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Gaglione, Bill
Gaglione 1940-2040  Typewriter Stamp Poems
printed typewriter and original stamps, numbered/50, signed, St. Antonius Zoersel 1978
EUR 155.-
Gaglione 1940-2040

Gaidaro On Tour
"a european story", texts about the "not for sale"-project of this group of artists and by its members mostly in English, but also in Spanish and Dutch and reproductions of many artworks, numbered/1600, Athens 1999
EUR 13.-
Gaidaro On

Galerie Camille Von Scholz  Editions Camomille
catalogue of 23 books published in small editions by artists (among them H.v.Egten, Jan Voss, L.Ikemura, R.Topor, B.Vautier, H.Suter, J.Le Gac) associated with the then Gallery Camille von Scholz, Bruxelles
EUR 15.-
Galerie Camille Von
      Scholz Editions Camomille.JPG

Galerie Und Edition Stähli  Angebote Winter 76/77
catalogue of what back then was new on the artists’ book shelves of this then famous gallery: books (and prints and drawings) by among others H.M.Federle, M.Raetz, T.Werkner, Geuer/Voss, P.Schibig, M.Disler, H.Schärer, R.Winnewisser, F.Schwegler, Brus/Steiger, A.Thomkins, D.Roth, P.Holstein, Nervenkritik, Sondern, G.Rühm, G.Jappe, J.Voss, C.L.Attersee, D.Weiss, U.Lüthi, Lüthi/Kliga/Weiss, stapled, 16 pages, 29,5 x 21 cm, Zürich, includes the invitation card for 2 Urs Lüthi exhibitions at Stähli’s at the end of 1976
EUR 20.-
Galerie Und
        Edition Stahli Angebote Winter 76-77.JPG

Gallagher, Ellen

5 volumes on the occasion of exhibitions, 4 of the volumes contain movie stills from Watery Ecstasy, Monster, Super Boo, Blizzard of White the films E.G. made in Cooperation with Edgar Cleijne, the 5th volume, Orbus, contains a text on the work of E.G. by Coalmine Mac Iola Leith and on 15 fold out pages reproductions of drawings by the artist, the 5 volumes are loosely held together by magnetic strips bound into the sides of the books, 12 x 15,5 x 9 cm, Edinburgh London Zürich 2005

EUR 125,00
Gallagher Murmur 1 Gallaher Murmur 2 Gallagher Murmur 3 Gallaher Murmur 4 Gallagher Murmur 5

Gangurinn, Mávahliđ 24, Reykjavík. THE CORRIDOR
on the occasion of a year of 10 exhibitions (by Hreinn Friđfinnsson, Kristinn G. Harđarson, Birgir Andrésson, Árni Ingólfsson, Kess Visser, Ívar Valgardsson, Martin Disler, Ólafur Lárusson, Magnús Pálsson, Erlingur P. Ingvarsson) at “Gangurinn”, stapled, 20 not numbered pages (one of which is coloured by hand) and one loose page (by Hreinn Friđfinnson), 20,5 x 15 cm, (Reykjavík 1981)
EUR 30,00
Gangurinn, Mávahlid 24, Reykjavík. The Corridor

Gangurinn The Corridor 2
on the occasion of an exhibition of Árni Ingólfson, Birgir Andrésson, Dadi Gudbjörnsson, Helgi Fridjónsson, Helmut Federle, Ívar Valgardsson, Jan Mladovsky, John van’t Slot, Kristinn G. Hardason, Magnús Pálsson, Ólafur Lárusson, Pétur Magnússon, Sigridur Gudjónsdóttir, Tumi Magnússon, Valgardur Gunnarsson, folder with 15 loose Din A4 prints with each a contribution of one of the artists, partly with additions by hand, numbered/300, Reykjavík 1982
EUR 35.-
Gangurinn 2.JPG

Gangurinn The Corridor 3
on the occasion of an exhibition of Thór Vigfússon, Tumi Magnússon, Örn Helgason, Eggert Pétursson, Valgardur Gunnarsson, Dadi Gudbjörnsson, Renato Micheli, Juliao Sarmento, Jan Mladovsky, John van’t Slot, Helmut Federle, John M.Armleder, envelope (23 x 16 cm) with 9 loose, folded Din A4 prints partly printed recto verso, with contributions by the artists, partly with additions by hand, Reykjavík 1983
EUR 28.-
Gangurinn 3.JPG

Gappmayr, Heinz
Sequenz Zeit
ed/300, Köln 1993
EUR 16,00
Gappmayr Sequenz ZEIT.JPG

Gappmayr, Heinz
Sequenz Zeit
stapled, 32 pages, 21 x 15 cm, ed/300, signed, Köln 1993
EUR 30.-
Gappmayr Sequenz ZEIT.JPG

Gappmayr, Heinz
see also

Gardner, Donald

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Jet Lag

new poems (and a few older ones), New Haven 2001
this title waits to be restocked
Gardner How To Get The Most Out Of Your Jet Lag

Gardner, Donald
Starting From Tomorrow
Amsterdam 1995
EUR 15.-
Gardner Starting
        From Tomorrow.jpg

Gardner, Donald
The Glittering Sea
13 poems, most of them printed for the first time, stapled, 36 pages, 21 x 14,5 cm, London 2006
EUR 6.-
Gardner The Glittering Sea

Gardner, Donald

The Wolf Inside

new poems and a short story believable in their down to earth tone, soft cover, 58 pages, 21,5 x 13,5 cm, London 2014
EUR 14,50
Gardner The Wolf Inside.jpg

Gardner, Donald see also
Het Andre Behr Pamflet 11 Donald Gardner

Garnier, Pierre
16 Gedichte In Einem Quadrat
Köln 1996
EUR 16.-
Garnier 16 Gedichte In Einem Quadrat

Garnier, Pierre
Ansichtskarten Und Andere Mitteilungen
cloth-bound: reproduced b/w drawings with texts and loose, an added original drawing in colour, ed/300, Wien 1993
EUR 210.-
        Ansichtkarten Und Andere Mitteilungen.JPG

Garnier, Pierre
Cahier De Poésie  Poésie Spatiale
drawings and words silk screened recto and verso in several colours, bound between 2 slats of wood painted blue, concertina format: folded 16 x 10 cm, unfolded 16 x 111 cm, numbered/75, signed, Luxembourg 2000
EUR 92,00
Garnier Cahier De Poésie

Garnier, Pierre
drawings and French words, cést mon dada Nr 2, hard cover, 14,5 x 10,5 cm, 40 not numbered pages, Dugort
EUR 17,50
Garnier Chretiens.jpg

Garnier, Pierre
Die Für Immer Schwangere Eva

"ein Liebeslied": 45 drawings reproduced in colour, ed/300, Wien 1995
EUR 27,50
Garnier Die Fur
        Immer Schwangere Eva.JPG

Garnier, Pierre
Epos Des Quadrats
drawings and words, Wien 2002
EUR 2,50
Garnier Epos Des

Garnier, Pierre
Lyrisches Skizzenbuch
reproduced drawings and German words, soft cover, 204 not numbered pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, Wien 1996
EUR 15.-
Garnier Lyrisches Skizzenbuch book.jpg

Garnier, Pierre see also
BOOKS/F Freibord Nr 87
BOOKS/T Teraz Mowie No. 19

Geerts, Bas
Preces Stationunm
numbered/50, Amsterdam 2002
EUR 65.-
Geerts Preces Stationunm

Geesin, Dan
a book of line drawings with a pop-up page depicting rather mad scenes, accompanied by a CD, stapled, 32 pages, 15 x 21 cm, ed/500, Tilburg 2004
EUR 20.-
Geesin Green

Geimer, Michel
Nineteen Sketches Of A Face
a study of self-portraits, screen printed in 2 colours, concertina format: folded 16 x 10 cm, unfolded 16 x 111 cm, numbered/50, signed, Dugort 2006
EUR 92.-
Geimer Nineteen Sketches

Gehrman, Kristen
a poetic text written in a special way, sewn, 15 x 11 cm, 30 not numbered pages, Lausanne 2013
EUR 9,50

Gehrman Repeat.jpg

Geiger, Thomas
Before Sunset
drawings and words describing an observation in a Viennese super market, sewn, 15 x 10,5 cm, 12 not numbered pages, numbered/20, all copies hand made, 2013

EUR 28,00
Geiger Before Sunset.jpg

Geluid Her Zien  Sound Re Visited
an anthology compiled by Hetty Huisman concerning sound art, texts in Dutch and English by H.Huisman, U.Block, G.Celant, H.Ruhé, W.Furlong, G.Lindahl, L.Wijers, contains a one side only single record, soft cover, 102 pages, 21 x 21 cm, Amsterdam 1987
EUR 40.-
Geluid Her Zien
        Sound Re Visited.JPG

Geluidspoezie & Taalwerken  Van Raul Hausmann Tot Laurie Anderson
a programme booklet for an evening organized by G.Schraenen about the history of Sound Poetry, with a foreword by G.S., (Antwerpen 1985)
EUR 15.-
Geluidspoezie en

Generation "Uscha"
by Georg Graw + Ursula Böckler, photographs, showing Uscha Pohl, Nürnberg 1997
EUR 11,50

Geraedts, Pieter
Krantenpulp  Newspaper-Pulp
a wall calendar (from June 2004 till January 2005) with 8 colour photographs of cow-pat-like islands of newspaperpulp on the occasion of an exhibition, spiral bound, 43 x 30 cm, Otterlo (2004)
EUR 17.-
Geraedts Krantenpulp Newspaper Pulp

Gernes, Poul
many images (colour and b/w) of works and two brief texts in English and German, the one by Ben Kaufmann and the other by Yves Mettler, soft cover with dust jacket, 64 not numbered pages, 25 x 20 cm, Berlin 2007
EUR 27,00
Gernes Continued

Gerstengarbe, Sebastian
a visually unusual story in b/w about a pupil who suffers when he has to sing in front of the class and its teacher, soft cover, dust jacket, 48 not numbered pages, 24 x 30,5 cm, (Halle) 2005
EUR 37.-
Gerstengarbe Singen

Gerstner, Karl
"Color Lines" Blätter Aus Dem Skizzenbuch, 1976/77
in slip case, numbered/480, signed, Zürich 1978
EUR 245,50
Gerstner Color Lines Blatter Aus Dem Skizzenbuch, 1976

Gestalten 4
newspaper-like magazine of unusual poetry and visual art published yearly, Lawrence 2000
EUR 4,50

published by Vossforlag:
Geuer, Johannes
Fernseher Und Projektionen
many reproductions of paintings and drafts, some original offset play, on the occasion of an exhibition in Winterthur, with excerpts of a conversation between Dieter Schwarz and the artist, soft cover, 132 not numbered pages, 14,5 x 20 cm, Amsterdam 1987
EUR 14,50

Geuer Frenseher Und Projektionen

Geuer, Johannes see also
BOOKS/A April/Mai 1972

Gibbs, Michael
All Or Nothing
an essay on blank artists’ books with many illustrations, ed/750, soft cover, 17 x 11,5 cm, 96 pages, Cromford 2005
EUR 11.-
Gibbs All Or
        Nothing 1.JPG

Gibbs, Michael
All Or Nothing
3 volumes in slip case: an essay on blank artists’ books with many illustrations, 96 pages, and the same essay on blank artists’ books with many illustrations but printed with white ink on white paper also with 96 pages but signed with a colourless pen, and the book Somevolumesfromthelibraryofbabel which contains the now substantially revised and expanded text first published in 1982, ed/250, soft cover, 18 x 12 cm, Cromford 2005
EUR 40.-
Gibbs All or nothing

published by Boekie Woekie:
Gibbs, Michael
a selection of previously unpublished texts produced between 1966 and 1984, including the author's first ever concrete poem, language poems, text drawings and other inbetween genres, soft cover, 44 not numbered pages, 21 x 16 cm, numbered/200, Amsterdam 2004
EUR 15,00

Gibbs Legend

Gibbs, Michael
Lives Of The Artists
Amsterdam 1985
EUR 26.-
Gibbs Lives Of

Gibbs, Michael
the text first published in 1982 now substantially revised and expanded, ed/1000, soft cover, 17 x 11,5 cm, 64 pages, Cromford 2005
EUR 11.-

Gibbs, Michael see also
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Gieseke, Lena
“Party 12/9/2000”
22 colour photographs of what presumably were the people at the party referred to in the title, stapled, 18 pages, 16 x 10,5 cm
EUR 19.-
Gieseke Party 12-9-2000.jpg

Giezendanner, Ingo
Iskandariyah Skan
line drawings (documenting a ferry trip across the Mediterranean Sea to Alexandria or Iskandariyah, as it is called in Arabic), here and there interwoven with photographs, soft cover, 18 x 13 cm, 192 not numbered pages, (Zürich) 2011
EUR 22,50
Giezendanner Iskandariyah Skan.jpg

Gilbert, Sharon
A Nuclear Atlas
a catalogue of disasters, or reproduced collages based on maps, facts and statistics all relating to nuclear sites and accidents, Rosendale 1982
EUR 60.-
Gilbert A Nuclear

Gilbert, Sharon
Chemical Ways
"a concise collation of data on air, water and food contaminats, cut from the daily newspaper and reassembled in an accordion format, alternating with images of the artist's hands", folded up: 12 x 11 cm, unfolded: 12 x 169,5 cm, numbered, signed, (New York) 1997
EUR 9.-
Gilbert Chemical

Gilbert, Sharon
Green The Fragile
b/w images with collaged text bits, sewn, 24 pages, 11,5 x 10,5 cm, signed, (New York) 1989
EUR 2,50
Gilbert Green The

Gilbert, Sharon
Poison America
b/w images with collaged text bits, sewn, 24 pages, 11,5 x 10,5 cm, numbered/300, signed, (New York) 1988
EUR 16.-
Gilbert Poison

Gilbert, Sharon
Police (State) USA
"now we have a situation where the government, even if they can't put you in jail after you're convicted, can put you in jail after you're convicted, can put you in jail before you're tried" - this sets the tone for this book, spiral bound, 14 pages, 21,5 x 12,5 cm, New York 2001
EUR 20.-
Gilbert Police
        State USA.JPG

Gilbert, Sharon
Seeing Amsterdam
a story in photographs and text of a chicken feather, spiral bound, 38 not numbered pages, ed/100, Amsterdam 2004
EUR 20.-

Gilbert, Sharon
Urgent Life
b/w images with collaged text bits, sewn, 12 pages, 11,5 x 10,5 cm, numbered/300, signed, (New York) 1990
EUR 4.-
Gilbert Urgent

Girke, Raimund
Arbeiten Auf Papier
catalogue, Berlin 1986
EUR 28.-
Girke Arbeiten Auf

Give The People Little Presents So They’ll Remember Me
a hardly coordinated assembly of pages of very different sizes, different kinds of paper with different content, printed in a variety of printing techniques, images and bits of text, also including a fold out and pop up page, an envelope with small coins, and other for a book irregular features, contributions by Henk Laan, Marida Vermeulen, Martijn Bodgraaf, Sade-Chantal Mielczarek, Anna Vinckers, Wulp Airlines, Jan Voss, Sane van der Horst, Petra Neurink, Annemiek Siekman, Marijke van der Laan, Paul Hondtong, Silvia Donker, Marloes van Dijk, Chitta Kottenhagen, Tobias Crone, Gerben Kolkena, Rozemarijn Nelissen, Tineke de Boer, Lydia Kruse, Willie de Jong, Thije Prins, Petra Neurink, Marloes van Dijk, Barthold Boksem, the question which the imperative of the title proposes has found a typographical solution, stapled, a normal counting of the pages is not possible, 42 x 30 cm, Groningen 2006
EUR 25,00
Give The People Little Presents

Glasmeier, Michael
Auf Walfang Im Südlichen Eis
a literary experiment: “Worte ohne Bilder” (if that is possible), with an afterword by Ulrich Raulff, soft cover, 60 not numbered pages,  20 x 14 cm, ed/150, Berlin 1984
EUR 15,00
Glasmeier Auf Walfang Im Südlichen Eis

Glass, Jesse Jnr.
Hunting The Unicorn
a text based on the Unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters, NYC, sewn, dust jacket, 12 not numbered pages, 14,5 x 10,5 cm, numbered/300, editions Brian Lane, London
EUR 5,50
Glass Hunting The

Glerŕ '86
by many authors/artists from Akureyri, on the occasion of an exhibition and a music festival, Akureyri 1986
EUR 9,5
Glera 86.JPG

Glöckler, Man Fred
Schwarz Und Weiss  Malerei Und Grafik
catalogue, Frankfurt 1997
EUR 9,50
Glockler Schwarz
        Und Weiss.JPG

God Bless This Circuitry
a collaboration project between musician and composer Andrew Sallee and Tate Shaw, the result is a book with a CD component, the CD is meant to be synchronised with the reading experience and purposefully competes with the reader’s internal brain voice, Andrew’s recordings include found sounds, whirling drones and old hymns, expanding on Tate’s story of churchgoing father and son who only connect through machines, a found collection of culturally significant religious tracts provide humour and illustration throughout, much of the here present subject matter is inspired by an era of patriotism and religious fervour in the U.S. just after the 9/11 attacks when God was being asked to bless everything from cigarettes to car stereos, hard cover, 92 not numbered pages and 4 fold out sheets, 15 x 24 cm, ed/150, Rochester 2007
EUR 84,00
God Bless This Circuity

Goede, Kees de
Recente Werken
on the occasion of an exhibition: reproduced works and a Dutch text by Rudi Fuchs, soft cover, 26 x 18,5 cm, 28 pages, Amsterdam 1991
EUR 10.-
Goede Recente Werken.JPG

Goldstein, Gary
Jerusalem 1991
EUR 31.-
Goldstein Buk

Gomringer, Eugen

poems, with an afterword by the poet with the title: am ende der konkreten poesie?, soft cover, 86 not numbered pages, 21 x 15 cm, Planegg München 1973

EUR 22.-

Gomringer 1970-1972.jpg

Gorter, Paul
Paul Gorter Schilderijen '75-'80
catalogue, ed/600, Dokkum 1981
EUR 13.-
        Schilderijen 75 80.JPG

Gosewitz, Ludwig
Glasobjekte 1980-1987
on the occasion of an exhibition, ed/800, Wien 1987
EUR 18,50
        Glasobjekte 1980-1987

Gosewitz, Ludwig
Konstellationen Und Astrologische Diagramme
on the occasion of an exhibition, ed/800, Zürich 1986
EUR 15.-
        Konstellationen Und Astrologische Diagramme.JPG

Gosewitz, Ludwig see also
BOOKS/L Ludwig Gosewitz Und Seine Isländischen Freunde/And His...

compilation by Hartmut Andryczuk of signed ORIGINAL contributions by many artists, numbered/35, Berlin-Friedenau 1997
EUR 299,50

Grafík Í Mynd
on the occasion of an exhibition, with Icelandic/English texts by K.Ormhaug + E.Thorláksson on (the history of) printing (techniques) and samples of 16 mainly nordic participants in the exhibition, Reykjavík 1999
EUR 22.-
Grafik I Mynd.JPG

Greenham, Peter
Aus Deutscher Lyrik
Berlin 1969
EUR 10.-
Greenham Aus Deutscher Lyrik

Green, Malcolm
119 Wurstsalate/119 Wurst Salads
all the combinations of the letters W, U, R, S, T, except the combination which would read “Wurst” accompanied by 119 variations of computer generated images of more or less delicious looking wurst salads, spiral bound, 15 x 22 cm, 124 pages, numbered/100, signed, (Heidelberg) 2006
EUR 38,00
Green 119 Wurst Salads.JPG

Green, Malcolm
A Brief Introduction To Hegelian Dialectics
24 images (computer prints) illustrating in 5 parts thesis, antithesis and synthesis, and some sub divisions as for example absinthesis, spiral bound, pages not numbered, 21 x 15 cm, numbered/100, (Heidelberg) 2005
EUR 34,50
Green A Brief
        Introduction To Hegelian Dialectics.JPG

Green, Malcolm
Drawings: Late 20th To Early 21st Century
computer print outs: 66 full page graphics, numbered/20, signed, 30 x 21 cm, (Heidelberg) 2003
EUR 300.-
Green Drawings Late
      20th To Early 21st.JPG

Green, Malcolm
Freud, Lacan, Derrida
drawings and an English text about turds and willies and women as penises having more balls than men, computer print outs, spiral bound, 62 not numbered pages, 15 x 16 cm, numbered/100, signed, (Heidelberg Institute of Pottyphysics) 2008
EUR 25,00
Green Freud, Lacan, Derrida

Green, Malcolm
Google Face
pictures and portraits of great poets, painters and musicians of the 20th century found on the internet, spiral bound, 74 not numbered pages, numbered/100, signed, (Heidelberg) 2006
EUR 32.-

Green, Malcolm
Gut Bad Wurst
60 graphics, numbered/50, signed, computer print outs for “The Rebel Encomia for Anthony Hancock”, (Heidelberg 2003)
EUR 300.-
Green Gut Bad

Green, Malcolm
In Praise Of Erotic Irony
computer print outs of drawings of handcuffed female nudes accompanied by a text telling of the draughtsman’s thoughts, feelings and conclusions while making the drawings, 30 not numbered pages, 15 x 21 cm, numbered/100, (Heidelberg) 2007
EUR 38,00

Green In Praise Of Erotic Irony

Green, Malcolm
M-Maybe M-Maybe (A Girl’s Picture)
the Roy Lichtenstein girl who, since he is late, worries about the health of her date while she herself suffers visibly from measles, gets in this book further mixed up, your reviewer shied away from verifying the dubious web addresses which accompany each image, soft cover, 21 x 21 cm, 90 not numbered pages, numbered/100, signed, (Berlin) 2011

EUR 35.-
Green M-Maybe M-Maybe a girl's p.JPG

Green, Malcolm
Must Illusions Always Give Birth To More Illusions?

these 7 images with text are a research into the paradoxical, spiral bound, 20 not numbered pages, 15 x 10,5 cm, numbered/75, (Heidelberg) 2006
EUR 11,00

Green Must Illusions Always Give Birth To More
          Illusions? cover Green Must
          Illusions Always Give Birth To More Illusions? first page

Green, Malcolm
Noirs Ou Les Fleurs Du Malcolm
60 witty, colourful reproduced crayon drawings on black with wit-enhanced words, soft cover, 124 not numbered pages, 29,5 x 21 cm, numbered/20, (Heidelberg) 2007
EUR 100,00
Green Noirs

Green, Malcolm
Pissaro – Der Ur-Renoir
27 colourful variations (computer prints) of an image playing around the sense suggested in the phonetics of the names of the 2 impressionist painters accompanied by a sentence in variations, spiral bound, 62 not numbered pages, 15 x 21 cm, numbered/100, (Heidelberg) 2005
EUR 34,50
Green Pissaro Der
        Ur Renoir.JPG

Green, Malcolm
The Invisible Hamlet
23 computer processed images of masked faces (of for example Schostakowitsch and Baudelair) based on photographs and accompanied by text, soft cover, 50 not numbered pages, 42 x 30 cm, numbered/20, signed, Heidelberg 2006
EUR 190.-
Green The Invisible Hamlet

Green, Malcolm
The Wetting Of The Self
14 reproduced watercolour images with text form an inquiry into the self are prefaced by a simple question and postfaced by a simple thought, soft cover, 46 not numbered pages, 21 x 15 cm, numbered/100, signed, (Heidelberg) 2008
EUR 35,50
Green The Wetting Of The Self

Griffith, Owen


numbered/10, signed, Amsterdam 1993
EUR 68,50
Griffith Bouc

Griffith, Owen

The Iron Logic

signed, Amsterdam Düsseldorf Neuss 1988
EUR 45,50
Griffith The Iron

Griffith, Owen
The Six Tabaks

signed, Edinburgh Düsseldorf 1988
EUR 45,50
Griffith The Six Tabaks.JPG

Griffith, Owen

The Tune Of Perspex

signed, Düsseldorf Edinburgh Köln 1988
EUR 45,50
Griffith The Tune Of Perspex.JPG

Griffith, Owen


signed, Amsterdam Bern Düsseldorf
EUR 45,50
Griffith The Vice GINGER.JPG

Griffith, Owen

Ties That Bind

signed, Amsterdam Düsseldorf 1989
EUR 45,50
Griffith Ties That Bind.JPG

Griffith, Owen
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Grimm Brothers

De Kikkervorst

screen printed images in 5 colours by Hanneke van der Hoeven and the “Frog King” fairy tale retold in Dutch by Karlijn Stoffels, sewn, dust jacket, 24 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin 2010

EUR 24,00

Grimm De Kikkervorst vd Hoeven and Stoffels.jpg

Grimm Brothers

Die Froschfängerin by Silke Woweries

drawings and words telling a version of the frog/prince fairy tale, sewn, with dust jacket, 20 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin

EUR 25.-

Grimm Die Froschfangerin by Silke Woweries.JPG

Grimm Brothers

Die Schöne Und Der Frosch

screen printed in 2 colours: drawings by Bärbel Rothhaar and text by Gabriele Wittich tell an unexpected variation of the Frog Prince fairy tale, sewn, with dust jacket, 24 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin (1999)

EUR 18.-
Grimm Die Schone Und Der Frosch by G.Wittich and

Grimm Brothers

Eine Froschkönigin

screen printed in 2 colours: drawings and text by Tilman Rammstedt and Silke Schmidt tell a sad variation of the Frog Prince fairy tale, sewn, with dust jacket, 24 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin (1999)

EUR 18.-

Grimm Eine Froschkoenigin by Tilman Ramstedt und Silke

Grimm Brothers

Fast Wie Froschkönig

a new fairy tale inspired by an old one, text by Ingo Cesaro and images by Willhelm Schramm, sewn, 23 x 23 cm, 20 not numbered pages, numbered/1250, Berlin 2004

EUR 25.-

Grimm Fast Wie Froschkoenig by Ingo Cesaro and Wilhelm

Grimm Brothers

Frischundfrosch by Daniela Schütt Pozzo

screen printed in 3 colours: drawings and text tell a variation of the Frog Prince fairy tale, sewn, dust jacket, 24 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, signed, Berlin

EUR 18.-
Grimm Frischundfrosch by Daniela Schutt Pozzo.jpg

Grimm Brothers

by Karlijn Stoffels and Hanneke van der Hoeven, sewn, 23 x 23 cm, 24 not numbered pages, numbered/1250, Berlin 2010

EUR 25.-

Grimm Froschfurst Karlijn Stoffels and Hanneke van der

Grimm Brothers

Froschkönig” illustrated by Annette Karrenbach

the famous fairy tale illustrated with screen prints in 3 colours, sewn, with dust jacket, 20 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin

EUR 18.-

      Froschkoenig by Karrenbach.jpg

Grimm Brothers

Rock Around The Frog by Anja Mattenklott

screen printed in 3 colours: drawings and words telling an updated version of the Frog Prince fairy tale, sewn, with dust jacket, 24 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin (2006)

EUR 18.-

Grimm Rock Around The Frog by Anja Mattenklott.jpg

Grimm Brothers

Wie Ich Froschkönigin Wurde by Kara Kämpf

screen printed text and drawings in 2 colours telling a variation of an old story, sewn, with dust jacket, 20 not numbered pages, 23 x 23 cm, numbered/1250, Berlin

EUR 18.-

Grimm Wie Ich Froschkonigin Wurde by Kara Kampff.jpg

Groh, Klaus
ed/350, Cranleigh 1975
EUR 19,50
Groh Art

Groh, Klaus
Bon Ap Arte
39 collages many of which composed from image material depicting the times of Napoleon, hard cover, 44 not numbered pages, 15 x 11 cm, Nr.9 of the series “C’est mon dada”, Dugort 2007
EUR 16,50
Groh Bon Ap Arte

Grosser Teppich
by Dieter Roth + Ingrid Wiener, on the occasion of an exhibition, at Galerie Marlene Frei, 3 volumes, Zürich 1986
EUR 280.-
Grosser Teppich
        1.JPG Grosser Teppich 2.JPG Grosser Teppich 3.JPG

Grünspek, Janusz
Neuer Ratgeber Für Künstler
ironically meant advices in drawings and text, soft cover, 68 pages, 21 x 17 cm, ed/250, Kleve 2006
EUR 12.-
Grünspek Neuer Ratgeber

Gudbjörnsson, Dadi
Dadi Gudbjörnsson  I Ganginum (The Corridor)
on the occasion of an exhibition, Reykjavík 1987
EUR 5.-
Gudbjornsson I
        Ganginum The Corridor 1987.JPG

Gudbjörnsson, Dadi see also

Gudbrandsdóttir, Anna see also
BOOKS/T Thvert Á Rennibrautina

Gudmundsdóttir, Gudny
Verse Zu Verschiedenen Anlässen
verses in German by a newcomer to this language, with bits of English and Icelandic and drawings by the artist, ed/300, (Hamburg) 2002
EUR 13.-
        Verse Zu Verschiedene Anlassen.JPG

Gudmundsson, Einar
Eitthvad Annad
a mainly Icelandic (but also English and German) text by the author whose earlier novel “Án Titils” made Reykjavík shake on its foundations in 1978, soft cover, 238 pages, 21 x 15 cm, München 2007
EUR 40,00
Gudmundsson Eitthvad Annad

Gudmundsson, Einar
Hornklofaljód O.Fl.
prose and poems, contains a long passage in English describing the processes around the decision of the government of Iceland to flood a large part of the country’s eastern highlands to generate power for an aluminum smelter, soft cover, 86 pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, München 2005
EUR 25.-
        Hornklofaljod O Fl.JPG

Gudmundsson, Einar
Innan Hornklofa
2 volumes in slip case, the first contains a reprint of 3 of the author’s earlier prose works, the second (by Einhver Dugmundsson) deals partly with the exploration and possible exploitation of the Icelandic gene pool, soft cover, 1st vol. 686 pages, 2nd vol. 410 pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, both volumes numbered/100, signed, München 2004
EUR 100.-
Gudmundsson Innan
        Hornklofa Baekunar Thrjar.JPG Gudmundsson Innan
        Hornklofa Ysland - 1973 by Einhver Dugmundsson.JPG

Gudmundsson, Einar
Nyja Bókin
ed/1000, Dieter Roth's Verlag, Stuttgart 1981
EUR 32.-
Gudmundsson Nyja

Gudmundsson, Einar
The Mecraplystic Impignation Of Harry The Caveman
ed/500, Dieter Roth's Verlag, Stuttgart 1979
EUR 32.-
Gudmundsson The
        Mecraplystic Impignation Of Harry The Caveman.JPG

Gudmundsson, Einar see also
BOOKS/C Conversation

Gudmundsson, Kristján

in this mainly Icelandic book Kristján Gudmundsson gives answers on just a few of the many pages - the others are blank - to queries in regard to art and life put to him by Sigrún ţorsteinsdóttir, spiral bound, 268 not numbered pages, 22,5 x 30 cm, numbered/300, this is one of 50 copies which were also signed by both, (Reykjavík 2003)
EUR 65.-
Gudmundsson Doktorsritgerd

Gudmundsson, Kristján
Arni Arnason  Sitt Af Hverju II
on the occasion of an exhibition, "found catalogue" originally published by Námsgagnastofun, Reykjavík 1991
EUR 8,50
Gudmundsson Arni
        Arnason Sitt Af Hverju II.JPG

Gudmundsson, Kristján
Couleurs Étrangčres
3 chapters with 6 sheets each of differently coloured paper and a transparent title sheet with the names of these colours in 3 languages, dedicated in French to K.G.’s friend Birgir Andresson, spiral bound, 42 not numbered pages, 30 x 22 cm, Reykjavík 1996
EUR 45.-
Gudmundsson Couleurs Etrangeres

Gudmundsson, Kristján
contains a line of the true length of the vertical distance from the earth's highest mountain top to the deepest sea bottom, 2nd ed/150, Amsterdam Piesport 1989
EUR 150.-
Gudmundsson Down

(Gudmundsson, Kristján)
Kristján Gudmundsson
comprehensive catalogue on the occasion of an exhibition with an original contribution by the artist, Reykjavík 2001
EUR 79,50
        Gudmundsson Reykjavik 2001.JPG

(Gudmundsson, Kristján)
Kristján Gudmundsson
on the occasion of an exhibition, texts by A.Bardon, B.Sveinsson, German/English/Swedish, Malmö Rostock Nürnberg Moss 1993/94
EUR 25.-
        Gudmundsson Malmo Rostock Nurnberg Moss 1993 94.JPG

Gudmundsson, Kristján
Once Around The Sun
2 big books in a slip case: volume one contains very many pages with incredibly many dots on each page. We are to understand that each of these dots represents one second of the time it takes the earth to once orbit the sun. The second volume contains again very many pages with each incredibly many parallel lines. The length of all those lines together represents the true distance covered by the earth each second (or dot of the former volume) on its way to orbit the sun. Soft cover, measurement of slip case: 28 x 27 x 8,5 cm, 2nd ed/100 copies, (the 1st edition consisted of 50 copies actually made), Aachen München 1982
EUR 1600,00
Gudmundsson Once Around The Sun spine.jpg Gudmundsson Once Around The Sun open.jpg

Gudmundsson, Kristján
200 Pages On Barnett Newman
numbered/100, signed, Reykjavík 2001
EUR 410.-
Gudmundsson 200 Pages On Barnett Newman

Gudmundsson, Kristján
Saumasjór  Zoomzee  Seamsea  Sömsjö  Mercouture (and this word in Chinese)
”this book was first sewn in Icelandic: SAUMASJÓR Now it has been translated into Dutch, English, Norwegian and French" (and by now Chinese) – 6 different titles, each with 5 spiral bound sheets of stiff paper, 3 of which with wavy lines sewn with blue thread on a sewing machine, each title in a numbered ed. of 250 copies, 15 x 21 cm, Reykjavík 2003
EUR 38.- each
        Saumasjor.JPG Gudmundsson
        Zoomzee.JPG Gudmundsson Seamsea.JPG Gudmundsson Somsjo.JPG Gudmundsson Mercouture.JPG Gudmundsson Chinese.JPG

printed and distributed by Vossforlag:

Gudmundsson, Kristján
Stars In Latin
book of ORIGINAL ballpoint drawings, ed/100 different copies, signed, Amsterdam 1987
EUR 30.-

              Stars In Latin

 (Gudmundsson, Kristján)
Teikningar/Drawings 1972-88
on the occasion of an exhibition, Kjarvalsstadir Reykjavík 1989
EUR 18,50
        Teikningar Drawings 1972 88.JPG

Gudmundsson, Kristján
Valin Amerísk Ljóđ Selected American Poems
publication on the occasion of a poetry reading at Reykjavíkur Akademían 12.5.2005, stapled, 12 not numbered pages, 29,5 x 21 cm
EUR 10.-
Gudmundsson Valin
      Amerisk Ljod Selected American Poems.jpg

Gudmundsson, Kristján see also
BOOKS/B Bein I Köldum Ofni
BOOKS/D (Doktorsritgerđ)
BOOKS/D Donald Judd  Richard Long  Kristján Gudmundsson

Gudmundsson, Styrmir Örn
The End Is Near. Reflections On Death.
a reflection triggered off by a defect hot water boiler, sewn, 20 not numbered pages, 27,5 x 20 cm, ed/500, Amsterdam 2012
EUR 11,00
Gudmundsson The End Is Near.jpg

Gudrún Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir  Sarah Pucci
on the occasion of an exhibition, stapled, Reykjavík 1988
EUR 4,50
Gudrun Hronn
        Ragnarsdottir Sarah Pucci.JPG

by Muntadas, Bal, Barrio, Benhamou, Szombathy, Miralda, Peeters, Mol, Hocks, Dachy, De Charmoy, Carrión, Mairey, Laub, Pinguilly, Dermisache, Ritterbusch, Jones, Lagarde, Belis, Marin, Banana, Gaglione, FOLDER with loose sheets with 23 ORIGINAL prints of hands, numbered/25, signed by the publisher: Guy Schraenen, Antwerpen 1978
EUR 750.-

Guiette, Rene
Rene Guiette  Fotografisch Werk  OEuvre Photographique
texts (French + Dutch) by Guy Schraenen + Pool Andries, on the occasion of an exhibition, Antwerpen 1987
EUR 60.-
Guiette Rene
        Guiette Fotografisch Werk.JPG 

Gutiérrez, Marina Anaya
Cuento Sin Palabras

picture story embossed into etching paper, concertina format, numbered of 60 different stories, 14,5 x 11,5 cm, signed, 2002
EUR 70.-
Gutierrez Cuento Sin

Gutiérrez, Marina Anaya
Un Beso
picture story embossed into etching paper, concertina format, numbered/50, 13 x 13 cm, signed, 2002
EUR 85.-

Gyrdir Elíasson  Das Blueshorn  Bernd Koberling  Wasserfarben
texts originally Icelandic, translated into German by G.Kreutzer, and many reproduced watercolor works by B.Koberling, Münster 2001
EUR 43,50
Gyrdir Eliasson Das Blueshorn Bernd Koberling