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GAAG The Guerrilla Art Action Group 1969 – 1976 A Selection

this reprint makes the documents available again of the actions of GAAG (Jean Toche, Jon Hendricks and others) during the late sixties/early seventies of last century, soft cover, 388 not numbered pages, New York Amsterdam Bremen 2011

EUR 38.-
GAAG The Guerrilla Art Action Group 1969 - 1976 A
GAAG The Guerrilla Art Action Group 1969 - 1976 A Selection

Gagarin #17 2008

Content: The artists in their own words, in this issue contributions by Alexandra Mir, Peter Friedl, Sadaane Afif, Apichatpong Weerasathakul, Lee Bul, Danh Vo, Philip Meten, Adam Chodzko, soft cover, 104 pages, 22 x 16 cm, Antwerp 2008

EUR 16,00
Gagarin 17 2008.jpg
Gagarin 17 2008

Gaglione, Bill
Gaglione 1940-2040  Typewriter Stamp Poems
printed typewriter and original stamps, numbered/50, signed, St. Antonius Zoersel 1978
(price on request)
Gaglione 1940-2040
Gaglione 1940-2040  Typewriter Stamp Poems

Gaidaro On Tour
"a european story", texts about the "not for sale"-project of this group of artists and by its members mostly in English, but also in Spanish and Dutch and reproductions of many artworks, numbered/1600, Athens 1999
EUR 13.-
Gaidaro On
Gaidaro On Tour

Gailhoustet, Jeanne


stapled, 15,5 x 20 cm, 12 not numbered pages, 2011

EUR 13.-
Gailhousted Untitled.JPG
Gailhoustet Untitled

Galerie Camille Von Scholz  Editions Camomille
catalogue of 23 books published in small editions by artists (among them H.v.Egten, Jan Voss, L.Ikemura, R.Topor, B.Vautier, H.Suter, J.Le Gac) associated with the then Gallery Camille von Scholz, Bruxelles
EUR 15.-
Galerie Camille Von
      Scholz Editions Camomille.JPG
Galerie Camille Von Scholz  Editions Camomille

Galerie J Chronology

by Raphael Julliard, Seth Siegelaub and others, soft cover, 76 not numbered pages, 32 x 22,5 cm,

EUR 36.-
Galerie J Chronology.JPG
Galerie J Chronology

Galerie Und Edition Stähli  Angebote Winter 76/77
catalogue of what back then was new on the artists’ book shelves of this then famous gallery: books (and prints and drawings) by among others H.M.Federle, M.Raetz, T.Werkner, Geuer/Voss, P.Schibig, M.Disler, H.Schärer, R.Winnewisser, F.Schwegler, Brus/Steiger, A.Thomkins, D.Roth, P.Holstein, Nervenkritik, Sondern, G.Rühm, G.Jappe, J.Voss, C.L.Attersee, D.Weiss, U.Lüthi, Lüthi/Kliga/Weiss, stapled, 16 pages, 29,5 x 21 cm, Zürich, includes the invitation card for 2 Urs Lüthi exhibitions at Stähli’s at the end of 1976
EUR 20.-
Galerie Und
        Edition Stahli Angebote Winter 76-77.JPG
Galerie Und Edition Stahli  Angebote Winter 76 77

Galis, Vera

Objecten  Objects 1980-2016

photographic reproductions of fragile looking constructed objects of which some seem to structure space, texts on the artist’s work by Piet Augustijn, Wytze Patijn and by the artist herself as well as quotes from what was written about her before, all in Dutch and English, hard cover, dust jacket, 29 x 25 cm, 272 pages, ed/500, Gorinchem 2016

EUR 49.-

Galis Objecten Objects 1980-2016.jpg
Galis Objecten Objects 1980-2016

Gallagher, Ellen

5 volumes on the occasion of exhibitions, 4 of the volumes contain movie stills from Watery Ecstasy, Monster, Super Boo, Blizzard of White the films E.G. made in Cooperation with Edgar Cleijne, the 5th volume, Orbus, contains a text on the work of E.G. by Coalmine Mac Iola Leith and on 15 fold out pages reproductions of drawings by the artist, the 5 volumes are loosely held together by magnetic strips bound into the sides of the books, 12 x 15,5 x 9 cm, Edinburgh London Zürich 2005

EUR 125,00
Gallagher Murmur 1 Gallaher
        Murmur 2 Gallagher Murmur 3 Gallaher Murmur 4 Gallagher Murmur 5
Gallagher MURMUR  Orbus

Galvin, Joel

Curiosity And Absurdity

Geometric graphics paired with some poetic sentences on the paged side of the fold and on the poster side is a mysterious photograph of a person in the dark and a white triangle appearing as it’s hat, broadsheet, folded: 18 x 15 cm, unfolded: 60 x 42 cm

EUR 35,00

Galvin Curiosity And Absurdity
Galvin Curiosity And Absurdity

Ganahl, Rainer


"Dada and Lenin had more in common than is usually assumed, DadaLenin points to some of the tragicomic aspects of their overlapping artistic and political histories in order to question the unfulfilled legacy of the Avant-Garde", hard cover, 23,5 x 15 cm, 606 pages, Stuttgart 2013

EUR 30.-
Ganahl DadaLenin.JPG
Ganahl DadaLenin

Gangurinn The Corridor 2
on the occasion of an exhibition of Árni Ingólfson, Birgir Andrésson, Dadi Gudbjörnsson, Helgi Fridjónsson, Helmut Federle, Ívar Valgardsson, Jan Mladovsky, John van’t Slot, Kristinn G. Hardason, Magnús Pálsson, Ólafur Lárusson, Pétur Magnússon, Sigridur Gudjónsdóttir, Tumi Magnússon, Valgardur Gunnarsson, folder with 15 loose Din A4 prints with each a contribution of one of the artists, partly with additions by hand, numbered/300, Reykjavík 1982
EUR 35.-
Gangurinn 2.JPG
Gangurinn The Corridor 2

Gangurinn The Corridor 3
on the occasion of an exhibition of Thór Vigfússon, Tumi Magnússon, Örn Helgason, Eggert Pétursson, Valgardur Gunnarsson, Dadi Gudbjörnsson, Renato Micheli, Juliao Sarmento, Jan Mladovsky, John van’t Slot, Helmut Federle, John M.Armleder, envelope (23 x 16 cm) with 9 loose, folded Din A4 prints partly printed recto verso, with contributions by the artists, partly with additions by hand, Reykjavík 1983
EUR 28.-
Gangurinn 3.JPG
Gangurinn The Corridor 3

Ganne, Jean Baptiste

Un Art Moyen

a complex text of one page in French and English by Pierre Bourdieu from 1965 and 11 full page photographs in colour of not too fresh flowers in improvised vases by Jean Baptiste Ganne, soft cover,32 not numbered pages, 21,5 x 15 cm, ed/500, Amsterdam 2004

EUR 12.-
Un Art Moyen.jpg
Ganne Un Art Moyen

Gappmayr, Heinz
Sequenz Zeit
ed/300, Köln 1993
EUR 16,00
Gappmayr Sequenz ZEIT.JPG
Gappmayr Sequenz Zeit NE

Gappmayr, Heinz
Sequenz Zeit
stapled, 32 pages, 21 x 15 cm, ed/300, signed, Köln 1993
EUR 30.-
Gappmayr Sequenz ZEIT.JPG
Gappmayr Sequenz Zeit SE

Gappmayr, Heinz


a collection of visual poems followed by a short essay on visual poetry, text in English, soft cover, 17 x 12 cm, 162 not numbered pages, ed/1000, London Aachen 1985

EUR 48.-

Gappmayr Texts.jpg
Gappmayr Texts

Gappmayr, Heinz see also

Gardner, Donald

Early Morning

poems, stapled, 21,5 x 13 cm, 28 not numbered pages, London 2017

EUR 13,50
Gardner Early Morning.jpg
Gardner Early Morning

Gardner, Donald
Starting From Tomorrow
poems in a pamphlet-like format with two b/w pictures of the poet inside, 31 pages, 21 x 14,5 cm, Amsterdam 1995
EUR 15.-
Gardner Starting
        From Tomorrow.jpg
Gardner Starting From Tomorrow

Gardner, Donald
The Glittering Sea
13 poems, most of them printed for the first time, stapled, 36 pages, 21 x 14,5 cm, London 2006
EUR 6.-
Gardner The Glittering Sea
Gardner The Glittering Sea

Gardner, Donald see also
Het Andre Behr Pamflet 11 Donald Gardner

Garnier, Pierre
16 Gedichte In Einem Quadrat
Köln 1996
EUR 16.-
Garnier 16 Gedichte In Einem Quadrat
Garnier 16 Gedichte In Einem Quadrat

Garnier, Pierre
Ansichtskarten Und Andere Mitteilungen
cloth-bound: reproduced b/w drawings with texts and loose, an added original drawing in colour, ed/300, Wien 1993
EUR 210.-
        Ansichtkarten Und Andere Mitteilungen.JPG
Garnier Ansichtkarten Und Andere Mitteilungen

Garnier, Pierre
drawings and French words, cést mon dada Nr 2, hard cover, 14,5 x 10,5 cm, 40 not numbered pages, Dugort
EUR 17,50
Garnier Chretiens.jpg
Garnier Chretiens

Garnier, Pierre
Die Für Immer Schwangere Eva

"ein Liebeslied": 45 drawings reproduced in colour, ed/300, Wien 1995
EUR 27,50
Garnier Die Fur
        Immer Schwangere Eva.JPG
Garnier Die Fur Immer Schwangere Eva

Garnier, Pierre

Lyrisches Skizzenbuch

117 sketches, photocopied prints in a ring file, 32 x 25,5 cm, numbered/5, with two original drawings, republished by G. Jaschke, Vienna 1995

EUR 320,00
Garnier Lyrisches Skizzenbuch ring file.JPG
Garnier Lyrisches Skizzenbuch ring file

Garnier, Pierre
Lyrisches Skizzenbuch
reproduced drawings and German words, soft cover, 204 not numbered pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, Wien 1996
EUR 15.-
Garnier Lyrisches Skizzenbuch book.jpg
Garnier Lyrisches Skizzenbuch soft cover

Garnier, Pierre see also
BOOKS/F Freibord Nr 87

Garzaro, Enrico


riso-printed collaged images partly in colour, stapled, 32 not numbered pages, 20 x 14,5 cm, 2016

EUR 19.-

Garzaro Aloha.jpg
Garzaro Aloha

Gastaldi, Christian

Poems From Inaudible Voices

hard cover, 36 not numbered pages, 15 x 11 cm, Nr.62 of the series “C’est mon dada”, Dugort 2011

EUR 16,50

Gastaldi Poems From Inaudible Voices.JPG
Gastaldi Poems From Inaudible Voices

Geboers, Nick

Recurring Walks

beautiful, b/w photographs and a poetic text, originally written on a typewriter, but the pages were photographed for the book, the whole gives you the sense of nostalgia, stapled, 28 x 21 cm, 34 not numbered pages, 2015

EUR 12.-
Geboers Recurring Walks.jpg
Geboers Recurring Walks

Gedichten En Kassabonnen

text by Nachoem M.Wijnberg and tipped in images by Sipke Huismans, hard cover (Japanese binding), 23 x 24 cm, 86 not numbered pages, Eindhoven 2005

EUR 69,50
Gedichten en Kassabonnen.JPG
Gedichten en Kassabonnen

Geerts, Bas
Preces Stationunm
numbered/50, Amsterdam 2002
EUR 65.-
Geerts Preces Stationunm
Geerts Preces Stationunm

Geesin, Dan

a book of line drawings with a pop-up page depicting rather mad scenes, accompanied by a CD, stapled, 32 pages, 15 x 21 cm, ed/500, Tilburg 2004
EUR 20.-
Geesin Green
Geesin Green