are invited to the presentation of 'Semaphore' a work by David Gibbs in memory of his father Michael Gibbs.

Please come to Boekie Woekie Saturday, Nov. 12th at 5 pm, or on any other day until Dec. 4th

Invite David Gibbs


Coiled LED, Video, different media.

Semaphore is a telegraphy system conveying information at a distance by means of visual signals with hand-held flags. Semaphore was popular in the maritime world in the 19th century. It is still used for emergency communication.

The word Semaphore appears divided into 9 letters in 3 lines.
In the video, signals appear in fixed cycles. Each signal represents a single letter combined into a message: "A poor sea poem"
This work deals with the dominance of poetic gesture over the Semaphore's original function - the efficient transfer of data.

The work titled 'Semaphore' pays homage to my father's continual search into language experimentation: A defiance of the linear structure of conventional poetry that is also the linear framework of authority and the development of some sort of global/social relevance - "concrete poetry needs to develop but somehow remain poetic" (Typewriter Poems, 1972,p,46).
The work in particular is also a brief homage to my father's father, John, who was a navy officer navigating the east indies and the Atlantic ocean on commercial tankers shipping oil and cargo. The work is filmed with my back to the Mediterranean Sea and the message I'm conveying through the use of Semaphore flags reads a poetic line comprising of the same letters making out the word "semaphore" which is also the title of the piece. The way the word Semaphore is presented - divided into 9 letters in 3 lines as well as the short poetic message appearing in the video are both reminiscent to/of concrete/visual poetry. 

David Gibbs, October 14th. Tel-Aviv. Israel.

In case you are not aware of it, Michael Gibbs is at the centre of several activities in Amsterdam these days. Go to for more information. There is also this brand-new book on him:
Gibbs All Or Nothing And
                                      Other Pages edited by de Rook +
                                      Wilson 'All or nothing and other pages' is a survey of the work of Michael Gibbs whose activities included poetry, performance, film, and publishing, and his immersion in what he called "a genuinely 'underground' culture... which owed nothing to the official art establishment". As well as visual poetry and texts, the book includes his major study of blank books 'All or Nothing', written in 2005, a selection of critical writing that originally appeared in Kontexts, and Artzien, journals that he edited and published, as well as articles from the photography journal Perspektief, and Art Monthly, for which he wrote a regular column. Examples of his visual and concrete poems, books, photography and films are reproduced, along with documentation of performances.
Edited by Gerrit Jan de Rook & Andrew Wilson. With 64 pages of black and white illustrations.
Critical commentaries about aspects of Michael Gibbs' work by: Gerrit Jan de Rook, concrete poetry and language art; Guy Schraenen, books and publishing; Marga Van Mechelen, performance works; John Held, mail art; Henriette Dingemans, the internet work; Rob Perree, the later photographic works; Bas Vroege, critical writing.
224 pages, 23,4 x 14,2 cm, paperback with flaps, Axminster 2016, EUR 18,50

Ask Boekie Woekie for this book!

"The Small Publishers’ Fair is an annual celebration of books by contemporary artists, poets, writers and book designers."

Boekie Woekie will be one of the 60 exhibitors. Come, have a look at and be tempted to buy what we will have brought with us this time!

Friday 4.11. and Saturday 5.11.2016 from 11 am to 7 pm

Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
tube: Holborn
Dear all,

Boekie Woekie is heading for this year's New York Art Book Fair in the hope to see you there.
Because without your visit the prospect of spending 3 days in a row in an overcrowded, overheated, very noisy situation without wifi wouldn't really be something to look forward to.
Therefore: please come and add your presence to the crowd, help to warm the place up even more, let's shout at each other if we can't hear what we say and forget about all wifilessness! Let's give it a try to consider what it may be, lying there between us on the table.

This is where and when this can take place:

22-25 Jackson Avenue on 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY
Preview Thursday, September 15, 6-9 pm
Friday, September 16, 1-7pm (free)
Saturday, September 17, 11am-9pm (free)
Sunday, September 18, 11-am-7pm (free)

Looking forward!

Jan Voss
Dear all, please come for a glass to welcome  

Ann Noël and her books!
Invite Ann
                                    Noel 2.7.16.jpg
Ann has a long book making history which Boekie Woekie has had the pleasure on earlier occasions to share with you. Especially her diaries have shown her independent view of the world she inhabits. This exhibition she calls “Preoccupation”. We would be happy if you could join her and us this Saturday, July 2nd, 2016, at 5 pm. 
We are looking forward to welcome, together with you,

Buzz Spector
who will read and talk to us about his history with artists' books. On display will be some of his books and the "Vantongerloo Suite", four woodblock prints that refer to paintings by Georges Vantongerloo. Please come to Boekie Woekie this Saturday, June 18th, 2016, at 5 pm.

                                    Vantongerloo Suite 2 small.jpg Spector Vantongerloo Suite 3
                                    small.jpg Spector Vantongerloo Suite 4

You are invited to 4 exhibition openings on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, in Amsterdam.
These 4 exhibitions show work by

Martyn Last
who died unexpectedly last September.

The first opening is at 2 pm at ARTTRA Galerie, Tweede Boomdwarsstraat 4, mon-fri 10 to 5

The 2nd opening is at 3 pm at SUZANNE BIEDERBERG Gallery, Eerste Egelantiersdwarsstraat 1, thu-sat 2 to 5

The 3rd opening is at 4.30 pm at Boekie Woekie, books by artists, Berenstraat 16, mon-sun 12-6
Last The DRA Examination
                                  CornerBoekie Woekie also launches Martyn's last book "The DRA Examination Corner". It contains information on his activity as a member of an unusual club.

The 4th opening is at 6 pm at De Kring, kunstenaars sociëteit, Kleine Gartmansplantsoen 7, for non-members mon-fri 11-5

The exhibitions will be up until april 30th.

Opening of Linda Cuglia


Saturday 26th March, 2016 at 17:00 in Boekie Woekie


Wedding is about real and unreal marriages, ending well or not. Years ago Linda Cuglia illustrated the story ‘Chemical Wedding’.

The illustrations have now become a book enriched with a new painting for the cover.

The video 'Ziliante and Morgana’ depicts in a playfully absurd manner, a love denied, meanwhile a mad artist pronounces magic formulas.

                                    Linda Cuglia VideoZiliante and
                                    Morgana 26.3.16

Invite Tussen De Lijnen
                                          Between The Lines
In the beginning of 2013, visual artist Ton Zwerver and writer Miek Zwamborn started a research to see how they could create a publication together combining encyclopedic material, fragments of nature, the spacial work of Zwerver and the writings of Zwamborn. The process of creation became a reciprocal gesture: sculptures lead to texts that in their turn evoked new objects – and back again. The wish to make a book evolved into a performance/ filmscript. 'Tussen de lijnen' consists of a series of actions with objects and words balancing on the edge of comprehension, familiarity and estrangement, the elements tell the story of a man and a woman that return to the house where they once lived but haven't visited for a long time. They talk about what their eyes capture, they walk through the rooms and encounter memories. Both are in a state of displacement but manage to get closer through the actions that they perform.


edition of 40 books

full-color prints

72 pages

22 cm x 29 cm

€ 35,00


typography Herman van Bostelen

translation Rosie Heinrich


Thanks to AFK, tijdschrift Terras, Walden Affairs Den haag en Nieuw Dakota-Amsterdam


Openingspeech by curator Hanne Hagenaars.

There is a film version of the book which we will show!


Ton Zwerver, Miek Zwamborn and we of Boekie Woekie
look forward to seeing you this Saturday, Feb.13th, at 5pm!


                                    Woekie Nylo Invite 9.1.16

Boekie Woekie, books by artists turned 30 years old on January 1st!
A special occasion certainly. Not many people ever thought it would come so far. And we of Boekie Woekie didn’t believe that either for a long, long time. But now it has happened and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík has invited us for an exhibition to celebrate the occasion.
You are invited too. If you want to come for the opening there are two ways to do that. The one is to come in person. Then we will see you on Saturday January 9th, 2016, at the Living Art Museum or Nýlistasafnið, at 4 pm. The address is Völvufell 13-21, 111 Reykjavík, Iceland.
Or you could tune in for a live-stream under the web-address at 4 pm GMTnext Saturday the 9th of January. Arnar Ómarsson will broadcast from the event.
In either case you'll get to see an exhibition of works by Henriëtte van Egten, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir, Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, Brynjar Helgason and Jan Voss. We show our own works as well as works we generated together. Most notable of the latter is the remake of the shop in which those 30 years began. One to one in size it is now huge what felt to be tiny back then.
Then there’ll be a highlight of a different dimension. Gunnar Gunnsteinsson has transcribed for us a few minutes of the improvised music of two of the Selten gehörte Musik concerts Dieter Roth and friends gave during the second half of the seventies in a number of European cities. Gunnar’s transcription resulted in a score which professional musicians will perform with him as conductor. You’ll be attending a premier performance.
After the opening the exhibition will be up till 21.2.2016. Opening hours Tue-Fri 12-17 and Sat Sun 13-17. A giant poster is to appear on the occasion of the exhibition with verso English/Icelandic text. What on the recto side of the poster could be mistaken as elephant excrement are vacuum cleaner bags full of dust sucked up from the books on display in Boekie Woekie through the years. These bags are numbered and signed and for sale.
If you can come, or not, this notification shall in any case bring you our best wishes for 2016 – stay or get healthy enough to enjoy it!

Boekie Woekie would like to invite you to:


Please come to Boekie Woekie on Saturday, November 28th at 5 pm,
Kristen Gehrman will read her "Amsterdam Shorts".

Kristen Gehrman is a writer and zine maker living in Amsterdam. Her new zine, Amsterdam Shorts, is a collection of bookish stories from bookish places around the city. The reading will be about 30 minutes and in English.

For those recipients of this invitation who can't come but would like to we'll try to life-stream Kristen's reading.

The broadcast should begin at 17.15 on Saturday, November 28th.

for Android and iPhone users: download the YouNow app and search for BoekieWoekie,
people with a PC: go to


Ze is er weer, 

de Small Publishers Fair!

Kommt feiert die jährliche Wiederkehr

in London, der Small Publishers Fair!

See you there

if you dare

in London! At the Small Publishers Fair.

Við bíðum hér

eftir Þér

í London á Small Publishers Fair:


at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, 

London WC1R 4RL

tube: Holborn
Friday 6th and Saturday 7th 

from 11 to 7

entrance free

Telling secrets

Joseph Semah (Nederland) 
Arna Valsdóttir (Iceland), 
Kamala Dawar (United Kingdom/Nederland), 
Nachmi Drimer (Israel)
will present a series of talks in Boekie Woekie on Saturday, Oct. 31st, at 5 pm - come!
event telling secret


Yes sir I can Boekie – from my internal songbook

Video/song installation

Opening Saturday 24th October at 17:00

Arna Valsdóttir

I want to sing my way into Boekie Woekie. I love singing… love sending sounds out into the air and colour the surrounding, like lines travelling in space. In Boekie Woekie I will use the song “Yes sir I can Boogie” that old disco song from the Baccara sisters, but turn the text into “Yes sir I can Boekie”. I feel like I have an internal songbook and probably many of us have… all those pages with songs that stick to the mind through life. It feels like I don’t choose my internal songs… strange songs get in and many of them I only remember partly and the texts are not always there.

On the opening I will make some life song performance based on this internal songbook. Iceland, the land that has brought me up, has a strong singing tradition and people all around will burst into singing in harmony at all kind of occasions. It is so touching to hear old farmers with hard working hands become like Italian tenors when they come down from the mountains in the autumn gathering the sheep. Tired and dirty after days of riding in the wilderness… when they come down they take a sip of Brennivín, open their hearts and sing in harmony with each other.

In my mind the Icelandic songs are in many voices and actually I wish I could sing in harmony with myself so that at least two voices would come out when I open my mouth.

Maybe my songbook in Boekie Woekie will make the visitor sing along… but we´ll see what happens.



Summer Harvest from Hjalteyri

 Summer Harvest from

Come and see on Saturday the 29th at 5 pm a series of new collages by Henriette van Egten. The collages were made this summer in Iceland from leftover wrappings of goods – turned into animalian scenes with a few brush strokes.

Kommen Sie Samstag, am 29sten um 5 zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung übermalter Collagen von Henriëtte van Egten! 

Welcome to the leporello presentation and various works by Olga Westrate from the period 2008-2010

Olga Westrate

The leporello and inkjet prints are photographic works made with the mobile phone camera. Some pictures are edited on the computer with sketches of sketchpads.
Besides the leporello are several mixed media works displayed and two experimental moving images from the same period.

The mind, the psyche has always fascinated me. Around 2008, I started imagining the works that deal with the subconsciousness. The displayed works are part of previously created studies, presentations and projects, for example about chaos and authenticity. Ultimately, it all comes together in a work called MIND.   

Mind: "The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought". Oxford dictionaries


Boekie Woekie hopes to see you at 5 this Saturday, July 18th


Gabi Rets
‘vakwerk en wandala’s’
recent small work and new books
opening: Saturday, 11th of July, 2015, at 5 - last day of the exhibition: 16th of August
Invite GabiRets

On Saturday, June 20th at 5, Fredie Beckmans will read in Boekie Woekie two new texts about to appear in print in two Dutch magazines (Bouillon and Hollands Maandblad). The language is Dutch. Please come and listen!
beckmans reading 2015
Fredie Beckmans heeft gehoord dat je op IJsland de navel van de wereld kunt vinden. Vol goede moed is hij er naar toe gegaan en heeft voor verschillende Nederlandse bladen daar verslag van gedaan. Onder het genot van wat IJslandse versnaperingen zal hij van uit verschillende teksten een beeld schetsen waarbij hij niet alleen de navel van de wereld heeft ontdekt maar onderweg ook prinsessenmelk heeft gedronken en in extremofiele bacteriën heeft zitten roeren. De volledige teksten verschijnen deze maand in het Bouillon Magazine en het Hollands Maandblad. Als toegift zal hij een korte uitleg geven hoe een ieder onsterfelijkheid kan bereiken door het nuttigen van zijn nieuwe uitvinding de Anti-Age-Art Crème waarbij moet worden gezegd dat dit product nog in volle ontwikkeling is, maar gelukkig is daar tijd genoeg voor. Kom zaterdag, 20 juni om 5, naar Boekie Woekie!

Even more rarely heard music
Invite Gunni conducts +
                                    Selten gehorte Musik hackt s
Composer Gunnar Gunnsteinsson has written the musical score for three movements of the originally improvised 'Selten gehörte Musik' that Dieter Roth and his collaborators played and recorded in the seventies. The excerpts are from 'Das Berliner Konzert' and ‘Romenthalquartett'. The ‘Selten gehörte Musik' are seven concerts recorded on lp of improvisation by different amateur musicians – mainly artists, friends of Dieter.
    Last December Gunnar conducted an ensemble of classically trained musicians at the Conservatory of Amsterdam for an audio/video recording of the new transcriptions.
    On Sunday this recording will be premiered at Boekie Woekie as a brief presentation of the ongoing project of a vitalisation of the musical material.
Please come Sunday, June 7th, at 5pm and compare with us the old improvisations with the music now played from the sheet!
Listen to and see a concert with eclectic music composed / improvised by

    Wiel Conen.

    Charlotte Gilissen

speaks and sings fragments of the 18th chapter of Ulysses, the book by James Joyce.

Charlotte interprets Wiel's impromptus, creating a most precious synergy.
invite Wiel Conen
                                      Charlotte Gilissen
We from Boekie Woekie look forward to see you at 5 pm, Saturday May 23rd, 2015!

At the Pizza Hut

Brynjar Helgason
Egill Sæbjörnsson
Henriette van Egten
Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir
Ívar Glói Gunnarsson
Jan Voss
Rúna Þorkelsdóttir
Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson

@Pizza Hut, Amsterdam 2015

Thursday March 26th at 17:30
we welcome you to the book presentation of The White Elephant.
If you happen to be near by, drop in. If you are not, you still might be happy to know about this:

Voss Invite Aku 3.15

On the occasion of the exhibition appears a book with English texts by the artist on the 83 works on show.
All works are reproduced in colour.
The book also contains an e-mail interview conducted by Pétur Magnússon.
Here Jan Voss speaks about aspects of his and Boekie Woekie's history.

                                          with the back to the future

"With the back to the future" (soft cover, 17 x 23 cm, 160 pages) can be ordered from Boekie Woekie for it will be EUR 30.- / ISK 4500 plus postage.

This Saturday, February 21st 2015, at 6:
The Stereo-Conscious Drum performing "Left Ear /Right Ear"
All welcome!
Icelandic artist Ívar Glói recently showed up in Amsterdam and will be presenting a snare drum that is performing it´s debut concert for attendees in Boekie Woekie.

This Saturday,  January 31st 2015, at 5, Brynjar Helgason screens his 3D movie!

All Welcome!
The 3D movie I made in the summer of 2013 during my stay in the German city of Karlsruhe. It was shot with a pair of camcorders as I was walking through a flea market at the central square of the old town of Durlach.
The film was screened for the first time that same summer in the art academy of Karlsruhe and then in the fall when I was back in Iceland it was screened at Bíó Paradís in downtown Reykjavík. Now for the first time it is screened here in Amsterdam at the artist-run bookstore Boekie Woekie which will have been turned into a movie theatre for this occasion.
Entrance is free and the 3D glasses also.

Friends with Books
 Art Book Fair Berlin 2014

Saturday, December 13, 11am-–7pm

Sunday, December 14, 11am–7pm,

Boekie Woekie will be there
                           _.-----'' `\
               __..-----'''            `.
              <            `\.           '\
              :.              `.           `\
               `:.   b           `.           `-.
                 `:\   o         `.            `+.
                   `:. e  k  i      `.  __.===::::;)
   .         e   k   `: e       ___.__>'::::::../'
        o          .   `.  _,===:::=-'-=-"""''
    w      i  e         '-/:::''

Location: Café Moskau, Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin Germany
Directions: U 5, Station Schillerstraße (directly across the street), or U- and S-Station Alexanderplatz (7 minutes walking distance)


Friday 21st of Nov., 2pm to 8pm

Saturday 22nd of Nov., 11am to 18pm

Sunday 23rd of Nov., 11am to 17pm

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin

day ticket EUR 3.-, three day ticket EUR 6.-

Boekie Woekie will be there with a table of books - and looks forward to your visit.

U-Bahn: Kottbusser Tor


Friday 14 & Saturday 15 November, 11am to 7pm. Conway Hall, Red Lion Square

Boekie Woekie will be there with a table of books - will you come too?

tube: Holborn




Visit Boekie Woekie Friday, Sept. 26th 2014 from 12 - 7 pm
or Saturday, Sept. 27th from 11 - 9 pm, or Sunday, Sept. 28th from 11 - 7 pm

at MoMA PS1, Long Island City, Queens.


“Shoes” at Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam
News Lootsma Shoebox

The Shoebox Gallery presents the exhibition "shoes" Saturday, August 30th, from 5 pm on at Boekie Woekie. Participants: Kristín Geirsdóttir, Bertine Knudsen, Jos Houweling, Ricardo Liong-A-Kong, PJ Roggeband. A catalogue is available. The Shoebox Gallery is an initiative of Nico Lootsma who also will launch Trashtown Magazine # 50. You are warmly welcome.
The exhibition will be up till Friday, September 5th.

Dear all,

at 5 pm on Saturday 21 June 2014 Donald Gardner will be reading from his new book of poems, 'The Wolf Inside', (Hearing Eye, London). After the reading there will be plenty of time to socialize and have a drink.

Spread the word and do come to Boekie Woekie!
Invite 2 D.Gardner The
                                          Wolf Inside 21.6.14.jpg Invite 1 D.Gardner

About Donald Gardner's poetry, a few quotes:

Jane Draycott: ‘Climb aboard any of Donald Gardner’s wryly inventive poems and be prepared for a bountiful ride – goodwill and sharp humour, sweetness and melancholy inseparable travelling companions. But beware of the wolf: “I am a wolf / and the fear of a wolf … while I write I know I live.” While we read Gardner, we know we live.’

Anthony Howell (The Fortnightly Review): Every word counts, but Gardner camouflages his thriftiness in dry wit and, when you hear him read, he captivates you immediately, for the poems are perfectly accessible and delivered with a stentorian intonation that reminds me of recordings of Ezra Pound

Maria Barnas (NRC Handelsblad): ‘Gardner has the gift of being able not just to reproduce complex situations with a deceptive simplicity but also to make them imaginable.’


Kate van Houten and Jennifer K. Dick will present CONVERSION at Boekie-Woekie on Saturday afternoon the 7th June at 5 o’clock. CONVERSION is the second book published in collaboration with Kate van Houten’s EstepaEditions.

The first, RETINA/RETINE in 2007 is Jennifer K. Dick’s 8 section poem with Kate van Houten’s crafted book and images: translation to French by Rémi Bouthonnier, available at Boekie-Woekie.

Jennifer K. Dick’s 7 CONVERSION poems in folios are held in a titled cover slip and cased in a deep red box. Printed in blue with reproduced monotypes traversing delicate greys on Lana paper. The edition is 50, 200 x 105 x 16 mm.

Kate van Houten is an American visual artist living in Paris. In 1996 she founded EstepaEditions, an independent press for the affordable book. Previously the books focused on exclusive one-of-a-kind books. As always the books are conceived and crafted by her and pages handbound on their return from the printer. For more see

Jennifer K. Dick is an American author living in France. She teaches at the Université de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse. CONVERSION was inspired by and begun in Greece. She and Michelle Noteboom organize Ivy Writers Reading series in Paris and Jennifer works for the Amsterdam-based literary magazine VERSAL. For more on Jennifer’s other books and chapbooks see her blog at

Boekie Woekie hopes to see you for this on Saturday, June 7th 2014 at 5. 

Jan Voss of Boekie Woekie exhibits works of art at Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, Zurich. Opening Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 2013 from 5 to 8pm, open except Sun/Mon from noon to 6:30pm, except on Saturdays. On Saturdays the gallery closes at 4pm. Apéro Jan. 16th, 2014 from 5 to 8pm. On this occasion Jan Voss will present "Het Andre Behr Pamflet". Here one of the exhibited works which might deem relevant to the visitor of a book art web site:
News Voss
                                                          Looking for a
Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, Zwinglistrasse 36 (Hof), CH 8004 Zürich. Tel: +41-(0)44-2912042,,
Boekie Woekie will be at the
Small Puyblishers Fair
                                      London 2013
come and see what's new and old!
For some of us in Amsterdam Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) is of course living memory, and his "Other Books and so..." taught us of Boekie Woekie that an artists' book store was something feasible. But h
is work and strategies have increasingly interested a wider public. Boekie Woekie will launch next Saturday, Nov. 9th 2013 at 5 pm, the latest publication which deals with his exhibition of an unprotected diamond which took place at the Drents Museum in Assen in 1982. It certainly was an unusual event as it was playing with the idea of a crime to take place - which eventually seems to really have happened. Martha Hellion, who for the book reconstructed the crime scene, will present this new publication.
This is how the event was announced in the local paper at the time:
News Carrion De Diefstal
                                        Van Het Jaar kranten

And this is the new book:

Carrion De
                                        Diefstal Van Het Jaar

Carrión, Ulises

De Diefstal Van Het Jaar  El Robo Del Ano  The Robbery Of The Year

the installation/performance of U.C. in 1982 at the Assen (Netherlands) museum, discussed in articles by Paolo Silveira and Martha Hellion and accompanied by the photographs Claudio Goulard took at the time of the visiting public, Spanish and English, hard cover, 21 x 14 cm, 128 not numbered pages, (Mexico City) 2013

EUR 32.-

Please come for the presentation if you can - or order this (or/and other new or not new) Carrión books from this site!

An exhibition of books by Jan Voss is on display at Galerí Kompan at the diary Alþýðuhús in Siglufjördur since October 13th, 2013
Boekie Woekie participates in MISS READ, the BERLIN ART BOOK FAIR 2013 at abc ART BERLIN CONTEMPORARY 19-22 September!
Boekie Woekie participates in the NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR 2013 at MoMA PS1 19-22 September!


Try to remember:
Saturday, September 14th 2013, at 5
in Boekie Woekie


Schraenen Invite 1


The publication of Guy Schraenen’s “Collected Writings” (edited by Bettina Brach, published by the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications Bremen) gives access to all the texts he published over four decades, from the 1970s up until the very recent past. They document his abiding interest in the history and the significance of the international networks underlying artists’ publications and initiatives in the 1960s and 1970s. He reflected upon the socio-political and cultural strategies of the artist-initiated art scene, which remained independent of the official art establishment. Beside this he wrote many introductions for catalogues of thematical and individual exhibitions.

Presented are also his publications  1973-1978

Schraenen Invite 2

... and his catalogues

Schraenen Invite 3

Guy Schraenen founded the Galerie Kontakt in Antwerp in 1965, the publishing house Guy Schraenen éditeur in 1973 and the Archive for Small Press & Communication  (A.S.P.C). in 1974. He is a freelance curator and advisor in several European museums. He created the Museum within a Museum in the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen (NMWB, today: Weserburg | Museum for modern art). In 1999, the NMWB acquired the A.S.P.C., which forms the basis of the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications.

There remains to be said: Boekie Woekie is glad that Guy Schraenen is proud to be back. He was our second exhibitor after we moved the shop to its then new premises where you still find it today:
Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam.
Tel: +31-(0)20-6390507

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson will launch his new book The End Is Near with a variation on his performance "The Death Show".

Previous versions of this show were to be seen at W139 in Amsterdam and at Cricoteka as part of the exhibition "Radical Languages" in Krakow, Poland.

Come this Saturday, Feb.23rd, 2013 at 5 pm to Boekie Woekie!

Styrmir will play with real objects, made-up stories and vivid memories. His book refers to theories by some heavyweight philosophers as well as to thick books on medical and psychological studies. However, it is the objects of the artist's domestic sphere that play the main role in letting him realize the imminence of the subject of his book.

Styrmir deals in his book with several reflections on death for which he uses different ways of storytelling. During "The Death Show" he will conduct a tour through the pages of the book and demonstrate how it wasn’t until a near-death-experience through a leaking gas-boiler, the artist's only source of water, that he realized that the end is near.

                                                  boiler small.jpg
We have a sad reason to have a good time: please join us Sunday Feb.17th, 2013 at 5 for a glass on Les Coleman.


Les is no more.


There will be 7 screen prints on the wall and 3 of his 4 latest books will be on the table.

Boekie Woekie will be present with new and old books and a selection of Icelandic titles
at Offprint Paris, the art publishing fair taking place at the Beaux-arts de Paris, 14 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
from Thursday Nov.15th to Sunday, Nov. 18th,
open (free entrance!) on Thursday and Friday from 1 to 8.30 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 7 pm.
Metro: Saint Germain des Près or Palais Royal - Musée Du Louvre.
The same weekend, but only on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th, from 11 am to 7 pm,
it is time again for Boekie Woekie's participation in the Small Publishers Fair at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Also here the entrance is free.
Tube: Holborn.
And Boekie Woekie, at its usual spot in Amsterdam, will be open as always, 7 days a week, from 12 to 6.


Now on show at Boekie Woekie

Martyn Last


the results of the

The Dieter Roth Academy

Examination Corner 2009

Stuttgart Germany


The Dieter Roth Academy

Examination Box 2012

Aarhus Denmark

Exhibition open: 02-11 until 25-11-2012

                                      Aarhus 12 J.Voss being

Jan Voss being examined in Aarhus


Boekie Woekie at the New York Art Book Fair 2012


Boekie Woekie participates again with new and old publications

in the New York Art Book Fair (

Come on Friday September 28 between 12–7 pm,

or on Saturday, September 29, between 11 am–9 pm,

or on Sunday, September 30, 11 am–7 pm

to MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue

Long Island City, NY. Free entrance!

We are looking forward to see you at the Boekie Woekie table

(on the floor plan that is K01)!

Henriëtte van Egten of Boekie Woekie is looking forward to your visit to her exhibition
Facebook of 99 New Friends
at Aðalheiður Eysteinsdóttir's new Galeri Kompan in Al
Þýðuhúsið (Althyduhusid), in Siglufjörður, Iceland. The opening is Friday 21.9.2012 at 8 pm.
Hetti at Kompan 2012
                                      4.jpg Hetti at Kompan 2012
                                      1.jpg Hetti at Kompan 2012
                                      3.jpg Hetti at Kompan 2012
Jón Laxdal and Jan Voss will additionally entertain the visitors.
The exhibition of the work
by Jesper Fabricius will open in Boekie Woekie on Saturday 9th of June, 2012 at 5 pm.

Invitation Jesper
                                            Fabricius 6.jpg

Short Description of the project
My show "Heroes of the Sexual Revolution" will be made of small cut-out portraits of people from Danish porn magazines from the seventies. All these portraits of anonymous people will be placed in Capsule Gallery in a long row. The liberation of picture pornography in Denmark 1969 was a part of the sexual revolution in North America and Europe. The invention of the pill moved events in this direction together with the rise of hippie culture. It became a revolt against bourgeois hypocrisy and sexual suppression. Part of the hippie movement went political in the seventies, like RAF in West Germany and Brigate Rosso in Italy. They also had their heroes. I think these movements are all rooted in older utopian ideas from the beginning of the century like the Esperanto movement, the  vegetarians, the German Freikörper culture (nudists) etc. Communism/Marxism was such an utopian movement. The hole modern or modernist world is built on these ideas. Our minds are Modernism and that language is the house we live in.

This text is taken from the catalogue in Ljubljana.

Best wishes

Together with the opening of the exhibition issue 22 of "Het Andre Behr Pamflet" will be launched: alliance between the images and their meaning. Jesper Fabricius has not only cut out more heads but also sentences.
If you can, come to see us, and the others, at
Le Saloon du Livre!
Fonderie Kugler
rue de la Truite 4 bis
1205 Genève!
The event takes place from
12-8 on Saturday, June 2nd
and on Sunday, June 3rd 2012, from 11-7.

If in Iceland, in Iceland's North, and up for a very special treat, you should anyhow visit

Safnasafnið - The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum"

But if you visit there now, you'll also have the opportunity to see an exhibition of the 3 of Boekie Woekie: Henriëtte van Egten, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir and Jan Voss!

Safnasafnið | Svalbarðsströnd | 601 Akureyri | Sími/Tel: 461 4066

Blauwe Diamanten, Zwarte Zielen

Beckmans Diamond 1 Beckmans Diamond 2 Beckmans Diamond 3
Fredie Beckmans, ook wel bekend als voorzitter van de worstclub, zit tegenwoordig in de diamantenhandel. Hij heeft door Namibië en Botswana gezworven en daar diamanten verzameld en verhalen geschreven. Komende vrijdag, 16 maart zal hij voordragen uit eigen Afrikaans werk en een grote collectie prijsgunstige diamanten tonen. 

Presentatie  van de uitgave "Blauwe Diamanten, Zwarte Zielen" 
in Boekie Woekie op vrijdag, 16 maart, om 17.00 uur. 
(Blue Diamonds, Black Souls: Chairman of the Worst Club Fredie Beckmans deals now - after traveling Namibia and Botswana - in diamonds. He'll show a collection of good value diamonds and will read from the stories he wrote while on the way. Presentation of the edition "Blue Diamonds, Black Souls" Friday, March 16th at 5pm at Boekie Woekie.)


Rúna Thorkelsdóttir of Boekie Woekie exhibits at Galerie Kees van Gelder

"Changing Still Lives"

Galerie Van Gelder - Planciusstraat 7 - Amsterdam

open Tuesday till Saturday from 1-6 pm
opening 18.2. from 5 to 7 

Writing Lecture, performed by Toine Horvers on Saturday 14.01.2012  5 pm


Toine Horvers wrote a text in which he gave a detailed description of the act of hand writing: what happens exactly when writing a text with a fountain pen, how does the writing develop on the sheet, what sounds arise from the movements of the pen, and so on. It resulted in 7 A4 sheets.
He performs this text for an audience: while writing he pronounces the words in an elongated way.

For a publication of this work, an edition by Christoph Daviet in Paris, the A4 sheets were scanned and printed and brought together in a folder in an edition of 75 copies.

On Saturday the 14th of January he will perform the text in the back-space of Boekie Woekie. Duration 40 minutes.

Dear visitor, have a happy New Year!  

The waiter comes, with another New Beer!

Wasn’t the road long and dusty down here?
We gladly accept and accept again
to empty those glasses which form a chain.
They seam as milestones our long road,
Two thousand eleven, the latest quote.
And now one more, another New Beer!
Don’t ever we get enough down here?
This is the last one, but then one more?
Till we are drunk and thrown out the door!

Cheers from

Henriëtte van Egten, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir, Jan Voss


At 5pm on Friday the 30th of Dec. 2011 Henriëtte van Egten opens on the last remaining white wall of Boekie Woekie’s backroom an exhibition of 24 collages she made earlier this and last year. Come if you can!

Boekie Woekie Invitation
                                  Henriëtte van Egten 12.11. collage


Join us in Boekie Woekie on Tuesday, Dec. 6th, at 4 and help us prepare the launch of a cloud made in the form of a paper balloon!

This will complete the last chapter of the book Paper Clouds. The project started five years ago in Mexico. It has been

presented in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and comes now to Amsterdam's Boekie Woekie.

We need your collaboration with love poems, thoughts or drawings to fill up the paper cloud!

Adapted by Martha Hellion from The Cloud Messenger/Meghaduta, a  lyric love poem by Kalidasa, the Indian Sanskrit poet

of the 5th century, the book will be formed by a photographic register of the events in all the places where they have been

performed,  highlighting the imprint of the collective work of friends, some times even the failure of sending the cloud to

the sky because of weather conditions. Those remaining clouds will be shown at the presentation of the book in Buenos


The book will be printed in polimer/photoetching on hand made paper in a limited edition of 30 copies, 25 bound in soft

cover/linen envelope and 5 numbered from I to V bound in natural leather envelope.

paper cloud 1 papwer cloud 2 paper cloud 3
Coleman Invitation
                                      Nov. 2011
It's time for the 2011 SMALL PUBLISHERS FAIR London.
BOEKIE WOEKIE and around 60 other participants look forward to see you at Conway Hall Friday 11th or Saturday 12th between 11am and 7 pm.
To thine own self be true*, do come!
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London. Nearest Tube: Holborn. See for all details: 
*The advice Polonius gives to his son marks in big letters Conway Hall's main wall.

Booming Business

Nico Lootsma invitation

Trashtown Magazine # 40 is out and will be presented on Saturday Nov.5, 2011,
at 5 pm by its editor Nico Lootsma with the performance Parlare!
Free bank note for the first 7 visitors
(Trashtown $$!).
Exhibition till Nov. 12.


You wonder what it is you see here? Look Boekie Woekie up at the New
York Art Book Fair!
The NY Art Book Fair 2011 at MoMA PS1 30 September - 2 October Preview 29 september


Henk Wijnen and Martyn Last invite for the presentation of the book they made in an edition of 10 copies, boxed and with a lot of extras, on their adventures in Germany - hilarious, don't miss it.

Martyn Henk Invite

Come to Boekie Woekie on Saturday, Sept. 17th at 5!

Boekie Woekie spreads the announcement further and encourages you to follow the invitation of De Kring, one of Amsterdam’s artists’ societies which run a down town bar and restaurant.

Until September 3rd 2011 thirty of our drawn-on, photographically enlarged and laminated beer mats will be on display – and for sale – there. We are looking forward to Cralan Kelder’s opening words on Saturday, July the 23rd at 6. If you can, come. We can't imagine it to be anything else but fun.

Henriëtte, Rúna (still in absentia) and Jan

beermat invitation De Kring


placemats en bierviltjes

Henriëtte van Egten / Jan Voss / Rúna Thorkeldóttir

i.s.m. Boekie Woekie

opening expositie

zaterdag 23 juli 2011 om 18.00 uur
Logo De Kring

Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 7-9

1017 rp Amsterdam

tel. 020 62 36 985/fax 020 62 32 777


In de zomermaanden heeft de expositie van Sociëteit De Kring een zomers tintje: namelijk sterk uitvergrote bierviltjes, betekend door kunstenaars van naam in de sociëteit en placemats, ontworpen door diverse creatieve Kringleden in het Kringrestaurant.

Kunstenaarsboekwinkel Boekie Woekie wordt al jaren door kunstenaars Henriëtte van Egten, Rúna Thorkeldóttir en Jan Voss gerund. De tafel achterin is dan ook de startplek van vele bierviltkunstwerken geweest.

De groot gemaakte tekeningen op bierviltjes tonen (doordat ze groot gemaakt zijn nog duidelijker) de moeite, of ook de onhandigheid, van het ontstaansproces van de originele, kleine tekeningen op de originele, kleine, bierviltjes. Het zijn éénhandstekeningen, de andere hand van de tekenaars is immers bezig het bierglas omhoog te houden. Omdat de kleine, lichte bierviltjes onder het betekend worden ook nog makkelijk heen en weer schuiven, is er sprake van een sterk verminderde kans dat de tekeningen tonen, wat de tekenaar bedoeld zou kunnen hebben. Ze bieden de kijker dus alle denkbaar mogelijke ruimte om er in te zien wat men erin wil zien.

Voor de grote Kring-placemat-voor-in-het-restaurant-expositie nodigde de kunstcommissie alle creatieve Kringleden uit om hun idee voor de Kringplacemat in te zenden. De ontwerpen worden door vakjury en publiek beoordeeld. De prijswinnaars worden op de finissage, zaterdag 3 september, bekend gemaakt. 

De Kringexpositie is van zaterdag 23 juli- zaterdag 3 september
Niet-leden kunnen de tentoonstelling bezoeken op maandag t/m vrijdag
van 16.00 - 19.00 uur en op afspraak.

met vriendelijke groet, Marieke Nooren

Programmeur en relatiebeheer
Aanwezig op dinsdag-woensdag en donderdag

sociëteit de kring

kleine gartmanplantsoen 7-9

1017 rp amsterdam

de clubup

korte leidsedwarsstraat 26-I

1017 rc amsterdam


Dear all!

We have the pleasure to have Rainer Pretzell among us. For many with an interest in art and literature the books of Rainer Verlag belong to the highlights of the years between 1966 and 1995. We have to thank him for beautiful books by Emmett Williams and Ann Noël, Friederike Mayröcker, Gerhard Rühm, Dominik Steiger, Joe Jones, Helmut Eisendle, H.C. Artmann, Gennadij Ajgi and certainly Dieter Roth to name just a few.

Rainer will be in Boekie Woekie on Saturday, July 9th 2011. From 5 pm on he'll tell his story in a conversation with Jan Voss and answer your possible questions. Please do come!


Hettie, Rúna (in absentia) and Jan

Though what we do can hardly be called "we are coming" (haven't we arrived 25 years ago?) ,
Amsterdam Art Book Fair
Boekie Woekie participates in the first Amsterdam Art/Book Fair. Click the link for details.

Environmental Recordings

- a collection of new books by Brown Sierra -

Brown Sierra invit 

Please come to Boekie Woekie on Saturday the 12th of March at 5 and listen to the performance of Pia Gambardella and Paddy Collins.

Pia Gambardella & Paddy Collins are a London based collective. Both are artists who have developed an interest and have worked in the field of sound art, artist books, performance and installation. Brown Sierra continue to map and record their environment in the form of collecting materials that can be bound into hard bound single edition books. The books developed from our work and interest with mapping and environmental recordings, collecting and reusing.  Creating new approaches to making environmental recordings. Using found tape, parallax recording, (each making a mono recording simultaneously, varying our location through distance and movement.), using telephone boxes as fixed point microphones, and sound mapping. We are interested in the geography of a place, mapping areas, looking at local estates, parks, road networks, bus stops, park benches. towns, boroughs, wards. The structure of the area. from how government works to what chip shops sell. Collecting leaflets from libraries, hospitals, shops, general practitioners, picking up the local litter that we find on route. Collecting material in varying states of decay, finding paper sacks out side greengrocers or health advice in the chemist. This we collect, sort, collate, consider, categorise, sometimes paint, and then mix. The signatures are carefully arranged  into sequential cut ups through the process of book binding, the way they relate to each other is controlled by how we categories the type of material going into the book. Books made from maps, cut up and rebound creating new geographies, sometimes mixing cities and countries, others towns and streets. Collections of menus or litter pertaining to a particular faith or in a particular language. Books of lost dog posters, or paper bags, instruction leaflets, public information sign, children's drawings. Other books are paper collected in one day, or in one place, or collected over a weekend or collected on one walk, between specific places made over several journeys. The books are documents or micro archives of how local environments are being used. These arrangements can create unexpected and poignant new meanings.


Venus of
                                    Willendorf + Erdnuss at M.Frei 2003

Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei, Zurich, as staged an exhibition of drawings, paintings and multiples by Jan Voss.
The show's title is "Leute, hängt die Bilder ab, sonst machen noch die Nägel schlapp!" (Hey folks, take the pictures down before the nails give up!) The photograph above is a shot from the exhibition and shows copies of two multiples: "Venus of Willendorf wears her mini-skirt" and "Erdnuss" which in this case translates only insufficiently into English as "peanut". On the occasion of this exhibition appears volume 13 of Het Andre Behr Pamflet. It contains, besides images which are and which are not on display in the show, a poem and two brief essays.
    Jan Voss, Germany 1945, lives in Holland and is the editor of the growing series of Het Andre Behr Pamflet. He has exhibited widely and is one of the founding members of Boekie Woekie.
    The show will be up from March 5th till April 15th 2003. You find the gallery at Zwinglistrasse 36 (backyard) in CH 8004 Zurich. Opening times: Tuesdays to Fridays from 12 to 6.30, Saturdays from 12 to 4. Go also to

Simultaneously Galerie Marlene Frei shows an exhibition of works by Emmett Williams.


Please join us Saturday, December 11 at 5 pm for a reading of Andrew’s new anagrams and – with a little bit of luck – for the presentation of Het Andre Behr Pamflet 14 which will contain these texts.
Andrew Mc Laren
                                                  HABP 14   Andre McLaren
                                                                                         Photo: Marnie Blair

Andrew McLaren is a Canadian visual and media artist, also active in self-publishing over the past ten years. Working mainly in the area of maps, number systems and language games, his new work for Boekie Woekie is a series of anagrams, written during a recent visit to London. Are Sponsible Use of Language is #14 in the Andre Behr Pamflet series.

Boekie Woekie Amsterdam New York London
Amsterdam: as usual, seven days a week from 12 to 6
New York:
temporarily (NYABF Nov. 5-7, 2010)
temporarily (Small Publisher's Fair, Nov. 12+13, 2010)
Book Keeper's Poem with an
                                      amended verbal interpretation

Invited by and together with Fredie Beckmans, Roland Berning, Bülent Evren, Martyn Last, Joseph Semah, Yvonne Strang, Cigdem Turek, Elaine Vis and Henk Wijnen/Jockel Heenes, Jan Voss of Boekie Woekie will set up an art exhibition in Schijndel, southeast of s'Hertogenbosch. There is a theme, in Dutch "Samenbundelingen", probably "bundles" in English. This is how Jan Voss announces his contribution in the catalogue booklet for the show:

  Schijndel mijn
                                      plaatje voor webSchijndel mijn
                                      tekst voor web
Here a shortened English version of the Dutch text: The new bundle by J.V. appears as a multiple. Since a well written sentence, wrongly read, turns to nonsense, there will take place
at the exhibition opening a performance of the play "basket ball in the fabrication hall of the sentence (or should it be: sense?) factory" . The resulting waste paper basket, filled with written on but crumpled up A4 sheets, will be the first in a series.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, Sept. 11th, 2010 at 4 pm at the Cultureel Centrum 't Spectrum, Steeg 9, in 5482 Schijndel.
It stays open till Oct.23rd and can be visited from Monday till Friday from 10-20 and on Saturdays from 10-13.

September 3 - 5, 2010

Opening hours:
Friday, September 3, 3 - 7 pm, Saturday, September 4, noon - 7 pm, Sunday, September 5, noon - 7 pm

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin

MISS READ invited international publishers to show their Artist Books.

2nd Cannons Publications, Los Angeles, AKV/urban art info, Berlin, Anita Di Bianco, Berlin/New York, Archive Books, Berlin/Turin, Archive of Modern Conflict, London, argobooks, Berlin, Barbara Wien  Wilma Lukatsch, Berlin, Bartleby & Co., Brussels, basso & friends, Berlin, Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam, Book Works, London, Chicago Times Plotter [...] Paper Libertine Trixie, Vienna,
documentation céline duval, Houlgate, Edie Fake, Chicago, Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, Erik Steinbrecher, Berlin, Eva Weinmayr, London, Fucking Good Art, Rotterdam, GAGARIN, Antwerp, GRAPHIC, Seoul, Half Letter Press/Temporary Services, Chicago, mediabus, Seoul, Michael Baers, Berlin, Michalis Pichler/"greatest hits", Berlin, Mladen Stilinović, Zagreb, Mörel Books, London, no press/derek beaulieu, Calgary, Piktogram/Bureau of Loose Associations, Warsaw, Regency Arts Press Ltd., New York, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, Roma Publications, Amsterdam, Samandal, Beirut, Space Poetry, Copenhagen, Spector Books, Leipzig, Sternberg Press, Berlin/New York, The Green Box, Berlin, Torpedo Press, Oslo, Ugly Duckling Presse, New York, umool umool, Amsterdam/Seoul,
(un)limited store, Marseille, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, Weproductions, Yarrow, Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Ljubljana, ZINE'S MATE, Tokyo

For the second time MISS READ has invited international publishers and artists to show their artist books at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. Presenting a selection of more than 40 of the most active contributors in this field, the festival provides the rare opportunity to encounter and explore the contemporary scene of independent publishing.

MISS READ will be accompanied by a series of lectures, performances and talks by artists, publishers, and graphic designers taking place on September 4, 2 - 6 pm, and September 5, 2 - 4 pm. All events run hourly and take a distinct artistic practice or individual approach towards publishing as a starting point to experience the great diversity of contemporary artist books productions. Among others, participants include
Brett Bloom (Half Letter Press/ Temporary Services, Chicago),
Achim Lengerer (Scriptings, Amsterdam), Jeff Khonsary (Filip, Vancouver), Zak Kyes (London) and Eva Weinmayr (London). The program is co-curated by Christoph Keller.

MISS READ is a collaboration of KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the Berlin based publishers argobooks and Michalis Pichler.
Project management: Anke Schleper.

The festival is co-financed by the European Union (European Fund for Regional Development. Investing in Your Future.)

Joint Event in Berlin: 

September 03 - 05, 2010
Skalitzer Str. 68, D-10997 Berlin


Come now and see them at work, but be sure to be here Saturday the 14th of August 2010, around 4!

                                    Adamczewska Sand Mandala for Boekie

Joanna Adamczewska / Tomasz Wilmanski

 “Mandala for Boekie Woekie”

Amsterdam, 12-14.08.2010

Mandala (sanskrit Tibetan kyil khor, "circle" "completion"); refers to sacred geometric device commonly used in the religious practice of Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, which serves several religious purposes including establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction, focusing attention of aspirants and adepts, an abode of a Buddha or bodhisattva, a symbolic map of the universe and pathway to liberation. Mandala has become a generic term for any plan, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of the Universe from the human perspective. Its symbolic nature can help one "to access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious, ultimately assisting the meditator to experience a mystical sense of oneness with the ultimate unity from which the cosmos in all its manifold forms arises." The psychoanalyst Carl Jung saw the mandala as "a representation of the unconscious self" and believed his paintings of mandalas enabled him to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholeness in personality.

 Joanna Adamczewska (born 1959 in Poznan, Poland); studied at the State Higher School of Plastic Arts in Poznan in 1980-1985. She does primarily book art and space arrangement. Since the late 1980s she has been working on “Acoustic Books” a cycle of unique books which she has presented at many show-concerts. She is the author of such books as “The Bible”, “Image of...”, “Polish Alphabet” /35th books/ a cycle of books based on the Polish alphabet - 35 letters. She showed her works at many exhibitions, such as Concordia Art Gallery Montreal, Galerie Ermer, Berlin, Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, National Gallery Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Bunkier Sztuki Cracow, AT Gallery Poznan. She lives and works in Poznan