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Lilley, Lynn Alleva

Tender Mint

a photobook containing images that the artist made while she lived with her family in Amman, Jordan during 2011-2014, the quite astonishing photographs are divided into chronological chapters and depict mostly animals and people and express 'conflicting emotions such as nurturing and pain, suffering and resignation, solitude and companionship and beauty and decay.' the book contains two poems by Samih al-Quasim and Jane Hirshfield as well as two anecdotes by the artist, printed with full-colour offset and has a soft, linen cover, 29,5 x 20,5 cm, 144 not numbered pages, ed/750, Breda 2017

EUR 32.-
Lilley Tender Mint

Lilley Tender Mint

Ting, Cheng

Baker Salon

photographs of people with their backs facing the camera, they're all wearing braided hairstyles with braided bread buns attached to their hair, beautiful and simple photos that focus on texture and patterns, includes a recipe of the aforementioned braided bread, printed on glossy, really thick paper, 18,5 x 14 cm, 34 not numbered pages, ed/500, Taipei 2016

EUR 20.-

Ting Baker Salon

Ting Baker Salon

Sauter, Fritz

See My Friend

screen printed drawings on thick paper in a concertina format between two painted and printed wooden covers, the drawings show idiosyncratic and friendly characters, blotches of colour are used in a really nice way, they spark life into the friends, the small amount of text is in German, concertina format: folded 16 x 10 cm, unfolded 16 x 111 cm, no.30, ed/60, signed, Dugort 2014

EUR 92,00

Sauter See My Friend

Sauter See My Friend

Thurairajah, Geetha

To Shape A Sword

digital drawings that could be referred to as collages, smooth, yet hard edged shapes that compose magical, tropical images that seem familiar but are still very original in composition and appearance, the drawings were created as sketches or preliminary drawings for the artist's paintings, 'Thurairajah's artworks simplify narrative into a language of icons; flat and hard edged, her symbols push the real into the impossible.'

stapled, 23 x 15 cm, 16 not numbered pages, ed/250, Toronto 2018

EUR 12.-

Thurairajah To Shape A Sword

Thurairajah To Shape A Sword

Perry, Leanna

Raindrops & Broken Hearts

elaborate, graphic drawings in pink and black or toxic green and black that form pages of irregular patterns with sentences in adorned font, the risograph-printed drawings are inspired by 2000's teen culture and explore 'dark nights and complicated relationships. Hard-edged, metal objects such as barbed wire and chain link fences are embedded within a delicate and soft emotional landscape of flowers, hearts and faux eyelashes.' an impressive whirlpool of nice details and references, stapled, 16 x 11 cm, 48 not numbered pages, New York 2018

EUR 16.-

Perry Raindrops and Broken Hearts

Perry Raindrops & Broken Hearts

Yang, Shania

Queer A B C

risograph-printed drawings that depict different people in poses that resemble each letter in the alphabet, each picture is queer-themed in one way or the other like the title indicates, the playful and original drawings are printed with purple on light yellow paper, on the page in the middle one can see an overview of the whole alphabet, stapled, 20,5 x 13,5 cm, 28 not numbered pages, New York 2016

EUR 16.-
Yang Queer A B C

Yang Queer A B C

Campbell, Brian Scott (Ed.)

Zing Zang Blunder

on the occasion of an exhibition with the same title at Harbinger in the summer of 2017, featuring 24 artists from Iceland and the U.S., the catalogue contains reproduced drawings by some of the artists and poems by Chris Hutchinson, the whole catalogue is printed in blue on white rather thick paper, soft cover, 19 x 14 cm, 32 pages, numbered ed/150, Reykjavík n.y.

EUR 19,50

Zing Zang
Zing Zang Blunder

Vroom, Jean-Paul


photographs in b/w of the human body, most likely the artist’s body, many in extreme close-up so the body parts become quite abstract, the photos and the text explore what it means to be a man, the artist himself says that ‘this book makes claim to being the most optimistic book of our time.’ text in English, soft cover, 24 x 16 cm, 52 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 1969

EUR 31.-

Vroom He

Vroom He

Haring, Joop

The Organic Square

La Plata – The Argentine Project, many photographic illustrations in colour from La Plata’s urban grid to the “ants’ highway” in the Paseo del Bosque park and texts in Dutch and English by the artist, Teja van Hoften and Ronald Ruseler which deal with thoughts provoked by the square, and the artist’s sculptural objects resulting from these thoughts, hard cover, 25 x 21,5 cm, ed/125, n.p. n.y.

EUR 24,50

Haring The Organic Square

Haring The Organic Square

Kessels, Erik

Shit (Scheisse)

found photographs of soldiers taking their shit at war time ad hoc or under improvised circumstances, an aspect of war one does not often think about, but daily life has to continue despite all, the photos are in different sizes and formats, one photograph per two pages, with a brief text in English, hard cover, 23,5 x 17 cm, 106 not numbered pages, Paris 2018

EUR 38.-

Kessels Shit (Scheisse)

Kessels Shit (Scheisse)

Iannone, Dorothy

Die Peitsche  The Whip

a declaration of a slave addressed to its master, the Emperor Bastian de Bock, on his 39th birthday that provides insight into their relationship, text in German and English, translated into German by W. Teichmann, soft cover, 15 x 10,5 cm, 64 pages, ed/700, Berlin 1980

EUR 26.-

Iannone The Whip Die Peitsche

Iannone The Whip Die Peitsche

Deér, Katalin


beautiful photographs of buildings and places reproduced on delicate paper, often the same subject captured from different angles and in various seasons, the photos are taken by the artist over the last ten years in the Val Bregaglia in Switzerland, there are several photographs on every page and one really catches the buildings’ ‘unique presence in a landscape that is continuously moved and shaped by time and the forces of nature.' soft cover, 31 x 23 cm, 196 not numbered pages, St.Gallen 2018

EUR 34.-

Deer Verde

Deer Verde

Pirovino, Fabio Marco

Reality Pirovino

reproduced, abstract, monochrome paintings offset printed big on glossy paper, the artist painted with his fingers on PVC films in different sizes and then nailed the films to a sprayed canvas with the painted surface facing inwards, the works are very successfully transferred to a book format, stapled, 36 x 25 cm, 24 not numbered pages, n.p. 2017

EUR 23.-

Pirovino Reality Pirovino

Pirovino Reality Pirovino

Serra, Stéphanie

Through The Words Of Others

volume 7 in the paperback series fink twice, an essay inspired by the author's personal library where each paragraph is coupled with the book that is being referred to, the covers of the books are shown on the facing page of the texts, 'This essay is nothing more than a collection of reactivated fragments of texts, dictated by the echoes and coincidences encountered when reading, rereading or listening; a study of libraries by way of my own library or, to put it more simply, of seeing clearly through the words of others.' soft cover, 21,5 x 15 cm, 162 pages, Zurich 2018

EUR 15,50

Serra Through The Words Of Others