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Rabascall, Joan

Produktion 1964-1982

on the occasion of an exhibition, texts regarding the practice of the artist by the artist (from 1973) and more recently written ones by Anne Thurmann-Jajes, Alexandre Cirici, Bartomeu Marí, plus several reproduced works, German/Spanish, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 66 pages, Bremen 2009

EUR 7,00
Rabascall Produktion 1964-1982.JPG
Rabascall Produktion 1964-1982

Rabinovich, Ilya


a photographic research project”: Moldavia’s national musea in pictures (and text), hard cover, dust jacket, 24,5 x 18 cm, 1894 pages, signed, ed/25 with an added photography, Amsterdam 2012

EUR 60.-

Rabinovich Museotopia SE

Radelfinger, Peter
Theorie Der Falten In Einem Kopfkissen
poems, ed/100, Zürich 2001
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        Theorie Der Falten In Einem Kopfkissen.JPG
Radelfinger Theorie Der Falten In Einem Kopfkissen

Rademaker, Joris

Ađkomumađur  An Alien

on the occasion of an exhibition, besides samples of works there are 2 Icelandic texts about the artist and his work by Hannes Sigurđsson and Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir (one text is rendered too in an English translation), plus an interview with J.R., soft cover, 84 pages, 19,5 x 20, 5 cm, Akureyri 2010

EUR 19,50
Rademaker Adkomumadur An Alien.jpg
Rademaker Adkomumadur An Alien

Radiofonisch Festival Van De Nieuwe Muziek
booklet for a radio program conceived and realized by Guy Schraenen, Antwerpen 1987
EUR 18.-
        Festival Van De Nieuwe Muziek.JPG
Radiofonisch Festival Van De Nieuwe Muziek

Raeder, Manuel

A La Cach Cachi Porra

“An Agenda for 2009, which is exploring the possibilities of being a time storage device in a book format”, “Limited edition, each copy has a different color scale iris print”, text in English, soft cover, 23,5 x 18,5 cm, n.p. 2009

EUR 25,00

Raeder A La Cach Cachi Porra.jpg
Raeder A La Cach Cachi Porra

Raeder, Manuel

Agenda 2011 Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite

agenda, reddish soft cover, 16 x 14 cm, 128 not numbered pages, 2011

EUR 21,00
Raeder Agenda 2011.jpg
Raeder Agenda 2011 Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite

Raeder, Manuel
Brand New Second Hand  Agenda 2005
12 used agendas of, I assume, friends of the author, reproduced and at the same time recycled (i.e. the pages made blank again), soft cover, 138 not numbered pages, 22 x 16,5 cm, Frankfurt 2004
EUR 21.-
Raeder Brand New
        Second Hand.JPG
Raeder Brand New Second Hand  Agenda 2005

Raetz, Markus


soft cover, 23 x 16 cm, 362 pages,

EUR 35,00
Raetz Blickwechsel.JPG
Raetz Blickwechsel

Ragged Edge Press The Irreverant Rubber Stamp Catalog No2
illustrated order catalogue, (New York 1997)
EUR 5,50
Ragged Edge
Ragged Edge Press The Irreverant Rubber Stamp Catalog No2

Ragnarsdóttir, Gudrún Hrönn


FOLDER with 5 folded loose sheets with explanations of the words snow, hair, roof, thin and stroke given on the author’s request by I.Ö.Arnarsson, N.Tang, O.Grim and M.Oliveras in drawings and other words, contrasted by brief dictionary excerpts with the “official” explanations of these words, numbered/100, signed, Maastricht 1982

EUR 21.-

Ragnarsdottir Explanations.jpg
Ragnarsdottir Explanations

Ragnarsdóttir, Gudrún Hrönn
Conversation Drawings
numbered/100, signed, (Maastricht) 1981
EUR 28.-
Ragnarsdottir Conversation Drawings.jpg
Ragnarsdottir Conversation Drawings

Ragnarsdóttir, Gudrún Hrönn
Gudrún Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir
on the occasion of an exhibition, Amsterdam 1992
EUR 8.-
        Gudrun Hronn Ragnarsdottir.JPG
Ragnarsdottir Gudrun Hronn Ragnarsdottir

Ragnarsdóttir, Gudrún Hrönn
photographs of a fluttering bird, numbered/100, signed, Maastricht 1980
EUR 21.-
Ragnarsdottir Moments

Ragnarsdóttir, Gudrún Hrönn see also
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Ragnarsson, Ingvar Högni
Ţess Á Milli
colour photographs of a derelict corner of the world, hard cover, 21,5 x 15 cm, 40 not numbered pages,numbered/300, (Reykjavík) 2008
EUR 20,00
Ragnarsson Thess A Milli
Ragnarsson Thess A Milli

Rainer, Arnulf


ed/500, Köln 1989

EUR 16.-

Rainer Frauen.jpg
Rainer Frauen

Rainer, Arnulf
Reste 1954-78 Remnants 1954-78
catalogue, painted-over overpaintings, with a text in German + Engl. by A.R., ed/1000, Stuttgart London 1978
EUR 36.-
Rainer Reste
Rainer Reste 1954-78 Remnants 1954-78

Rainer, Arnulf
Zoologische Studien
with German text by A.Pohribny and 29 reproduced works, ed/600, Berlin Köln 1985
EUR 16,00
Rainer Zoologische Studien
Rainer Zoologische Studien

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Ramsey, Luke

Picasso On Psilocybin

monochrome, screen printed drawings inspired by Picasso, stapled, 15 x 11 cm, 16 not numbered pages, numbered/125, Berlin 2017

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Ramsey Picasso On Psilocybin.jpg
Ramsey Picasso On Psilocybin

Randlöv, Carina
Ars Semilonga
paperworks and other arranged piece goods, with 2 thoughtful texts (both Danish/English) by Alice Goudsmit and Boris Boll-Johansen, soft cover, 48 not numbered pages, 13 x 17 cm, (Copenhagen) 2007
EUR 11,50
Randlöv Ars Semilonga
Randlov Ars Semilonga

Rapa, Erica

Ham & Curry

the writing is partly referring to the collection of narrative video works by the artist,

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Rapa Ham And Curry

Rapa, Erica

Yard Sale

as a yard sale brings together the most arbitrary items the text bits in this little book are hardly connected but one reads quite specific words describing observations from the substantial as well as from the realm of notion, every other page shows neat b/w line drawings, soft cover, 12,5 x 12,5 cm, 94 not numbered pages, n.p. 2005

EUR 18.-
Rapa Yard Sale
Rapa Yard Sale

Raponi, Martina

The Streets Belong To The People

words from people of the streets – fearlessly collected and edited by nomis nod, “this collection is the result of an intense session of meetings and discussions which took place dec. 12th and 13th 2014 at the workcentre232 and in the Heesterveld creative community”, miscellaneous materials collected and presented in a single zine, covers in different colours, stapled zine, 21 x 15 cm, 40 not numbered pages, Amsterdam

EUR 5.-

Raponi The Street Belong To The People.jpg
Raponi The Street Belong To The People

Rashied-Walker, Rashanna

Ways To Commune With Nature

soft cover, 20,5 x 15 cm, 120 not numbered pages, ed. 100 copies,

EUR 26.-
Rashied-Walker Ways To Communica.JPG
Rashied-Walker Ways To Commune With Nature

Rasmussen, Jesper
Landskab & Flyver
catalogue of installations with photographs and Danish/English texts, Köbenhavn 1999
EUR 32,50
Rasmussen Landskab & Flyver.jpg
Rasmussen Landskab Og Flyver

Ratiobrief 1-3
Ratiobrief 1: by Dieter Roth + Arnulf Rainer, a funny form, 3 stapled sheets Din A4, Wien,
Ratiobrief 2: by Dieter Roth + Arnulf Rainer, a more elaborate, funny form, 5 stapled sheets Din A4, Wien Hellnar Mosfellssveit Hamburg Stuttgart Diessen Braunschweig Zug,
Ratiobrief 3: by Dieter Roth + Arnulf Rainer, an even more elaborate, even more funny form, 23 stapled sheets Din A4, Wien Braunschweig Diessen Hamburg Hellnar Mosfellssveit Stuttgart Vornbach Köln Zug Reykjavík
EUR 160,00
Ratiobrief 1 Ratiobrief 2 Ratiobrief 3
Ratiobrief 1-3

Rautenbach, Otfried
Zeichnungen 1963-71
catalogue of 228 drawings edited by Rainer Pretzell and Barbara Wien, 24 x 17 cm, 242 pages, Berlin 1983
EUR 28,00
Rautenbach Zeichnungen 1963-71.jpg
Rautenbach Zeichnungen 1963-71

Rautenbach, Otfried
Zeichnungen Für Lotte Band 1 + 2
2 volumes in slip case, ed/1000, Berlin 1989
EUR 42.-
          Zeichnungen fur Lotte Band 1 & 2.jpg
Rautenbach Zeichnungen Fur Lotte Band 1 Und 2

Ray, Jean
“A manuscript stolen from a monastery; the ancient stone house of a sea-trading dynasty, which may be haunted. These are familiar ingredients for a Gothic novel. But something far more strange and disconcerting is taking place within the walls of Malpertuis as the relatives gather for the impending death of Uncle Cassave. The techniques of H.P. Lovecraft, when transplanted into the suffocating Catholic context of a Belgium scarred by the inquisition, produce in Jean Ray’s masterpiece a story of monumental intensity from which events of brilliant ferocity break the surface without ever lessening the suspense as we are carried towards the tale’s apocalyptic denouement. Terrifying, all-absorbing; this novel is one of the most celebrated examples of the modern gothic genre in Europe and should have been available in English years ago”, translated from the French and introduced by Iain White, text in English, soft cover, 172 pages, 19 x 17 cm, Atlas Anti-Classics 5, London 1998
EUR 20.-
Ray Malpertuis.jpg
Ray Malpertuis

Rayck, Diego


six loose sheets with text in Portuguese in a folded transparent paper, 20 x 15,5 cm,

EUR 10.-
Rayck Sotao.JPG
Rayck Sotao

the readings during the small publishers fair held at Conway Hall, London, fall 2004, by the poets Alec Finlay, Les Coleman, Kyle Schlesinger, Geraldine Monk, Alan Halsey, Harry Gilonis, Simon Cutts, Steve Clay, with a foreword by Stuart Mills, and with a DVD with some of those readings plus readings by John Gibbens, Tim Akins, Rob Holloway, soft cover, 48 pages, 21 x 14,5 cm, Cromford 2005
EUR 10.-
Readings (SPF)

Real Fiction  An Inquiry Into The Bookeresque

an offset printed picture and a text-as-picture sequence by Telfer Stokes + Helen Douglas, possibly describable as reading a book in a book, soft cover, 140 not numbered pages, 19 x 13,5 cm, Rochester 1987

EUR 24.-
Real Fiction An Inquiry Into The Bookeresque.jpg
Real Fiction  An Inquiry Into The Bookeresque

Real Time  Wind In My Garden Uncontrolled
on the occasion of 3 exhibitions with as subject artistic cooperation by E.Koronczi, F.Jacobi, Hajnal Németh, P.Land, A.Csörgö, A.Lakner, L.Buchardt, J.Fabricius, texts in English, Danish and Hungarian, richly illustrated, Copenhagen 2001
EUR 13,50
Real Time Wind In My
      Garden Uncontrolled.JPG
Real Time  Wind In My Garden Uncontrolled

Rebeld, Natália

Hidden Names

pedagogical puzzle in the form of a letter scramble where one is supposed to find the names of the G8 leares and their astrological signs, office fastener, 30 x 21 cm, 18 not numbered pages, ed/14, Amsterdam 2015

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Rebeld Hidden Names

Rebeld Hidden Names

Reed, Jim

Real Live Germans

a deck of 41 cards in a box, 10 x 6,5 cm, with photos taken by the author and edited text bits in English taken from the book “Faces And Phases Of German Live” by Theophilus Liefeld from 1910, numbered/100, 2012

EUR 29.-