Frischer Wind Film, the biggest, by Jom

This is the explanation! The reader's hair does not stand on end because of a horrifying moment in the book he holds in his hands, but because of the air stream generated by the fan on the pages which he turns  rapidly!

That this discovery is now there for all to see became possible thanks to the skills of Jom Semah which he acquired at the animation film school in Hilversum.

ps That I realized, a year ago all of a sudden, the true reason for the hair of the fellow in the drawing to stand on end is really strange, because since  more than 20 years my book "Frischer Wind" (of which there are versions in English, Dutch, Icelandic and Japanese) has been around. See for yourself by clicking here, but then return to this page please after checking out that video and don't get lost on You Tube. I still want to tell the story of my drive alone in the car of a friend in the times when dashboard computers were new. Trying out some of the buttons I had started a powerful fan blow cold wind into my face and for the rest of the ride I wasn't able to stop that fan again. Without a windshield, the wind wouldn't have been stronger. My hair must have been on end and the sinusitis I got was terribly real.
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