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illustrated sales catalogue for t-shirts from Sweden, stapled, 20 not numbered pages, 24 x 17 cm, Tokyo 2006
EUR 14.-

Tabarini, Claude

Le Garnement Qui Aimait La Cuisine Rapide

text in French, soft cover, 32 not numbered pages, 10 x 18 cm,

EUR 20,00
Tabarini Le Garnement Qui Aimait La Cuisine
Tabarini Le Garnement Qui Aimait La Cuisine Rapide

Tabarini, Claude

Le Pécheur De Haridelles

text in French, soft cover, 141 pages, 20 x 13,5 cm,

EUR 35,00
Tabarini Le Pecheur De Haridelles.jpg
Tabarini Le Pecheur De Haridelles


published on the occasion of an exhibition with the same title and table as a theme, with many participants, soft cover, 26 x 21 cm, 94 pages, Melbourne 2016

EUR 23.-



photocopied periodical with images and Dutch texts, 18 contributions, stapled, 52 not numbered pages, 21 x 15 cm, (Amsterdam 2004)

EUR 0,49
Tablet 1

Talking Back To The Media

art magazine November 1985, English/Dutch texts

EUR 50,00
Talking Back To The Media

Tallie, Mariahadessa Ekere
Permanent Rain
a booklet of poems and prose
EUR 8.-
Tallie Permanent
Tallie Permanent Rain

Tal R see also
AUDIO/VIDEO A Ship Is Not An Island  Et Skip Er Ikke Et Ö

Tamaru, Emi

Pataphysica Nostalgia

“…a publication issued by a pseudo-institute of narcissistic pseudo-natural sciences/histories and sincere personal histories.”, stapled, 25,5 x 18,5 cm, 36 not numbered pages, ed/50 Osaka 2013

EUR 12,00
Tamaru Pataphysica Nostalgia.jpg
Tamaru Pataphysica Nostalgia

Tang, Nini

Hugsad Um Tréhest

drawings of riding the hobby-horse, Akureyri 1986

EUR 17,50
Tang Hugsad Um Trehest.jpg
Tang Hugsad Um Trehest

Tarasque 11&12
edited by Stuart Mills and Simon Cutts, Nottingham (late 60ties, early 70ties)
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Tarasque 11
Tarasque 11 and 12

Taylor, Mike

On Consequence

monochrome, screen printed portraits, stapled, 15 x 11 cm, 16 not numbered pages, numbered/125, Berlin 2014

EUR 6,50
Taylor, Mike.jpg
Taylor (Mike) On Consequence

Taylor, Susan

3 + 1 Poems

four loose cards in an envelope, 18,5 x 14 cm,

EUR 9.-
Taylor 3 + 1 Poems.jpg
Taylor (Susan) 3 plus 1 Poems

Taylor, Susan

Habitual Lassitude

no cover but tied together with a ribbon, 21 x 15 cm, 54 not numbered pages, 2011,

EUR 18.-
Taylor Habitual Lassitude.jpg
Taylor (Susan) Habitual Lassitude

Taylor, Susan

Humbugs’ Poppycocks

soft cover, 14,5 x 10,5 cm, 38 not numbered pages,

EUR 18.-
Taylor Humbugs Poppycocks.jpg
Taylor (Susan) Humbugs Poppycocks

Tedja, Michael

Het 1 Eurogedicht

subtitel: Culturele diversiteit en de hulpbehoevendheid (van de Instituten), een essayistisch pamflet, maar meer nog een zelfstandig gedicht geschreven door een schilder ..., soft cover, 48 pages, 21,5 x 13,5 cm, Amsterdam 2010

EUR 1,00
Tedja Het 1 Eurogedicht.jpg
Tedja Het 1 Eurogedicht

Teenage Nigiri Vol.1

by Carlos Gonzales, Michael Donahue, Dennis Tyfus and Johann Kauth, soft cover, 23 x 15 cm, 70 not numbered pages, 2015

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Teenage Nigiri Vol.1.jpg
Teenage Nigiri Vol.1

Tegen De Tijd In Draaien

publicatie van Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam, folder, 22 x 15,5 cm, with information folders about the workshop in Amsterdam and the history of the printing press,


EUR 15.-
Tegen De Tijd Indraaien.jpg
Tegen De Tijd In Draaien

Tekinoktay, Evren
New Embrace Mrs Dead And Mrs Free
vol.2., b/w photocopied picture book of collaged photographs and drawings, stapled, 48 not numbered pages, 30 x 21 cm, ed/200, Copenhagen 2004
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Tekinoktay New

Tekinoktay New Embrace Mrs Dead And Mrs Free

Telefonzeichnungen Telephonedrawings
by Dieter Roth + Franz Eggenschwiler + Alfonso Hüppi + texts by K.Fischer, H.v/d Grinten, P.Killer, L.Romain, M.Schmalriede, M.Schwarz, H.C.v. Tavel, 4 volumes in slip case, ed/1000, Stuttgart London 1980
EUR 140.-
        1.JPG  Telefonzeichnungen
        2.JPG  Telefonzeichnungen 3.JPG  Telefonzeichnungen 4.JPG
Telefonzeichnungen Telephonedrawings

Tendencias Do Livro De Artista No Brasil: 30 Anos Depois

a catalogue on the occasion of an exhibition, containing a list of the exhibited books and a text by the exhibition curators Paulo de Silveira and Amir Brito Cador, text in Portuguese, stapled, 16 numbered pages, Sao Paulo 2015

EUR 12.-

Tendencias Do Livro De Artista No Brasil 30 Anos
Tendencias Do Livro De Artista No Brasil 30 Anos Depois

Terauchi, Yoko
Paper & Wire & Lead
on the occasion of an exhibition, London Manchester 1986
EUR 9.-
Terauchi Paper Wire
Terauchi Paper and Wire and Lead

Terburg, Aimée
54 colour photographs of backsides of trucks, soft cover, 112 not numbered pages, 27,5 x 22 cm, ed/1000, Groningen 2007
EUR 29,00
Terburg Camions
Terburg Camions

Terfloth, Beate
(without title)
colourful images printed around the folded foredge of the pages, numbered/230 or a.p., signed, (Goch)
EUR 103.-
Terfloth Without Title.JPG
Terfloth without title

Terrill, Mark
Sending Off The Godhead In The City Of Light
5 brief pieces of dense prose, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, ed/90, Burg 2006
EUR 10,00
Terril Sending Off The Godhead
Terrill Sending Off The Godhead In The City Of Light

Teske, Anja


photographs of Stefan who also is Juwelia, quotes from conversations and a text by him plus another text by Wolfgang Müller, refreshingly little graphic design helps to make the seemingly unreal subject look quite every-dayish, hard cover, 126 pages, 24,5 x 17,5 cm, Berlin 2012

EUR 26,50
Teske Zuckerpuppe
Teske Zuckerpuppe

Text Sound Image-Small Press Festival-1976

edited by Guy Schraenen, with statements by Chopin, Kostelanetz, Carrión, on the occasion of an exhibition, Antwerpen 1976/77

EUR 180.-
Text Sound Image-Small Press Festival-1976

Text  Pathos Der Moderne

texts by Warhol, Malevich, Picabia, Nay, Nothelfer, Sonntag, Caroll, Burgin, Hallman, Twombly, Svenungsson, de Chirico, Dumas, Eluard, German and partly French, soft cover, 29,5 x 21 cm, 109 pages, Berlin 2009

EUR 8,00
Texte Pathos Der Moderne.jpg
Text  Pathos Der Moderne

Thar, Mitchell


photographs of a work process and a text by Andrew Christopher Green in English and Dutch proposing “a method by which the meaning of a work of art can be generated out of an exchange between production and deferral, between single and the multiple, between intuition and standardized process”, soft cover, 17 x 10,5 cm, 126 not numbered pages, n.d. n.p.

EUR 23.-

Thar UNTITLED A2.jpg