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Daalder, Frank
Schilderijen, Tekeningen, Grafiek 1973-1981
an overview of the artist’s paintings, drawings and prints from 1973-1981, most of the pictures are in b/w even though the original works were in colour, the title, medium, size and date of each piece is noted, catalogue ed/600, Dokkum 1981
EUR 14,50
        Schilderijen, Tekeningen, Grafiek 1973-1981
Daalder Schilderijen, Tekeningen, Grafiek 1973-1981


by Anne and Patrick Poirier, published in the occasion of the exhibition ‘l’âme du voyageur endormi’, the book contains photographs and a print on thick, glossy paper and it comes with a DVD with videos that ‘show crepuscular images of a technological world that the human body targets and merchandise; others refer to destructive news. The title does not suggest the ruins of the past, but of today or tomorrow.’ stapled, 20 x 14 cm, 6 not numbered pages, 2004

EUR 12.-


(Daniëls, René)
EHV-NY  Art & Music  Betrayal Takes Two #1
English texts by Remko Scha, Truus de Groot, Ton van Gool, Carlos van Hijfte, and photographs selected and arranged by R.D. to revoke the art and music scene of Eindhoven during the 1970ties and 80ties with its New York connections, soft cover, 80 pages, 33 x 24 cm, ed/500, (The Netherlands) 2012
EUR 18,50
Daniels EHV-NY Art & Music Betrayal Takes
                Two #1.jpg
Daniels EHV-NY  Art And Music  Betrayal Takes Two 1

Danon, Betty
Arte Come Vita  Vita Come Arte  Art As Life  Life As Art
Italian/English, texts by Marcella Danon and the artist herself, many works reproduced in colour, a list of the artists’ exhibitions, soft cover, 66 pages, 21 x 21 cm, numbered/500, Osnago 2005
EUR 25,00
Danon Arte Come
Danon Arte Come Vita  Vita Come Arte  Art As Life  Life As Art

Danon, Betty
Pages Forgotten And Not
loose leaf folder with computer print-outs of examples of 30 years of visual poetry, a piece "about my work" and a brief c.v., numbered/30, signed, (Milano 1999)
EUR 850.-
Danon Pages Forgotten And Not

Das Confuse Compendium
by Elfriede Czurda + Thomas Hornemann, numbered/150, signed by both, Berlin 1991
EUR 33.-
Das Confuse Compendium
Das Confuse Compendium

Das Erbe Des Meisterdiebes & Pouls Boutique

by Tommy Petersen, Claus Hugo Nielsen and Emil Westman Hertz,

Photographs from two exhibitions, one at ‘Das Erbe’of an installation that resembles an absurd living room with clay sculptures, plants, carpets and lamps. The second one was at ‘Pouls Boutique’ where clay sculptures and big drawings were exhibited. There is a gloomy but cozy atmosphere around the pictures which suits the subject very well, soft cover, 32 not numbered pages, 21,5 x 21 cm,

EUR 9,50
Das Erbe Des Meisterdiebes & Pouls Boutique.jpg
Das Erbe Des Meisterdiebes Und Pouls Boutique

Das Geschenk Des Himmels
by Gerhard Jaschke + Tone Fink,
some kind of short stories or prose in German illustrated with rather chaotic, funny ink drawings, Wien 1982
EUR 10,50
Das Geschenk Des
Das Geschenk Des Himmels


Das Kammerorchester

with text and picture contributions by many artists (including Dieter Roth, for the retiring André Kamber, on the occasion of an exhibition, Solothurn 1998

EUR 35.-
Das Kammberorchester

Das Moped Meets Das Boot  The Bike Meets The Boat
Bulletin no.1 with texts on a project in Dutch/English by Ybo Houttuin, Amsterdam 1999
EUR 2,50
Das Moped Meets
        Das Boot
Das Moped Meets Das Boot  The Bike Meets The Boat

Das XX. Jahrhundert Ein Jahr Hundert Kunst In Deutschland

exhibition at National Galerie Im Museum Für Gegenwart Hamburger Bahnhof 4.9.1999- 9.1.2000, many participants, 31,5 x 23,5 cm, 8 not numbered pages, Berlin 1999

EUR 8.-

Das XX.
            Jahrhundert Ein Jahr Hundert Kunst In Deutschland
Das XX. Jahrhundert Ein Jahr Hundert Kunst In Deutschland

Davidovich, Jaime
Video Works 1970-2000
richly illustrated catalogue with a text in Spanish and English by Rodrigo Alonso, soft cover, 150 pages, 20,5 x 20,5 cm, New York 2004
EUR 29.-
Davidovich Video Works 1970-2000.jpg
Davidovich Video Works 1970-2000

Davidsen, Cathrine Raben


published on the occasion of the exhibition Blaekhuset/The Inkwell at Trapholt Museum, ‘The inkwell uses the historical aura of the ink to promote a world of black and white’, full framed photographs, ink drawings, collages and more, all quite uncanny and mysterious, all text in Danish, soft cover, 72 not numbered pages, 24 x 18 cm,

EUR 20,50
Davidsen Blaekhuset.JPG
Davidsen Blaekhuset

De Bueger & De Bueger In Zwart
by Chris de Bueger + Frans de Bueger, a poem by Boris Vian in the beginning, b/w abstract drawings and paintings, around each picture is plenty of blank, white space that gives each piece a space to breath, a text titled ‘De sirenen’ by Paul van Ostaijen ends the book, all text in German, numbered/150, signed by both, Dokkum 1981
EUR 18.-
De Bueger & De Bueger In Zwart.JPG
De Bueger En De Bueger In Zwart

De Golem Komt Naar ... Dalfsen!
artist Gerard de Vries introduces the mystical golem after recreating the clay figure and publicly exhibiting it in a small Dutch town, Hengelo 2001
EUR 9.-
De Golem Komt Naar En Dalfsen.JPG
De Golem Komt Naar ... Dalfsen

De Lijn Van Een Gedachte, De Gedachte Van Een Lijn
compiled by Gerrit Jan de Rook, with reproductions of works by artists, on the occasion of an exhibition, Den Haag 1989
EUR 2,50
De Lijn Van Een Gedachte .JPG
De Lijn Van Een Gedachte, De Gedachte Van Een Lijn

De Lucht Is Rood En Ook De Maan En De Sterren
een waargebeurd verhaal, verteld door Joost de Vries, 3 jaar, getekend door Eva Schulte Nordholt, text in letterpress, images printed from stones, numbered/100, Amsterdam 1999-2000
EUR 120,00
De Lucht Is Rood En Ook De Maan En De Sterren

De Magnetische Tijd  Videokunst In Nederland 1970-1985

edited by J.Boomgaard + B.Rutten, refers to works by around 100 artists, several essays, many pictures, biographies, explanation of technical terms, soft cover, 24,5 x 17 cm, 192 pages, Rotterdam Amsterdam 2003

EUR 38,00
De Magnetische Tijd Videokunst In Nederland
De Magnetische Tijd  Videokunst In Nederland 1970-1985

De Vijfde Versnelling  Jrg. 1, Nr. Ultimo, Februari 1993

by Paul Kempers + others, PERIODICAL, Amsterdam

EUR 25.-
De Vijfde Versnelling  Jrg. 1, Nr. Ultimo, Februari 1993

De Wandelende Takk & Het Enge Snorren
by Xhepi & Siuhretsoo, in a sheer plastic bag with 4 sheets printed in colour to be cut out and glued into the book, numbered/200, Amsterdam 1995
EUR 14,50
De Wandelnde Tak & Het Enge Snorren
De Wandelende Takk En Het Enge Snorren


drawings of deconstructed wooden benches from Suriname by Ricardo Liong-A-Kong are here juxtaposed with collaged images of foodstuff by Jackie Bacon, sewn, 20 x 13,5 cm, 16 not numbered pages, signed by both, numbered/40, Hengelo 2017

EUR 17,50


De: Amsterdam presents 13 photographers, folded A3, 29,5 x 21 cm, 32 not numbered pages,

EUR 12.-
De Amsterdam.JPG
De Amsterdam

Dear Sir Or Madam

hard cover, 22 x 15 cm, 80 pages, published for the occasion of Serkan Ozkaya’s solo show with the same title, at Slag Gallery, New York 2009,

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Dear Sir Or Madam.JPG
Dear Sir Or Madam

Debord, Guy and Alice Becker-Ho

A Game Of War

A Game Of War is the result of Debord’s study of the logic of war, this first English edition of the game, that originally appeared as ‘Jeu De La Guerre’ in 1987, is also the first to come with a game board and pieces and is thus ready to be played, this edition consist of a slip case (22 x 17,5 cm) containing the game board (42 x 34 cm when assembled) and counter pieces; and the rule book, translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith, with a preface by Alice Becker-Ho, soft cover, 160 numbered pages, 21 x 17 cm, London 2007

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Debord A Game Of War.JPG
Debord A Game Of War

Deciphering America

assembled by Michael Gibbs texts by bp Nichol, Opal L.Nations, Richard Kostelanetz, an interview of Dick Higgins by M.G., soft cover, 120 pages, 16 x 24 cm, ed/750, Amsterdam 1978

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Deciphering America

Decock, Gilbert

screen printed, numbered/125, signed, Antwerpen 1973
EUR 500.-
Decock Varuna
Decock Varuna

Dee, H.M.J. van
H.M.J. van Dee  Gedichten - Euvele Maaksels
An overview of the works of Hendrik Mattheus Johannes van Dee, compiled and published by his children Thijl H. van Dee and Henk E. van Dee three years after his death. The book consists of poems and photographs of: sculptures, text works, paintings and the artist himself. The book comes with a CD-ROM where there are some newspaper articles about van Dee, short films by, and about him and other time based works. All text is in Dutch, hardcover with a dust jacket, 22 x 18 cm, 76 pages, Amsterdam Leiden 1998
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Dee H M J Van Dee Gedichten.JPG
Dee H.M.J. van Dee Gedichten - Euvele Maaksels

Deér, Katalin


beautiful photographs of buildings and places reproduced on delicate paper, often the same subject captured from different angles and in various seasons, the photos are taken by the artist over the last ten years in the Val Bregaglia in Switzerland, there are several photographs on every page and one really catches the buildings’ ‘unique presence in a landscape that is continuously moved and shaped by time and the forces of nature.' soft cover, 31 x 23 cm, 196 not numbered pages, St.Gallen 2018

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Deer Verde