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Kaag, Ama
10 Jaar Portretfotografie
23 b/w portrait photographs of famous and less famous people (among the famous: Marlene Dumas, Armando, Cees Noteboom, Hugo Claus, Beatrix (the Dutch queen), Erwin Olaf), on the occasion of an exhibition, soft cover, 52 pages, 26,5 x 18,5 cm, ed/500, Amsterdam 2006
EUR 12,00
Kaag 10 Jaar Portrttfotographie
Kaag 10 Jaar Portretfotografie

Kaag, Ama

Boom En Landschap Voorbij

Fotografie Ama Kaag 200-2010 b/w and colour photographs of landscapes, soft cover, 46 not numbered pages, 18,5 x 26,5 cm, ed/500, Amsterdam 2010

EUR 20.-
Kaag Boom En Landschap Voorbij.jpg
Kaag Boom En Landschap Voorbij

Kaan, Otto

Steigers, 2013-1

20 full page b/w photographs of the interior of a sculptor’s studio(?), newspaper-like, 5 loose sheets unfolded 57 x 83 cm, folded 57 x 41,5 cm, 20 pages

EUR 6.-

Kaan Steigers,
Kaan Steigers 2013-1

Kabakov, Ilya
Madurinn Sem Sérhafa Sig I Vidvaningshætti
interview with I. Kabakov by Kristinn Hardarson in Icelandic, (ed/about70, Reykjavík 1994)
EUR 11,50
Kabakov Madurinn
        Sem Serhafa Sig I Vidvaningshaetti.JPG
Kabakov Madurinn Sem Serhafa Sig I Vidvaningshaetti

Kaden, Siegfried
numbered/940, signed, Berlin 1988
EUR 98,50
Kaden Hannibal.JPG
Kaden Hannibal

Kahl, Rudolf

Herinneringen  Mijn Jeugd Op De Puinhopen Van Een Verloren Oorlog

memories told in Dutch and illustrated with almost 500 drawings meticulously carried out of a post WWII childhood and youth in Germany, soft cover, 28 x 19 cm, 192 pages, Amsterdam 2005

EUR 25.-

Kahl Herinneringen bigger but thinner
Kahl Herinneringen bigger but thinner

Kahn, Stanya

Die Laughing

“Die Laughing is a collection of drawings Kahn created over the course of two years. Some were made for the book, some for exhibitions, some as sketches on the way to other works, and some almost made it into the trash”, witty drawings featuring - among other things – witches, snakes, and naughty bits, soft cover, 170 pages, 22 x 15 cm, ed/300, Los Angeles 2016
EUR 37,50

Kahn Die Laughing.jpg
Kahn Die Laughing

Kaila, Tukka


stitched, 23,5 x 17 cm, 46 not numbered pages, 27 photo images made in different places,

EUR 12,50
Kaila Fleeting.JPG
Kaila Fleeting

Kalliwoda, Hans


art in trains: suitcase art or cabins used as show space, travelling through Poland, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Greece and Austria, a series of 6 volumes, hard cover, 25 x 25 cm, between 80-96 pages each, plus a DVD,

EUR 275.-

Kalliwoda Europtrain
Kalliwoda Europatrain

Kalliwoda, Hans

World In A Shell

a box 30,5 x 32 cm, “These different kind of knowledge production and these different ways of approaching the world from the artistic and the scientific side merged into a project”

EUR 104.-

Kalliwoda World In A Shell
Kalliwoda World In A Shell

Kamma, Eleni

Enlever Et Entretenir

hard cover, 23,5 x 30,5 cm, 47 pages

EUR 31.-
Kamma Enlever Et Entretenir.JPG
Kamma Enlever Et Entretenir

Kanaal Zero 1

Media Arts On Cable Television, Kanal Zero is a coproduction of Montevideo and Timed Based Art and de Vereniging van Mediakunstenaars, stapled, 10 x 16 cm, 22 not numbered pages, Amsterdam

EUR 28,00

Kanaal Zero 1
Kanaal Zero 1

Kanaal Zero 2

Media Arts On Cable Television, Kanal Zero is a coproduction of Montevidio and Timed Based Art and de Vereniging Van Mediakunstenaars, stapled, 10 x 16 cm, 22 not numbered pages, Amsterdam

EUR 28,00

Kanaal Zero 2
Kanaal Zero 2

Kantor, Joel
Tel Aviv Mon Amour
numbered/180, signed, Tel Aviv 1995
EUR 54,50
Kantor Tel Aviv Mon
Kantor Tel Aviv Mon Amour

Kapielski, Thomas
Frische Hemden
(Köln 1987)
EUR 16.-
Kapielski Frische Hemden.JPG
Kapielski Frische Hemden

Karamba, Kajoh

The Great Escape

Loupy #1, drawings of Loupy (a stone on legs one might see in him) encountering dangers of a vegetative world, sewn, 19 x 13,5 cm, 14 not numbered transparent pages, ed/100, Arnhem 2015

EUR 6.-
Karamba The Great Escape.JPG
Karamba The Great Escape

Karlsson, Karl Roth see also
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Kastalia Nr.5
Dutch literary PERIODICAL, Amsterdam 2001
EUR 3.-
Kastalia 5.jpg
Kastalia Nr.5

Kastalia Nr.6
Dutch literary PERIODICAL, Amsterdam 2002
EUR 3.-
Kastalia 6.jpg
Kastalia Nr.6

Kastalia Nr.7
Dutch literary PERIODICAL, Amsterdam 2002
EUR 3.-
Kastalia 7.jpg
Kastalia Nr.7

Kästner, Erich
Fauler Zauber
illustrated by Sarah Wiesmann
the poem by Erich Kästner re-written and illustrated with screen printed images in 6 colours, dust jacket, soft cover, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, 30 not numbered pages, numbered/50, monogrammed by SW, Berlin 2006

EUR 56,00
Kaestner Fauler Zauber illustrated by Wiesmann.jpg
Kastner Fauler Zauber by Wiesmann

Kauth, Johann

Slugman Silhouette

graphically different black lines and shapes on orange paper, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 16 not numbered pages, numbered/50, 2016

EUR 6.-

Kauth Slugman Silhouette.jpg
Kauth Slugman Silhouette

Keimig, Ramon

Meese On The Rocks

miscellaneous monochrome, screen printed drawings, stapled, 15 x 11 cm, 16 not numbered pages, numbered/125, Berlin 2017

EUR 6,50

Keimig Meese On The Rocks.jpg
Keimig Meese On The Rocks

Kégli, Victor
Lucky Man
as-if colouring book for children, with 2 reproduced letters by the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of defence denying support to bomb a museum as the beginning of a sculptural work of the artist, 20 pages, 27 x 19,5 cm, 1st ed., Berlin 2003
EUR 45.-
Kegli Lucky Man
Kegli Lucky Man

Kelder, Cralan

Big Deal Rimbaud, Travel Notes From The Great Dusty

folded A4, poems and prose, 10,5 x 7,5 cm,

EUR 3,50
Kelder Big Deal Rimbaud.JPG
Kelder Big Deal Rimbaud, Travel Notes From The Great Dusty

Kellein, Thomas

on the occasion of an exhibition, the English version of the book, with a contribution by Jon Hendricks and 145 b/w illustrations, soft cover with attached dust jacket, 28 x 22 cm, 144 pages, London New York 1995

EUR 50,00

Kellein Fluxus
Kellein Fluxus

Kellein, Thomas
Sputnik-Schock Und Mondlandung
künstlerische Grossprojekte von Yves Klein bis zu Christo, Stuttgart 1989
EUR 21.-
Kellein Sputnik
        Schock Und Mondlandung.JPG
Kellein Sputnik-Schock Und Mondlandung

Keller, Christoph


soft cover, 17 x 11 cm, 190 not numbered pages,

EUR 10.-

Keller Cloudbuster.JPG
Keller Cloudbuster

Kemp, Lindsay

The Wednesday Drawings

13 charming drawings reproduced in colour, soft cover, 33,5 x 23 cm, 32 not numbered pages, text in Italian and English, no.34 of the series ‘Memorie D’Artista’, Livorno 2014

EUR 17.-
Kemp The Wednesday Drawings.jpg
Kemp The Wednesday Drawings