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Six Poems

soft cover, 26 not numbered pages, 14 x 20 cm, Maastricht 2003

EUR 12.-
O'Brien Six Poems.jpg
O Brien Six Poems

O’Hara, Larry (by “Larry O’Hara” & Friends)

Anamorphosis  Stewart Home, Searchlight And The Plot To Destroy Civilisation

not easy to say which names are not fictitious in this written matter which should be read against a Neoist background, stapled, 48 pages, 21 x 15 cm, 2000

EUR 12.-

O Hara and Friends Anamorphosis Stewart Home, Searchlight
      And The Plot To Destroy Civilisation.jpg
O Hara and Friends Anamorphosis  Stewart Home, Searchlight And The Plot To Destroy Civilisation

O'Neill, Timothy
Sea Angels
27 reproduced b/w photographs of stones piled up along a stretch of Irish seashore: "angles", the pictures were taken by R.Kavanagh in time before the winds would topple the erections, soft cover, 60 not numbered pages, 16 x 21 cm, Dublin 2002
EUR 20.-
O Neill Sea Angels.JPG
O Neill Sea Angels

Oates, Leah
The Paradura Series
catalogue of colour photographs with brief explanatory texts, stapled, 16 not numbered pages, 14 x 21,5 cm, 2005
EUR 10,00
Oates The Paradura Series
Oates The Paradura Series

Oates, Leah
quotations from a wide variety of sources on masculinity printed on semi transparent, folded paper serving as sleeves for cards showing photographs, spiral bound, 24 not numbered pages, 14 x 20 cm, Chicago
EUR 12,00
Oates Transgression
Oates Transgression

Obenauf Und Ungebrochen  Künstlerpublikationen Aus Der DDR

stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 99 pages

EUR 6,50
Obenauf und Ungebroken .JPG
Obenauf Und Ungebrochen  Kunstlerpublikationen Aus Der DDR

Obispo, Jaysha

She Who Takes Fear From The Trees

“a photographic poem” it seems it has a lot to do with memory featuring many dictionary definitions of certain words and a series of photographs of a hand holding a small passport photo with a young girl in it (possibly the artist herself?) shot on different locations (that is; with different ‘backdrops’), hard cover, 24,5 x 19 cm, 92 not numbered pages, ed/500, Amsterdam 2013

EUR 38.-
Obispo She Who Takes Fear From T
Obispo She Who Takes Fear From The Trees

Occiput 4 Reveurs

photos found and collected between Berlin and Brussel by Bill Noir, soft cover, 19 x 14 cm, 62 not numbered pages, ed/150, 2013

EUR 18,50
Occiput 4 Reveurs.JPG
Occiput 4 Reveurs

Oceanus Procellarum
by a group of artist’s that each year go on a trip, hitch-hiking through Europe, map-less and a plan-less, looking for a bed, some friends and a wall or two to paint, this book shows the 2009 journey, soft cover, 24 x 18 cm, 60 not numbered pages, 2010

EUR 12,00
Oceanus Procellarum.JPG
Oceanus Procellarum

Oddur Roth Jonsson & Roth

soft cover, 21 x 15 cm, 322 not numbered pages,

EUR 80.-
Oddur Roth Jonsson & Roth.jpg
Oddur Roth Jonsson And Roth

Oey Tjeng Sit

2 x 2 = 5

a catalogue of reproduced works, photographs, correspondence, and other texts on the occasion of an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, with contributions by Duco van Weerlee, Doris Wintgens, Hendrik Saboteur, text in Dutch, soft cover, 21 x 15 cm, 32 not numbered pages, Leiden 1980

EUR 16.-
Oey 2 x 2 = 5
Oey Tjeng Sit 2 x 2 is 5

Oey Tjeng Sit
Amsterdam 1984
EUR 10.-
Oey 67.jpg
Oey Tjeng Sit 67

co-published by Vossforlag:
Oey Tjeng Sit
Als Een Krant
a Dutch text written with a brush by a Chinese pharmacist of Indonesian descent pondering the fact that Dutch is not his mother tongue, soft cover, 22 not numbered pages, 15 x 21 cm, Amsterdam 1986
EUR 15,00
Oey Als Een Krant
Oey Tjeng Sit Als Een Krant

Oey Tjeng Sit

Men Zou Vaker Schoenen Moeten Passen
23 reproduced lino cuts and a short thoughtful (Dutch) text, soft cover, 56 not numbered pages, 21 x 15 cm, Amsterdam 1982
EUR 15.-
Oey Tjeng Sit Men Zou Vaker Schoenen Moeten Passen.jpg
Oey Tjeng Sit Men Zou Vaker Schoenen Moeten Passen

Oey Tjeng Sit
Over Het Slaan Van Munten
tekst en prenten, a not quite absurd conversation accompanied by drawings of which the 3 dimensionality is not quite right and which first become partly visible through narrow windows cut out of some of the pages, soft cover, 56 pages, Amsterdam
EUR 16,50
Oey Over Het Slaan Van Munten
Oey Tjeng Sit Over Het Slaan Van Munten

Oey Tjeng Sit
(without title)
trickily torn telephone book section in transparent plastic envelope, numbered/40, signed
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Oey trickily torn telephone book.jpg
Oey Tjeng Sit without title

Oey Tjeng Sit see also
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Of Colour In Craft
an aspect of contemporary Irish craft work selected by Brian Kennedy, with a text by M.Mays and many colour photographs, Kilkenny Clonmel (2002)
EUR 14,50
Of Colour In Craft.JPG
Of Colour In Craft

Offringa, Gerrit
Gerrit Offringa
on the occasion of an exhibition, 2 vol., text G.Tňth-van Rooij, Drachten 1997
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Offringa Gerrit Offringa I.JPG Offringa Gerrit Offringa II.JPG
Offringa Gerrit Offringa

Ohne Kommentar
on the occasion of an exhibition of catalogues, posters and exhibition-invitations by artists (and not galleries or musea) with a text by Guy Schraenen, Bremen 1997
EUR 14,50
Ohne Kommentar
Ohne Kommentar

Öhrling Dersén, Anne

Body Control

a story told with drawings and words, a woman goes to the beach and muses on the commodification of the human body and the (im)possibility of truly being the owner of one’s own body, with a loose insert, pink cover with spiderweb designs, stapled zine, 21 x 15 cm, 22 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 2015

EUR 5.-
Ohrling Dersen Body Control.jpg
Ohrling Dersen Body Control

Öhrling Dersén, Anne

Time Flies Like An Arrow

collected and collaged images somehow to do with technology and computers, stapled zine, 21 x 15 cm, 28 not numbered pages, Amsterdam n.d.

EUR 5.-

Ohrling Dersen Time Flies Like An Arrow.jpg
Ohrling Dersen Time Flies Like An Arrow

Okuyama, Miyuki

Land Of The Setting Sun

black and white photographs of Japanese houses and landscapes as amorphous structures, stapled, 29,5 x 21 cm, 56 not numbered uncut pages, ed/30, signed, 2015

EUR 21.-

Okuyama Land Of
          The Sitting Sun.jpg
Okuyama Land Of The Setting Sun

Ólafsdóttir, Ásta

Leikiđ Á Tímann  Playing On Time

a richly illustrated catalogue of the art works accompanied by the artist’s words, soft cover, 26,5 x 21 cm, 126 pages, text in English and Icelandic, Reykjavík 2016

EUR 59.-
Olafsdottir Leikid A Timann Playing On Time.jpg
Olafsdottir Leikid A Timann Playing On Time

Oldenburg, Claes

Claes Oldenburg’s Store Days

dovuments from The Store (1961 and Ray Gun Theater (1962), selected by C.O and Emmett Williams, photographs by Robert R.McElroy, hard cover, 152 pages, 28,5 x 22 cm, includes a pristine example of the original business card for "The Store" (at 107 E. 2nd St.), which is inserted into its glassine pocket pasted-on to the front free endpaper, New York Villefranche-sur-mer Frankfurt am Main 1967

EUR 135,00

Oldenburg Claes
          Oldenburgs Store Days.jpg
Oldenburg Claes Oldenburgs Store Days

Öll Fallegu Ordin  Alle Schönen Worte  Frostfidrildin  Frostschmetterlinge

poems in Icelandic and German by Linda Vilhjálmsdóttir, translated into German by Tina Flecken, watercolour images by Bernd Koberling, hard cover with dust jacket, 30,5 x 22 cm, 208 pages, Münster 2011

EUR 45.-
Linda Vilhjalmsdottir.JPG
Oll Fallegu Ordin  Alle Schonen Worte  Frostfidrildin  Frostschmetterlinge

Olofsen, Erik

Arrangements (spelled in a quite disarranged way)

photographs of the artist’s three-dimensional work, texts by Bianca Visser and Aaron Schuster in English and 2 other languages, soft cover, 24 x 19 cm, 68 not numbered pages, Bilbao 2008

EUR 14,50

Olofsen Arrangements.JPG
Olofsen Arrangements

Omtrent 15 Postkaarten”

catalogue of an exhibition of postcards on March the 14th, 1974 by Eduard Bal, Lourdes Castro, Henri Chopin, Degottex, Bernard Heidsieck and Francoise Janicot, 14.3.1974, stapled, 33 x 23,5 cm, 8 not numbered pages, text in Flemish,

EUR 35.-
Omtrent 15 Poatkaarten .JPG
Omtrent 15 Postkaarten

On Both Sides

drawings by Els ter Horst and text by Sam Taylor, reads from both sides, hard cover, 40 not numbered pages, 24 x 20 cm, numbered/25, signed, Amsterdam 2013

EUR 139.-
On Both Sides.jpg
On Both Sides

On Dihn Dong

with many participants, 3x stapled booklets held together with a paper ribbon, 21 x 16 cm each, 82 pages together, text in English and Vietnamese, Germany & Vietnam 2013

EUR 23.-
On Dinh Dong.jpg
On Dinh Dong


snapshots by three photographers from three canals in Amsterdam, De Prins by Bas Losekoot, De Keizer by Erwin van Amstel, De Heer by Niels Stomps, each stapled, 21 x 28 cm, each 16 not numbered pages, text in Dutch, the 3 books are held together by a paper ribbon,

EUR 12.-