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Paccard, Gael Odilon


published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Rear View, Borders of photography’ at De Overkant, colour printed loose sheets folded like a magazine, with photographs of landscapes viewed through mirrors, 33 x 22 cm (folded), 24 not numbered pages, signed and numbered/150, Amsterdam 2011

EUR 28.-

Paccard Leftovers.JPG
Paccard Leftovers

Padín, Clemente

Word, Action And Risk

stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 47 pages

EUR 6,50
Padin Word, Action and Risk.JPG
Padin Word, Action and Risk

Pagalies, Nina

Animal Archiv I

screen printed line drawings of imagined animals with invented names from A to J, sewn, 24 not numbered pages, 20 x 13,5 cm, 1st ed/250, Berlin 2008

EUR 23.-

Pagalies Animal Archive I.jpg
Pagalies Animal Archive I

Pagalies, Nina

Animal Archiv II

screen printed line drawings of imagined animals with invented names from K to P, sewn, 24 not numbered pages, 20 x 13,5 cm, 1st ed/250, Berlin 2008

EUR 23.-

Pagalies Animal Archive II.jpg
Pagalies Animal Archive II

Pagalies, Nina

Animal Archiv III

screen printed line drawings of imagined animals with invented names from Q to Z, sewn, 24 not numbered pages, 20 x 13,5 cm, 1st ed/250, Berlin 2008

EUR 23.-

Pagalies Animal Archive III.jpg
Pagalies Animal Archive III

Pagalies, Nina

Eine Handvoll Haiku

5 printed loose sheets in an colour printed sleeve then all in a folder, 29 x 21 cm, ed/50, Berlin 2002

EUR 60,00
Pagalies Eine Handvoll Haiku.JPG
Pagalies Eine Handvoll Haiku

produced by Boekie Woekie:
Page, Robin
Bluebeard  Junior Fluxus Happenings And Events For Kids
irony? revenge? at least very amusing to read and now available again in form of a reprint by Boekie Woekie of the first edition of the Edition Hundertmark booklet from 1995, stapled, 16 pages, 21 x 14,5 cm, Amsterdam 2010
EUR 14,00
Page Bluebeard Junior Fluxus Happenings And Events
              For Kids
Page Bluebeard  Junior Fluxus Happenings And Events For Kids

Pagni, Gianpaolo

Senza Pensare

35 reproductions of images and a one page text by Christian Tangre, hard cover, 40 not numbered pages, 15 x 11 cm, Nr.72 of the series “C’est mon dada”, Dugort 2012

EUR 18.-
Pagni Sensa Pensare.jpg
Pagni Senza Pensare

Paik, Nam June

“There Is No Rewind Button For Life”

published on the occasion of the Paik Night in Akademie Der Kunste Berlin 29.1.2007, stapled, 28 x 21,5 cm, 16 pages, text in German

EUR 10.-

Paik There Is No Rewind Button For Life

Paik “There Is No Rewind Button For Life”

Pails Of Weather
a text by Simon Cutts with drawings by Stuart Mills, (Nottingham) London 1971
EUR 18.-
Pails Of Weather.jpg
Pails Of Weather

Painter, Luke

Bauble Bauble

wonderful drawings printed with four-colour risograph that focus more and less on architecture, patterns, textile, flora and sculptures, calm drawings in a soothing colour palette that have a mystical or even supernatural sense around them but in a mellow, still way, ‘Through the act of drawings, I look for formal, historical and tangential connections between images as a method to highlight and rework them for the purpose of reflection. I don’t see my drawings as part of a traditional series. Works can connect to each other but they are one-off pieces that have distinct themes, concepts and associations in them.’ stapled, 23 x 16,5 cm, 28 not numbered pages, ed/330, Toronto 2018

EUR 19,50

Painter Bauble Bauble
Painter Bauble Bauble

Pal Skills

the 2nd edition of A Recent Writing 2, special ed/41, editorial team Liz Allan, Yin Yin Wong and Micha Zweifel, stapled, 30 x 21 cm, 36 not numbered pages, Rotterdam 2016

EUR 9,50

Pal Skills.jpg
Pal Skills


2 books (29,5 x 21 cm) in a cloth covered hard box (31,5 x 22,5 x 3 cm), the one book containing the translation (done with an online translation program from English to Arabic and back to English) of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 from Nov. 29th 1947 and the other book the translation of the same resolution from English into Hebrew and again back to English: two similar documents reading quite differently, soft cover, 22 pages, numbered/100, Amsterdam n.d.

EUR 34,00

Palasrael box.jpg Palasrael books.jpg

Pallasseum Portraits

a catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition by Norman Behrendt, Ole Jenssen, Carolin Meyer, Tobias Morawski and Szilvia Sztankovits, features photographs of inhabitants of the Pallasseum building complex in Berlin, with an introductory text in German by Daniel Klemm, stapled, 25 x 18 cm, 32 pages, n.p. 2012

EUR 12.-

Pallasseum Portraits

Palme, Thomas


the poems edited and illustrated by Andy Lim, hard cover, 10,5 x 13 cm, 96 pages, ed/500, Köln 2005

check the shopping cart section of for the availability of this item 
Palme Liebesgedichte.jpg
Palme Liebesgedichte

Palme, Thomas

The Brick’s Appendix

Works on paper 2003-2004, reproduced works and photographs accompanied by texts in French and German by Frédéric Collier (French), Mordechai Aroch-Cohen (German), and Catherine Somzé (French), concept and design by Andy Lim, hard cover, cloth bound, 11 x 15,5 cm, 64 not numbered pages, Köln 2005

EUR 17.-

Palme The Bricks Appendix.jpg
Palme The Bricks Appendix

Palme, Thomas

Yoga Der Inneren Synthese

Hier und Jetzt, Teil I, 5 texts about yoga interspersed with a series of yoga poses, with illustratory photographs and notes, text in German, concept and design by Andy Lim, hard cover, cloth bound, 14 x 22 cm, 80 pages, Köln 2006

EUR 31.-
Palme Yoga Der Inneren Synthese.jpg
Palme Yoga Der Inneren Synthese

Paloma, Kottie

Mystery Spot

“Mystery Spot is the story of two people and their beers, meeting at an art show”, comic picture story in which both people and their beer cans have conversations, a QR code on the back cover grants access to a downloadable soundtrack, screen printed, text in English, soft cover, 22 x 16 cm, 16 not numbered pages, signed and numbered/125, Berlin 2012

EUR 28.-

Paloma Mystery Spot.JPG
Paloma Mystery Spot

Pálsson, Magnús


a sequence of b/w photographs shows a statue of a dog undergoing a transformation, soft cover, 16 x 12 cm, 40 not numbered pages, numbered/500, Stuttgart London Reyk­javík 1973

EUR 25.-

Palsson The Skinned Rabbitt
Palsson Dogbook

Pálsson, Magnús
talad korverk, numbered/40, signed, Amsterdam 1996
EUR 34,50
Palsson Freyskatla book.jpg
Palsson Freyskatla book

Pálsson, Magnús


book and AUDIO TAPE, Amsterdam 1996 (AUDIO TAPE signed 1993)

EUR 65.-
Palsson Freyskatla book  Palsson Freyskatla tape
Palsson Freyskatla book and tape

Pálsson, Magnús
Magnús Pálsson
on the occasion of an exhibition, Reykjavík Rolfstorp 1994
EUR 34,50
Palsson Magnus
Palsson Magnus Palsson

published by Boekie Woekie:
Pálsson, Magnús
The Skinned Rabbit And Other Dreams
dreams told to M.P. by 25 people, soft cover, dust jacket, 52 pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, contains a CD with a recording of almost 41 minutes of the dreams read and mixed with different bits of  “dreamy” music, sound processing: Steinþór Birgisson and Rod Summers, cover image for CD and book by Rod Summers, ed/250, Amsterdam 2005
EUR 28,00
Pálsson The Skinned Rabbit
Palsson The Skinned Rabbit

Pálsson, Magnús see also
BOOKS/M Mob Shop Dummy
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Panel (issue 1)

edited by Elisabeth Greinecker and Julian Turner with image/text contributions by Kamilla Bischof, Thao Le Dinh, E.G., Michael Kral, Michèle Pagel, David Peschka, Florian Pfaffenberger, Ania Shestakova, J.T., Dario Wokurka, Astrid K. Wagner, Marcin Zarzeka, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 24 not numbered pages, numbered/100, Wien 2011

EUR 9,50

Panel issue 1.JPG
Panel Issue 1

Panel Issue 2