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CD-ROM which allows for example to steer a ghostly figure through artworks by Ómar Stefánsson, and involves visual and sound contributions by in all 11 artists (all Icelandic except one), Reykjavík 2000
EUR 23.-
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1 Underwood Audio
recordings of works by Owada, R.Cole, D.Hays, A.Herman, P.Brill & the K.Ardley Playboys, Bank, H.Pigott, D.Gilchrist, H.Nitsch, Fat Midget, United Alliens, S.Tyszko, Thomson & Craighead, Underwood Audio, B.Quick, CD, London
EUR 14.-
1 Underwood Audio.JPG
AV 1 Underwood Audio

A Sense Of Fear  Strach Vnímání A Logíka
contributions of one page each by Petra Poldlahová, Klara Elenius, Lena Marie Stuart, Ed Epping, Paige Sorvillo, Konoko Nishi, Sherwood Chen, Gaby Bila-Günther, Liz Albee, Paulina Velasquez Solis, Sheila McCarthy, Olivia Pisani, Sam Forsythe, Ladies Swim, Wesley Mulvin, Curtis Bila-Günther, Matt Warren, Jean-Yves Thériault, Peggy Diggs, Naomi Potter, Tomske, Teo Günther, Stepan Jelinek, Eva Kubesová, Karina Dichov Lund, Jo Cook, George Cremanschi, Sally Rees, Lily, Angela Chong, Susan Hawkins, Yuko Kaseki, Richard Ketner, Daniel Cerný, Hilary Binder, Lucy HG, Chris Rankin, participants in the 11th Arts Festival of International, Interdisciplinary Collaborations at CESTA, Cultural Exchange Station at Tábor, August 1-28, 2006, contains a CD with “12 creepy songs”, sewn, 70 not numbered pages, 21 x 29,5 cm, Vancouver 2005 see also

A Ship Is Not An Island  Et Skib Er Ikke En Ö
a 10 minutes film by Tal R, Jesper Fabricius, Steen Möller Rasmussen, music by Tal R and others, 2005
EUR 32,00
A Ship Is Not An Island.jpg
AV A Ship Is Not An Island  Et Skib Er Ikke En O

Acoustic Shadows
designed and published by Martin Rogers on the occasion of an exhibition of soundworks by Johannes Maier, Shirley MacWilliam, J Ainly + Rodger Brown, Gerhard Stäbler, Chloë Brown, Lindsey Adams, Robert Girling, Martin Rogers, Jürgen Kierspel, Penny McCarthy, Craig Richardson, with a CD, pictures and a variety of texts, spiral bound, 78 pages, 19,5 x 20 cm, Sheffield 1999 see also

Acquaviva, Frédéric

Aatie (opéra-monde)

for mezzo-soprano, voices, instrumental ensemble, electronics and videos; an experimental composition in which various mediums come together and which heavily features spoken or recited utterances in many different languages, (with a DVD, with no sound, to synchronise, or not, with the CD), total running time of 40’26”, CD and DVD in a cover, 19 x 14 cm, Berlin 2012

EUR 24.-

AV Acquaviva Aatie (opera-monde).jpg
AV Acquaviva Aatie opera-monde

Acquaviva, Frédéric

Kiss Music

a piece “for the 2 singing and digitalized tongues of Frédéric Acquaviva and Loré Lixenberg [from the cycle The 120 Days of Musica]. Two persons kiss and sing at the same time through each other’s mouth’s natural amplifier. The use of unison or octaves is strictly forbidden, therefore performers have to keep changing pitches in order to avoid the destruction of personality like in plain chant”, recorded at EMS, Stockholm, December 2015, the first QR-Code EP which the listener can scan with a smartphone (listeners without a smartphone are directed to Soundcloud), comes in a paper sleeve (18 x 18 cm) which is in turn enclosed in a plastic sleeve (19 x 19 cm), ed/100, Berlin 2016

EUR 53.-

AV Acquaviva Kiss Music.jpg
AV Acquaviva Kiss Music

Acquaviva, Frédéric

Le Disque

“Le Disque is a musical project articulated in 8 parts, each being 40’, each part is autonomous  and is to be spatialized in concert, on earth, or surrounding galaxies, in the hope that these have more adventurous musical programming concepts than here. Each segment has its silent part of non-dit, but soon projects into others, by mechanical superimposition or re-composition. I chose these archetypes (for example the harpsichord is representative of the instrumental world in its possible entirety) as to present, by the interplay of successive synthesis, all the imaginable sound combinations (voices only, instrumental only, electronics only, voice + electronics, electronics + instrumental, etc.) before remixing the totality in a eight part, Eledisqu, that is no more the work in question than preceding parts, in the unity of their nudity”, 8 titled CD´s, each containing a part of this grand project, mounted on a folded LP sleeve (31 x 31 cm) contained in a plastic sleeve, signed and numbered/100, n.p. 2010
EUR 175.-

AV Acquaviva Le Disque.jpg
AV Acquaviva Le Disque

Acquaviva, Frédéric
O (E) UVRE (1990)
CD, with Mark Knoop on the piano, for his first ever conceptual piece from 1990, Frédéric Acquaviva collaborated with Australian pianist Mark Knoop on the recording of all harmonic frequencies using only the damper pedal of a piano, ed/100, London 2015
EUR 12.-
AV Acquaviva O (E) UVRE (1990).jpg
AV Acquaviva OEUVRE 1990

Adamczewska, Joanna
Acoustic Books
a DVD of almost 36 minutes showing a performance of J.A. who in ten chapters exemplifies the sound making qualities of paper, Poznan 2005
EUR 55,00
Adamczewska Acoustic Book
AV Adamczewska Acoustic Book

Adieu Interessant Film Club
a DVD of about 50 minutes showing an animated collage of quite different visual material by Katja Boom, Albert Gröndahl & Lauge Falkentorp, Selma Lamai & Ida Lawrence, Robin Monies, Viktor Henderson, Amitai Romm, Mai Sydendahl, Jesper Fabricius & Stine Kvam, Louise Li, David Adler, Bue Thastum, Jokob Maqe Nielsen, Goaheadrobus, Muriel Lässer, Oliver Sellner Vonsild, OhhMaryMary, Cav Bögelund, Martin La Cour, music: Mikkel Hess, Kresten Osgood, Tal R, Jesper Fabricius, Henrik Vibskov & Viktor Henderson, sound: John Fomsgaard, editing: Lasse Andersen, produced by Tal R and Sofia V. Fischer, Berlin 2008
EUR 29,00
AV Adieu Interessant Film Club.jpg
AV Adieu Interessant Film Club

by Bárdarbúdarbödlarnir (4 Icelandic musicians), LP RECORD, Basel 1982
EUR 75.-
AV Afurdir.jpg
AV Afurdir

American Cherry
American Cherry
a hand painted lady's handbag with 3 CDs (Golddiggers Of 1999, It and Pretty Wild  Baci Baci Baci) and some sweets and jewelry, with 4 tracks, Tokyo
EUR 80.-
AV American Cherry American Cherry.jpg
AV American Cherry American Cherry

American Cherry
Golddiggers Of 1999
CD with 4 tracks, Tokyo
EUR 23.-
AV American Cherry Golddiggers Of 1999.jpg
AV American Cherry Golddiggers Of 1999

American Cherry
Pretty Wild  Baci Baci Baci
CD with 20 tracks, Tokyo
EUR 23.-
AV American Cherry Pretty Wild Baci Baci Baci.jpg
AV American Cherry Pretty Wild  Baci Baci Baci

Anti Qua Musica
on the occasion of an exhibition, “Het “open” muziek instrument in kunst en antikunst”, photographic and written documents of works by Michael Barker, Gilius van Bergeijk, Michael von Biel, John Cage, Maurizio Kagel, Nam June Paik, Dick Raaijmakers, Horst Rickels, John Rose, Remko Scha, Karlheinz Stockhausen, soft cover, 30 x 23 cm, 96 pages, Den Haag 1989 see also


Karl Rossmann Fragments

Autopsia performs fragments by and pays tribute to Czech composer Karl Rossmann, a CD and a booklet (18 x 18 cm) in a plastic sleeve, cover design by IkkONA, 20 fragments of experimental electronic music with a total running time of over 70 minutes, numbered/500, Prague 2009

EUR 13.-

AV Autopsia Karl Rossmann Fragments.jpg
AV Autopsia Karl Rossmann Fragments


Radical Machines Night Landscapes

a CD with atmospheric, mysterious, and brooding ambient/electronic music by Autopsia and Achtar, cover design by IkkONA, 10 tracks with a total running time of 60:00, Prague 2008

EUR 15.-

AV Autopsia Radical Machines Night Landscapes.jpg
AV Autopsia Radical Machines Night Landscapes


The Berlin Requiem

“Be preapared for a new Enlightening but dark masterpiece ....”, a CD with dark, atmospheric ambient and experimental classical music by Autopsia & Dämmerung Orchestra, cover design by IkkONA, 6 tracks with a total running time of about 41 minutes, Prague 2006

EUR 15.-

AV Autopsia The Berlin Requiem.jpg
AV Autopsia The Berlin Requiem

Bachmann, Ingeborg

Ingeborg Bachmann Liest Ingeborg Bachmann

LP, Ingeborg Bachmann reads from her own writings

EUR 38.-

AV Bachmann Ingeborg Bachmann liest.JPG
AV Bachmann Ingeborg Bachmann Liest Ingeborg Bachmann

Bacon  Jenny
CD with 5 tracks (almost 30 minutes) of music by Bacon, (Reykjavík 2005)
EUR 24.-
AV Bacon Jenny.JPG
AV Bacon  Jenny

Bacon  Krieg
CD with 5 tracks (almost 30 minutes) of music by Bacon, (Reykjavík 2005)
EUR 22.-
AV Bacon Krieg.JPG
AV Bacon  Krieg

Bageritz, Ralph
Grundgeräusche Der Ehrenstrasse

"the home grown show", CD with what the microphone caught dangling from the artist's window in Cologne on Oct.10th, 1995, numbered/100, signed
EUR 50.-
AV Bageritz Grundgerausche der Ehrenstrasse.JPG
AV Bageritz Grundgerausche Der Ehrenstrasse


music by Michael Fischer and Marcos Baggiani, Amsterdam 2013

EUR 18.-

AV BaggFish.jpg
AV Bagg Fish

by Melchior, that is: Karl Roth Karlsson + Hrodmar Ingi Sigurbjörnsson + Hilmar Oddsson, LP RECORD, gefin út af Gínuforlaginu og Dieter Roth’s Verlag, Mosfellssveit Stuttgart 1979
EUR 75.-
AV Balapopp lp.jpg
AV Balapopp

Beethoven & Stad & Cities

essay by Niko Koers, Herman Rouw piano, soft cover, 20 x 15 cm, 64 pages, with a CD,

EUR 22,50

AV Beethoven & Stad & City.JPG
AV Beethoven and Stad and Cities

Benn, Gottfried

Liest Urgesicht Und Gedichte

LP, Gottfried Benn reads Urgesicht and Gedichte

EUR 49.-

AV Benn Liest Urgesicht Und Gedicht.JPG
AV Benn Liest Urgesicht Und Gedichte

Benn, Gottfried

Soll Die Dichtung Das Leben Bessern

LP, Gottfried Benn reads Soll Die Dichtung Das Leben Bessern

EUR 49.-

AV Benn Soll Die Dichtung Das Leben.JPG
AV Benn Soll Die Dichtung Das Leben Bessern

Benzokai Identities Too Abstract

“Identity as a fluid interstate, forever becoming, never being. Benzokai's benzoid beats and haunting vocal delivery – at times adopting an animalistic, beastly form - are a dystopian paean. There are gentle melodies appearing and disappearing, always veiled in some anxious, disconcerting crackling, echoing sheen. Is this love? Black metal? You are metaphysically wrong”, music tape with 7 tracks of experimental music, artwork by Benzokai, design by Margaréta Fehér, with a total running time of about 26 minutes, released on Baba Vanga, Prague 2016

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AV Benzokai Identities Too Abstract.jpg
AV Benzokai Identities Too Abstract

“a magazine as a blueprint of the activities of DSPS/De Player”, contains a book (soft cover, 56 pages, 27,5 x 21,5 cm) with images or articles in English by Scott Foust, Avi Pitchon, Jay van Buren, Ivo van Leeuwen, Rohstoff, Kristina Ask, Onomatopee, De Player/DSPS, a member of Siegelhead, Wall Russ, Mr.Van Dam, Riche En Pulpe™, Jon Smith, Ed Marszewski & Matt Malooly, Scott Foust - Dr.Timothy Shortell - Karla Borecki, Felix Kubin, James Cary, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, presented in a refreshing lay-out, here a random quotation: “The art world seems to be limping behind, …. Gradually loosing ground on each and every front …. Once revered as the means to manifest the transcendental, the origin, doorway and medium to all meaning, the matrix weaver of perception itself – is now a receding footnote, ….”, further Bigmag.#2 contains a 12” record (side A The Idea Fire Company with the Heroic Chiseling Phase 1 and 2, side B Felix Kubin with The Patapysical Tape Club and 3 folded posters (unfolded 67 x 47 cm) by Stephan Bloth, Onomatopee, Riche En Pulpe™, some of the names involved in this production: Peter Fengler (editing), all this in a sleeve of 32 x 31,5 cm, ed/500, Rotterdam 2007 see also

Bigmag.#3  Polytopia  For The Quasi Crystals
consists of 3 posters (unfolded: 2x 50 x 70 cm, one a reproduction of a portrait painting by Eva Räder of Bobby Conn the other by Coolhaven, 1x 55 x 95 cm trickily printed in colour and with reflecting lacquer and a line readable only in certain light which says: the very last male music magazine), 1 book (sewn, 50 pages 10 of which are loosely laid in, 30 x 22 cm) with illustrated pieces of writing by Marie Losier and Breyer P-Orridge, johnny de philo, Jantine Wijnja, Didi de Paris, 1 picture disc lp record with on side A Bobby Conn and on B Coolhaven, images on record by Arno Coenen and Danielle Lemaire, BIGMAG is a blueprint for the activities of foundation DSPS/De PlayerLP, all in a sleeve, 32 x 32 cm, ed/500, Rotterdam 2008 see also

Björnsdóttir, Thórunn
Hálfgerd Lög
3 inch CD with an Icelandic text by the poet
EUR 10.-
AV Bjornsdottir Halfgerd Log.JPG
AV Bjornsdottir Halfgerd Log

Blekkenhorst, Mirjam
CD with sounds sheep made in the winter stall at the farm Ytra Lón on Lánganess, N.E.Iceland, Maastricht 2005
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AV Blekkenhorst Sheep.JPG
AV Blekkenhorst Sheep

Blonk, Jaap

Irrelevant Comments

“Jaap Blonk’s solo work shows an ever more astonishing variety. Musique concrète, beats, sound poetry, minimal techno, a manifesto, soundscapes and more: it’s all there on this record”, 16 titled tracks of experimental music, n.p. 2017

EUR 12,50

AV Blonk
      Irrelevant Comments.jpg
AV Blonk Irrelevant Comments

Blonk, Jaap


“'Polyphtong' was conceived as a live quadraphonic (four-channel) composition for voice and computer. It was premiered at Stanford University in March of 2012. In August of 2013, Blonk radically reworked the piece to create the stereo version presented on this album. All sounds heard in it are derived from Blonk’s vocals. Spatial placement and movement are extended by electronic means. The phonetic concepts of diphtong and approximant are an important focus in the more meditative sectons of the work. It also uses the techniques of Blonk's cheek synthesizer: many kinds of stereo mouth sounds driven by sheer air, ranging from very low to extremely high pressures. 'Polyphtong' is a continuous piece, but it has been split into tracks for listeners’ convenience”, 8 tracks of experimental music with a total running time of 46'46", n.p. 2013

EUR 12,50

AV Blonk
        Polyphtong Kontrans.jpg
AV Blonk Polyphtong Kontrans

Blonk, Jaap

Songs Of Little Sleep

“A disturbingly engaging collection of songs on the topic of insomnia”, 13 titled tracks of experimental music, n.p. 2014

EUR 12,50

AV Blonk Songs Of Little Sleep.jpg
AV Blonk Songs Of Little Sleep

Blonk, Jaap

Traces Of Speech

“Texts created by offering drawings to optical character recognition software. Sounds generated by importing the same drawings into audio software. This material reworked into a tightly knit musical statement with no intention of personal expression”, 7 titled tracks of experimental music, n.p. 2014

EUR 12,50

AV Blonk Traces
        Of Speech.jpg
AV Blonk Traces Of Speech

Blonk, Jaap + Terrie Ex

Thirsty Ears

CD featuring Jaap Blonk (vocals, electronics) and Terrie Ex (electric guitar, harmonium), 9 titled tracks of improvised experimental music, n.p. 2018

EUR 12,50

AV Blonk Ex Thirsty Ears 

AV Blonk Ex Thirsty Ears

Blonk, Jaap + Vogelkwartet

Come To Catch Your Voice

“music to poems of Dylan Thomas, poems of Dylan Thomas to music”, featuring Jaap Blonk (vocals), and the Vogelkwarter, consisting of Jasper le Clercq (violin), Lothar Ohlmeier (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone), Joost Swinkels (trombone), and Tjitze Vogel (double bass), 18 tracks of experimental music with a total running time of 56'28", n.p. 2001

EUR 12,50

AV Blonk
        Vogelkwartet Come To Catch Your Voice.jpg

AV Blonk Vogelkwartet Come To Catch Your Voice

Bodean, Tom
Tom Bodean Trio Live At The Yucca Lounge
CD with 10 tracks with T.Bodean, J.Spike, M.McKenna and special guests S.Hirsch, B.Jordan, M.Jaramillo and M.Gonzales, Albuquerque 2003
EUR 22,50
AV Bodean Tom Bodean Trio Live At The Yucca Lounge.jpg
AV Bodean Tom Bodean Trio Live At The Yucca Lounge 

Böhmler, Claus Der Maler P. Par Claude Boehmler a colouring booklet with outlines suggesting Picasso paintings and a text by Susanne Weiss, with fluorescent colour pencils, and a CD, numbered, signed, Berlin 1999 see also

Böhmler, Claus

Klangundkrach (1996)

LP, side 1: Klangundkrach part 1, 12.45 min. side 2: Klangundkrach part 2, 19.20 min.

EUR 33.-

AV Bohmler Klangundkrach.JPG
AV Bohmler Klangundkrach

Böhmler, Claus
Live At The Lightbulb
CD, the radio tape concert of Friday, Sept.11th 1981, (Köln) 2003
EUR 12,50
AV Bohmler Live At The Lightbulb.JPG
AV Bohmler Live At The Lightbulb

Bongo Music

music tape by Lucky Dragon 2013, is an expansion of experiments designed by cognitive psychologist Diana Deutscel in which syllables repeated across alternating audio channels can be perceived as words and phrases arbitrarily joined together, ed/50,

EUR 14.-

AV Bongo Music.JPG
AV Bongo Music

Boyle Family
London Sound Study
CD with 79 tracks of one minute each of the sounds recorded at randomly selected sites in London, numbered of 500, signed “Boyle Family”, 2003
EUR 75.-
        Family London Sound Study
AV Boyle Family London Sound Study


Dworr Buun

Braaxtaal consists of Jaap Blonk (vocals, electronics), Rob Daenen (sampler), and Theo Bodewes (drums, sampler), 10 titled tracks of experimental music, accompanied by a booklet with the lyrics (in the made up language ‘Onderlands’, which sounds somewhat like Dutch but is unintelligible), n.p. 2001

EUR 12,50

 AV Braaxtaal Dworr Buun.jpg

AV Braaxtaal Dworr Buun



Braaxtaal consists of Jaap Blonk (vocals), Rob Daenen (synthesizer), and Theo Bodewes (drums, percussion, electronic drums), 11 titled tracks of experimental music with a total running time of 63'01", n.p. 1997

EUR 12,50

AV Braaxtaal Speechlos.jpg
AV Braaxtaal Speechlos